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     WARNING:  MACE is the kick-ass teachers union, and MACE does not think that you can have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions!  If you are squeamish, faint of heart, and are not disgusted by how angry and arrogant administrators abuse classroom educators, then you need to EXIT this website immediately.  This website is not for those who are easily offended by MACE’s aggressive style.  MACE has been dubbed “a radical teachers union” by the media.  Well, MACE feels that it is radically wrong for the administrators to allow students (1) to curse out teachers (using the most vile language), (2) to physically assault teachers (as well as fellow students on a regular basis), (3) to falsely accuse teachers so that they themselves can be exempted from doing any real school work, (4) to cheat on exams and school work with total impunity, and (5) to expect the teachers to be blamed for all of their own failures, be they in academics or comportment. 


     MACE believes that this current BLAME THE TEACHER CULTURE is radically wrong and that radical measures have to be employed accordingly.  MACE radically defends classroom educators.  Radically, not illegally.  MACE is always armed with the U. S. Constitution and the State Statutes.  The problem is that so many school systems are “gangsta” by their nature and in their scope.  School systems have tried to “ban,” to no avail, MACE and its officials.  MACE officials have been falsely arrested and falsely incarcerated standing up for teachers.  Most of the charges are summarily dismissed.  Not one charge has been prosecuted.  What other so-called unions (full of abusing administrators in their membership ranks) fight for teachers like MACE?  MACE believes in No Teacher Left Behind.  MACE.  Radical Responses to Radical Situations.  MACE.  The Teachers Union For Teachers Teaching In Tough Situations.  MACE believes that angry and abusive administrators are ruining our public schools and that student-thugs are running our public schools.  There is epidemic violence in our public schools.  Children deserve futures, not funerals.  So many of today’s administrators simply lack guts; they are weasels.  They kiss up to the students, the sudents’ parents, and their administrative bosses downtown, but they kick down toward the teachers.  Kiss up & Kick Down.  They actually think that this is how you run a school.  These so-called administrators are gutless and clueless.  This is MACE’s position.  So, be WARNED.


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MACE Pickets Centennial Academy!

Centennial Academy had a homecoming in the rain. MACE ruined it. "Leadership by Inspiration, not Intimidation!"




Teachers, Are You Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed, & Disemboweled? 

Tired of Snap-shot, Drive-by Evaluations?  No Support for Discipline? 

Feeling 100% Undervalued as a Professional Educator? 

Don’t Quit!  Join MACE.  Don’t Teach Without It!

    MACE knows the issues.  MACE knows what you are going through.  Dr. John R. Alston Trotter founded MACE in 1995 upon this clarion mantra:  “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions” (©MACE, 1995).  Dr. Trotter has been a teacher and administrator in several Georgia school systems and came from a long line of Georgia public school educators.  Dr. Trotter and the MACE Staff know that the main issues in public education is (1) defiant & disruptive students, (2) irate & irresponsible parents, (3) angry & abusive administrators, (4) forcing teachers to give students grades that they do not truly earn – which is another form of systematic cheating, and (5) the asinine drop-by bubble-the-circles evaluations which are often used against teachers in a manipulative, punitive, and retributive manner.

     These days, teachers are so disrespected.  They feel downtrodden, frustrated, overwhelmed, and disemboweled.  Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents only teachers, not administrators.  The MACE representation is aggressive when you need the aggressive representation.  Administrators know this.  In fact, MACE is the South’s most aggressive teachers’ union.  Others have seen MACE’s phenomenal success, and they make the same claim.  But their claim is hollow.  It’s a shame and a farce.  MACE walks the walk and has been providing its teacher-members effective aggressive representation for more than 25 years.  When administrators find out that you are a member of MACE, they suddenly get “religion.”  Don’t Teach Without MACE!

For more information about MACE, visit the MACE website (TheTeachersAdvocate.Com) and/or call the MACE Office (770.716.2727 or 770.716.7838) and leave a message.  Someone will return your call.  When you go to the MACE website, look for the link to the MACE Magazine! 


Dr. Trotter Writes to Clayton County Superintendent

 Morcease Beasley About Principal Rochelle Harris

of Mt. Zion Elementary School


By Dr. John Trotter

Dear Dr. Beasley:

I know that you are not be as old as I am, but I have followed your career for the last twenty years or so and see that you have matriculated throughout a few schools and school systems from DeKalb County Schools to Port Arthur, Texas and back to DeKalb County Schools and down to the Clayton County Public Schools.  By the way, in my career, I started off at DeKalb’s Southwest DeKalb High School, and I also spent some very good and eventful years at the old Jonesboro Jr. High School in the early 1980s.  I also was a teacher in the Athens area and a school administrator in both South Georgia and North Georgia.  But, my greatest experience was living with and also teaching for my father who was a legendary teacher/coach/administrator in the Muscogee Country School District (this is the appellation that this system has been using for decades).  Like my father, I could discipline the students and run a very taut ship, and the disciplined students still respected me and him and lauded our fairness and kindness as a public school educator.  And I learned from my father that you always praise the teachers in public, and if any criticism was in order, you did this only in private.  You always allowed the teachers to save face.  We both realized that if you treated teachers with such fairness and allowed them to maintain their dignity that they would always go the extra mile to serve the students.  In short, leadership by inspiration is much more effective than leadership by intimidation.  Of course when I founded MACE on September 1, 1995, MACE’s mantra was announced to the world:  “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions” (MACE, © 1995).

Over the past two years, the MACE Office has received a sortie of complaints about Principal Rochelle Harris at Mount Zion Elementary School.  The complaints range from the constant derision of the teachers and the condescending upbraiding of the teachers in public and even the egregious violation of the State’s Complaint Law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.5).  It has been reported to the MACE Office that when one of the MACE Members filed an official complaint with Principal Harris that Principal Harris ostentatiously tore up the complaint form in front of the complaining teacher.  The State Code of Georgia Annotated specifically states that the complaining teacher has to file the complaint with his or her immediate supervision for the Level One hearing.  The State statute also specifically states in paragraph eight of the above-referenced statute that “the complainant has the right to present relevant evidence, to examine witnesses, and to be heard at each level.”  This statute also has a provision against administrative reprisals against the teacher for filing the complaint.  Principal Harris apparently engaged in an egregious and flagrant violation of the law as it pertains to Georgia educators.

It has also been reported to the MACE Office that after MACE conducted a picket in front of Mount Zion Elementary School in the 2019-2020 school year, Principal Harris and the lunchroom manager cornered one of the MACE Members the day after the picket, “taunt[ing] me in a bullying manner.”  I assure you that treating this teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years in the Clayton system “in a bulling manner” right after the MACE picket violates the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.  The Court has ruled unequivocally that union membership is freedom of association within the penumbra of the First Amendment and that such alleged action by Principal Harris created what The Court describes as “a chilling effect” on the First Amendment.  

Dr. Beasley, I have only cited a few illustrious matters at the school, but MACE is officially requesting that your office investigate and address this sordid situation at Mount Zion Elementary School.


John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Chairman of the MACE Board


c. School Board members


MACE’s Law of Learning

By Dr. John Trotter

     I have been dealing directly in public education in Georgia for the past 46 years, as a teacher, coach, administrator, and teacher advocate.  I’ve experienced a thing or two in public education.  I also grew up in a family of public school educators, immediate family and extended family — teachers and administrators.  Public education is in our blood.  I authored a tome (about 675,000 words) on the ills of public education in America entitled, The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education.

     When you shine the calcium light of truth on what is the chief problem in American Public Education (APE), there is one enormous problem which affects everything going on in public education: The teachers have been stripped of their authority in the classroom.  That it in a nutshell.  In the old days, the teacher was the king or queen of his or her classroom.  The teacher’s word and authority was sacrosanct.  The administrators trusted the teacher’s professional knowledge, judgment, and wisdom.  After all, the teacher was a professional, having earned at minimum a bachelor’s degree in education.

     The MACE Mantra from the inception of MACE has been this: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  This an axiomatic truth.  It cannot be successfully disputed.  It is a law (principle of action) just as is the law of gravity.  You may try to dispute it or ignore it but you do so at your own peril.  Walk off the roof of a house and see what happens.  The same is true of MACE’s Law of Learning.  Denigrate teachers, undermine teachers, and question  teachers in front of students and parents and see what happens.  Chaos emerges and takes over a classtoom.  Learning does not take place.  I still never cease to be amazed at how EDAs (educational dumbasses) masquerading as “school leaders” think that they can improve learning by running roughshod over classroom educators.  They are operating upon a false theory.  It cannot be done.  MACE calls this “leadership by intimidation.”  It doesn’t work.  What works is “leadership by inspiration,” but how many of these types of school administrators are still around?  They are a vanishing breed.  Near extinction.  If you teach on a staff with an inspiring administrator, count your many blessings.

     One thing about the intimidating administartors is this: They are bullies, and they get nervous when they hear that MACE is is around.  There’s not an administrator in the state whom MACE is afraid of.  Contrariwise, they all have a healthy respect of MACE.

     MACE is about the protection and empowerment of classroom educators…one member at a time.  For 25 years, MACE has richly earned its reputation.




Nearly 32 Years of Aggressively and Effectively Representing Classroom Educators!

By Dr. John Trotter 

       Teachers like me defending them and fighting for them when some ignorant-ass and abusive administrator starts messing with them.  They know that I will metaphorically eviscerate and literally humiliate the jackass and dumbass administrator (via grievance hearings, articles on the MACE website and other sites, letters to the superintendent and to the school board members at their home addresses, speaking before the school board, press conferences,  pickets, etc).  This is no hollow talk.  I have been representing teachers going on 32 years and going on 26 years with MACE.  The teachers know that there in not a more aggressive and more effective teacher advocate in Georgia and the entire nation than yours truly.  Like Coach Bear Bryant wisely said, "If it's true, it ain't bragging."  There's only one Dr. John R. Alston Trotter, and MACE has him.  The MACE Mantra for 25 years:  "You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions."  MACE. Don't Teach Without It!



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MACE:  Still Protecting & Empowering Classroom Educators....One Member at a Time in These Turbulent Times!

By Dr. John Trotter 

     For teachers, parents, and students, these are turbulent, stressful, and ambivalent times.  Are the physical schools going to start back up full speed like before their shut down in late March or will the online learning procedure remain in effect for the foreseeable future or will a hybrid approach be implemented in August or September?  These are questions which no one seems to have the ready answer at this time.  This pandemic is certain and deadly, especially for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  Will school systems take into account elderly teachers (50 years old and older -- when teachers begin to get AARP cards in the mail) and teachers with pre-existing conditions (heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.)?  Will school systems exempt these teachers from immediately returning to the physical school buildings and will the State of Georgia defray the costs and continue to fully pay these teachers for working from home in some capacity?  The vulnerable teachers -- for no fault of their own -- should NEVER be penalized in any manner of form.  These teachers should be worked with to enable these physically vulnerable teachers to continue to contribute to the education of the children, though in a slightly different capacity.  It is the position of MACE that the vulnerable teachers should be protected, enabled to educate the children in a different capacity (online interaction, etc.), and should not be penalized one scintilla.

MACE Recently Picketed Administrators at Clayton County's Mt. Zion Elementary School and Teachers Appeared Very Happy!




We had a great day at The Teachers' Rights Seminar this past Saturday.We gave out two MACE Lifetime Achievement Awards to Darryl Plenty and J. B. Stanley. We had drawing for tgree contests and a dice rolling contest. Dr. Jose Helena and Ms. Sherita Hunter each won $200.00. MACE's next Teachers' Right Seminar is March 21. We hope to see you there!


MACE is always giving away money!

 Remember The Teachers' Rights Seminar this Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the MACE Office.  Refreshments will be Served & $300.00 will be Given Away!  See your Fall Newsletter or Two Recent Mailings for Details.  These Seminars are Always Popular!  MACE.  Don't Teach Without It!


You Choose... 

GAE. Old.

PAGE. Cheap.

MACE. Aggressive.

Your first two choices include administrators in their membership ranks. There are inherent conflicts-of-interest. Unlike GAE & PAGE, MACE only represents teachers, not administrators.  The choice is clear!

MACE has a teacher's agenda, a focused mission, and a clear vision. MACE is about the empowerment and protection of classroom educators. Join now!

If you have been a teacher in Georgia for a few years, chances are that you have been a member of one of the unions or associations promoted by administrators and trusted by administrators (GAE and/or PAGE).

Now join the only union feared by administrators (MACE).



Administrators Fear MACE!

“School Administrators for the most part hate MACE. It’s a big step for teachers to join MACE. It takes courage. But, MACE is the only union for teachers that administrators fear. MACE keeps your membership confidential until you want your administrators to know that you are an Associate of MACE. MACE protects and empowers Classroom Educators…one member at a time.

“GAE and PAGE recruit student-teachers while they are still in college. MACE does not. School administrators do not mind teachers joining GAE and PAGE. In fact, they encourage teachers to join GAE and PAGE. After all, administrators also join GAE and PAGE. They cannot join MACE. MACE knows that for GAE and PAGE to have administrators as members creates real conflicts-of-interest. From the Jump Street, MACE knows for whom it is fighting and does not vacillate or equivocate one scintilla. If your administrator does not fear your association/union, then you are in the wrong one. They fear MACE” – John Trotter, EdD, JD, MACE Chairman of the Board.

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Teachers Know Best!

“Mr. Barnes, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you worked everything out for me!  Not only did you send a letter for me (thanks Mr. Haynes and Dr. Trotter), but you helped me get a contract, and on top of that negotiated with central office to get my transfer approved.  Words cannot express how thankful I am!  Every dime that I have spent for my membership is well worth it!” – Jackie Warren.


Two Pertinent Articles are Reprinted…

The MACE Thesis & Why You Came to MACE!

Note:  Administrators are still acting like educational fools all over the State of Georgia — and nationwide — clueless as ever as how schools function effectively.  They have mindlessly bought into the top-down, heavy-handed management of teachers as if the teachers are the problems in public education.  No,  the problems in public education are the unruly and unmotivated students (or, in some cases, outright thugs), the irate and irresponsible parents, and the angry  and abusive administrators.  Since MACE’s very beginning in 1995, the mantra at MACE has been that “[Y]ou cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  In some schools, the teaching conditions are horrific.  MACE protects and empowers classroom educators…one member at a time.  MACE is the only teachers’ union in Georgia which makes no bones about devouring any school administrator whom MACE feels is abusing teachers.  The ONLY teachers’ union in Georgia.   Enjoy the two articles below. 

The MACE Thesis

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter 

     You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  Assuming that you can is rank stupidity and results in environmental chaos in the schools.  The reason that so many of our public schools are chaotic and full of shit today is because legislators, policymakers, school board members, superintendents, educrats, and administrators actually and absurdly think that they can usher in “achievement” (if we deign to call increases on standardized test scores “achievement”) without respecting teachers and empowering them to do their jobs.  They threaten, intimidate, and generally treat teachers like dog shit in their quests to increase “achievement.”  This results is nothing more than a massive and wholesale systematic cheating on all scores and grades – not just on the standardized tests – and the lowering of academic standards and rigor throughout the corpus of American Public Education.  Demigods are put in positions of power, and they terrorize teachers on a daily basis, resulting in a large segment of the best and brightest leaving the teaching field.  When the teaching field once again becomes a profession, then these creative and energetic souls who refuse to be treated like dog shit may return.

When you treat teachers like dog shit, public education will carry the stench of dog shit.  Right now, sadly, public education is full of dog shit.  Everywhere you step, you step in this mess.  Those educational demigods who arrogantly traipse around public education seem to be immune from the smell.  They are oblivious to this cankering shit that is all over their metaphorical shoes – the same shoes that trample upon the dignity and humanity of the classroom educators, creating this massive mess.  By catering to the irate and irresponsible parents and by coddling their rude, defiant, and disruptive children, they have created horrid and unimaginative teaching conditions.  They have ignored MACE’s Law of Learning:  “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  This is how they have wittingly or unwittingly created chaos in our public schools and most especially in our urban public schools.   © Big Daddy Publishers, May 23, 2014.

Why You Came To MACE! 

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter 

     You didn’t come to MACE because we give you a tote bag or do spelling bees for the children or we sell you auto insurance at an alleged discount.  We don’t give out tote bags.  MACE has never put on a spelling bee contest for kids.  MACE doesn’t sell auto insurance.  Heck, MACE doesn’t even endorse any political candidates.  You vote like you want to vote.  MACE doesn’t care.  We in the MACE Office don’t even agree about political candidates or parties!  But, we do agree about this:  Teachers should be respected, esteemed, and supported by the administrators to do their jobs in the classroom.  We know that you cannot have good learning conditions until your first have good teaching conditions.  This is an inexorable law.  It can no more be set aside or ignored than the Law of Gravity.

You came to MACE because you are frustrated with how public school teachers are now blamed for all the ills in public education.  Students aren’t motivated to learn.  You are blamed.  Students are defiant and disruptive in the classroom.  You are blamed.  Parents are irate and irresponsible and frustrated with their own children’s lack of effort.  You are blamed.  In fact, you came to MACE because you are tired of being blamed by the angry and abusive administrators for the failure of the students who refuse to learn and who refuse to behave.  You are tired of being badgered and harassed by these angry, insecure, petty, ignorant, and abusive administrators.  We don’t blame you.  You came to the right organization.  You came to MACE.

MACE exists to protect and empower classroom educators…one member at a time.  You came to MACE because you have heard of the reputation of MACE.  You have heard that MACE doesn’t play, that MACE kicks metaphorical ass, and that MACE tightens up the mean-ass and petty administrators.  You have heard correctly.  You came to MACE because you know that better than any other organization in the State of Georgia, MACE is able to tighten up your angry and abusive administrator.  You know that there is not another union, organization, or association (or whatever you want to call it) for teachers in Georgia which is as effective as MACE in legally scaring the heck out of administrators who are already terrorizing you.  This is why you came to MACE.  You came to MACE because you are tired of being tired and tired of being afraid and tired of being frustrated.  You came to MACE because you want MACE to protect you, to empower you, and to scare the dog shit out of your abusive administrators.  Welcome to MACE!  © Big Daddy Publishers, 2014.

MACE Pickets DeKalb Superintendent Stephen Green and Southwest Dekalb High School's Thomas Glanton!

By Dr. John Trotter
A little three-man picket (several picketers were tied up yesterday) caused quite a stir yesterday! A real stir! I like to take photos when we first get to the picket line before all the people (usually students and parents and sometimes the media) start swirling around us. We do "slient pickets" which also frustrates the heck out of people. Immediately two men came to the picket line to tell us that they agreed with the picket and that there was going to be a meeting at 7:00 PM at Redan Middle School with Superintendent Green that night. Quite a number of parents expressed their dislike for Principal Glanton (who had had rather controversial stints as principal at DeKalb's Columbia High and Atlanta's Douglass High). He's bounced around a bit. There's a good bit of controversy around Superintendent Stephen Green these days. He came from Kansas City, Missouri. Principal Thomas hails from Atlanta where his mother had been an elementary school principal.



Atlanta School Board Finally Agrees with MACE About Meria Carstarphen!!

     I heard on the radio today that the Atlanta School Board will not renew Superintendent Carstarphen's contract. Four years ago, MACE picketed Carstarphen on the streets and at the school board meeting with signs like this: "Send Carstarphen back to Texas!" and "-SSDS- Same Sh*t, Different Superintendent." MACE appears to be always right about these superintendents and principals. It just takes the school boards a while to figure out what MACE zeroes in on quickly. When MACE comes across good administrators, MACE freely and happily acknowledges them. But MACE smells horrible administrators 100 miles off.


MACE's 25th Year Protecting & Empowering Classroom Educators! 

By Dr. John Trotter
MACE is now into its 25th year. From the very beginning, MACE established itself as the toughest teachers union in the South. Bar none. Others may make the claim but they can't play the game. MACE is known far and near throughout the state of Georgia, and MACE has to regularly turn down membership inquiries from teachers all over the country. Why? It's not wise to stretch your supply lines. Keep your men intact so that they can swiftly attack on short notice. It's a war out in the jungle of American Public Education (APE). Teachers are daily attacked and undermined by defiant and disruptive students, irate and irresponsible parents, and angry and abustive administrators. MACE is the king of this educational jungle. MACE protects and empowers classroom member at a time. MACE's membership is strictly confidential. I remember in MACE's first year or two, an apprehensive school principal in Clayton County asked me how he could know who the MACE Members were on the school's faculty. I responded: "Mess with one, and you'll you find out." MACE. Don't Teach Without It!Done


Another Picket at Gwinnett County's Shiloh High School!


MACE registered another picket at Gwinnett's Shiloh High School, the scene of several effective MACE pickets in the past.



MACE Shows Muscle In Schools!

     The administrators never want to see us coming -- and for good reasons. But, the teachers are glad when we arrive! You can't have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions, so says the MACE Gang.


Remembering William L. Woods, Esq.

Bidding farewell to MACE's trusted friend and first attorney in July of 2006, William L. (Woodman) Woods, Esq. The MACE Person of the Year Award is named after our friend.


Picketing Decently And In Order...

     Know your Constitutional rights. Stand your ground. Picket decently and in order. Be willing to be falsely arrested and go to jail. Pick your battles wisely. It is not always worth going to jail. I have been falsely arrested and falsely incarcerated on a number occasions. It is boring and very inconvenient. And I tend to end up on the nightly news (even on CNN on one arrest when I initially refused to post bond). Here MACE is picketing the governor and his grab to privatize public schools. The State Troopers (three in this photo) seemed to be irritated. By the way, the voters rejected the governor's plan by voting against a constitutional amendnent at the polls.


Two Atlanta Pickets Recently Against Principals Joseph Salley and Joi Kilpatrick.

     MACE has conducted three juicy pickets in the last two or three weeks. Two pickets took place at two elementary schools in Atlanta City, Boyd Elementary and Kimberly Elementery. It was sunny and steamy hot at the two pickets. The picket this past Friday was at Gwinnett County's Shiloh High School. (The Shiloh High photos will be forthcoming.) In the past, MACE picketed a principal three times in one school year. He left Shiloh High not too long after that controversial year.





EDA's  Are Clueless!


American Public Education (APE) treats a lack of learning to some mechanical/technical breakdown (e.g., bad teaching, learning disability, etc.). But, most lack of learning is not a mechanical breakdown; it is a motivational breakdown. The students simply do not want to learn, and, as my late professor, Dr. Eugene Boyce of the University of Georgia, intoned over and over, "The motivation to learn is a social process or cultural phenomenon." Dr. Boyce was a very young principal at Columbus High School in the early 1940s. (He was my mother's high school principal.) He was later head of the lab school at FSU and worked as an educational expert in countries literally all over the world. His great insight, in my opinion, was that "the motivation to learn is a social process" [sometimes he used the phrase "cultural phenomenon"]. Our EDAs (educational dumb asses) don't have one clue about why students don't learn. They are clueless. They just blame the teachers. They are dumb asses when it comes to this matter.






MACE Metaphorically Guts Abusive Administrators!

      MACE truly does devour administrators who abuse teachers, and there are a lot of abusive administrators out there. MACE is entering its 24 year, and MACE has richly earned its reputation as the most aggressive and effective teachers union in the entire nation. Yes, the entire nation. Almost from the very beginning, we at the MACE Office have been receiving letters, emails, and calls (and now messages on social media), essentially begging MACE to branch out into California, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, etc. I remember one South Carolina teacher who had a husband who owned an Italian restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina. This husband promised me that I could always eat free if MACE would branch out into the Palmetto State. In 2006, MACE thought about branching out into Miami. I think that a Miami MACE would have done well but it would have stretched MACE's supplies lines. The teachers wanted MACE to head down to the Sunshine State. We visited some Miami schools (including the famed Northwest Miami High School which puts out more Division-One football players than any high school in the ciuntry), but we decided to just focus on Georgia. The siren calls are so tempting, but one of the things that makes MACE so effective is its ability to metaphorically gut a petty and vindictive administrator who even attempts to abuse a MACE teacher...and to do it with all due alacrity. Lightening speed. I remember one of the middle school principals telling his superiors that he did not want to accept the principal position at Southwest DeKalb High School. He reportedly told his bosses: "I don't want to go there because MACE is there, and once MACE gets after you, they don't ever back off." A school board member once told me over 20 years ago that the school board attorney stated to the school board: "MACE terrorizes the principals." Now MACE is in the process of completing a huge beginning-of-the year magazine with 10 to 12 timely articles, about 160 juicy photos, and, of course our dog ad (see above). Teacher, which dog would you want defending you? The choice is clear!


Leadership Matters!


        We don't need to engage in analysis paralysis relative to pedagogy. We don't need to snoopervise teachers as if they are the problems in American Public Education (APE). APE's critical problem is a derth of leadership at both the system level and the school level. We have too many grizzleback administrators. They lack backbone; they just have grizzle in their backs. They'll bend with the political wind like a fresh piece of beef jerky. They wouldn't know integrity if it... slapped them in the face. The kids walk over them. The parents walk over them. They take out all of their frustrations on the disheartened and disemboweled teachers. They control them with dumb-ass fill-in the bubbles "evaluation" forms, often ruining these teachers' careers simply because the teachers deigned to question the disastrous lack of discipline in the school. In the old days, we had real leaders in our schools. They made the kids behave. They stood up to the parents and defended the teachers. They praised the teachers in public and criticized the teachers in private. They ran the schools, and everyone knew it. They were leaders. The schools ran like a top. If they couldn't cut the mustard, the superintendent didn't sweep the problem under the proverbial rug. He simply relieved them. Leadership was paramount. Now ass-kissing is paramount, and what we now have are schools which are out of order. Chaos reigns because current superitendents don't put a premium on leadership. But, in schools, leadership matters.





When you say "MACE,"

Administrators Listen!

You abusive school administrators had better not get MACE fired up. MACE didn't invent the picket; MACE invented DquadA. Direct Action Against Abusive Administrators. No other teacher organization in Georgia has DAAAA, and each is feckless in their feeble attempt to help teachers. The MACE Members, however, expect and are provided aggressive and effective advocacy. When you say "MACE," administrators listen. This is a fact, Jack.


      These days, school principals think that they need to be mean and nasty toward teachers. They ignorantly think that they can increase learning by pulverizing the teachers. And, of course, these angry and abusive administrators think that they are above the law...until they run into MACE. They quickly learn that MACE is not like GAE, PAGE, or other weak and feckless teacher associations. MACE. Don't Teach Without It!

Arm our Schools!


     We have metal detectors and screenings at airports, county, state, and federal courthouses, etc., and we protect with guns politicians, the Hollywood elite, and use them at sporting events. But our schools are wide open with pitiful, anemic, and stupid "Gun Free Zone" signs. I advocated in a book in 2014 for schools to have armed personnel and to do away with the stupid "Gun Free Zone" signs. We should have an armed guard for every 300 students in the public schools. Right now most large high schools have four or five assistant principals. Most are useless. They just paper-push and snoopervise teachers. They are not worth a plugged nickel in supporting teachers in disciplinary matters. A school that has taut discipline will obviously have less violence. Bullying leads to this kind of violence. Re-establish dress codes in school. Buttoned-down shirts with shirt tails tucked in. Obviously no trench coats. Perhaps blazers like worn in some private schools. Only clear book bags. Replace at least one-half of these usually useless administrators with armed guards, and, like I said, add one armed guard per additional 300 students. For example, a very large high school of 3,000 students should have ar least 10 armed guards. Just see Security Personnel as another department in the school like the Math Department or the Science Department. A school with lax discipline and replete with bullying and with no dress code is more likely to have outbreaks of mass violence. Schools in the 1950s and 1960s did not have these outbreaks of mass killings. Students were not filling their minds with violent images from videos, etc. And the school administrators ran taut ships. Today, the schools are so lax, with students roaming up and down the halls, even when classes are in session. Order is the first law of the Universe, and our schools are out of order.

Discipline is what is missing!

     School safety is almost always directly linked to school discipline. American public schools -- regardless of income -- are so lax in discipline. Students talk back to teachers with impunity. In fact, the weak and feckless administrators even allow students to get by with cursing out teachers and other students. This leads to bullying weaker and "weird" students. Students roam up and down the halls, even when classes are in session. Again, this is done with virtual impunity. Students wear the worst attire. There are no standards in this regard. If students want to wear oversized garb and trench coats, they can. Chaos reigns in our schools. The discipline is out of control. Over 30 years ago, our politicians and educrats decided that the "problem" in American Public Education (APE) was the teachers. Hence, the school administration started operating from a new paradigm. They started snoopervising and riding herd over teachers instead of focusing on students and making them behave. Nancy Pelosi type school principals began to replace Benjamin Netanyahu type principals. These ridiculous "instructional leaders of the school" began rapidly replacing the "school disciplinarians." Ergo, we now have public schools wherein the discipline is out of control. Structure is missing. There is no order, and order is the first law of the Universe. Without order, chaos reigns. The chickens are truly coming home to roost. Our politicians and educrats decided over 30 years ago that student discipline was not that important in our public schools. It was all about the "curriculum" (and even it was watered down, and any student failure to learn the curriculum was immediately blamed on the teacher). But, what we can easily see is that when there is no discipline in the school, it doesn't matter what the curriculum is. If the public wants to significantly reduce mass murders carried out by students in our public schools, then the public needs to demand discipline being restored to our public schools.


MACE Heads to South Georgia!



Excitement When MACE Shows Up!

  This grandmother, Bonnie Smith, was thrilled that MACE shined the calcium light of truth about the discipline -- or lack thereof -- at Anne Street Elementary School in Spalding County. She said that her grandson gets bullied and beaten up by multiple students at one time on a constant basis. She says that he dreads going to school. She says that she has registered many complaints to the administration but no one seems to want to listen. She was overwhelmed with joy that MACE showed up. She spoke on MACE Live TV.


A Great MACE Picket in Spalding County!




Show Down In Upson County!
By John R. Alsotn Trotter, EdD, JD

     Showdown in Upson County...with the Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Publisher of The Upson Beacon, Debbie Lord. MACE picketed Upson-Lee Middle School principal, Rhonda Gulley.

     The older that I get, the more that I am amazed how people in so-called "important positions" do not understand the U. S. Constitution, especially when it relates to the First Amendment and the right of the People to picket on Category One Free Speech Fora. One such Free Speech Forum is a sidewalk in front of a public school or a public school board building. The sidewalk itself does not belong to the school system. It is a city or county sidewalk. The U. S. Supreme Court has held that from time immemorial, sidewalks and parks are free speech fora. You would think that a deputy superintendent or a principal would understand that. But, Constitutional Law is not taught to these wanna-be administrators looking for their first administrative job. I think that I just always had a grasp on Constitutional Law. I remember being a 27 year old Assistant Principal of a large high school in Georgia and refusing to allow local politicians to put political flyers in the teachers' boxes because what you allow for one politician, you have to allow for all politicians. I remember the Clayton County Government taking down my political signs every day because I was putting them out before the County's unconstitutional ordinance said that I could put them up. I told the county administrator that if the County kept taking my signs down that I would take the County to Federal Court. I did. The late Federal District judge, Judge Robert B. Hall, issued a Temporary Restraning Order (TRO) against the Clayton County Government. The Clayton News/Daily had a huge headline, "Judge Rules for Trotter." The Metromedia vs. San Diego was a case right on point. Political speech is more protected than commercial speech. I had told the Clayton County Government that I had more speech protection than Chick Fil-A had. I could have my political signs up 24/7, 12 months per year. The County changed its ordinance.

     The state can regulate speech in three ways, viz., time, manner, and place. (I explained this to Upson County's Deputy Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. The publisher, Debbie Lord, also came up and kibitzed in our conversation.) But, to regulate in any of these ways, the state must show that it has a compelling state interest. But the state had none. We were not blocking anyone's view of the road. We were not blocking ingress and egress. If the school system had a compelling state interest, it would then have to provide MACE "the least restrictive alternative," which would have been directly across the street on the public sidewalk in front of the public football stadium where the MACE vehicle was parked along with the publisher's car and about 20 other cars.

     Another feature of First Amendment Free Speech Law is the requirement that no regulation can be arbitrarily and capriciously enforced. In other words, any enforcement has to be "content neutral." A county government or a school system cannot say, "We don't like their signs. So we are going to trump up a criminal trespass citation." Agents for governmental bodies find themselves getting sued for malicious prosecution when this occurs. Let me give you an example or two. If PTA parents are allowed to park in the football stadium parking lot where it is open and there are no signs forbidding the public from parking there, then the school system has to treat all citizens equitably. The PTA is a private organization just like MACE is. It relates to the school just like MACE does. It represents its members just like MACE does. A school system cannot say, "We like this group, so we will let them park there, but we don't like the other group and will not let them park there." The school system cannot let GAE and PAGE park there on a regular basis but not allow MACE to park its vehicle there. The same goes for Debbie Lord, the newspaper publisher. The regulation must be "content neutral," according to the United States Supreme Court.

     Now I say all of this because the publisher apparently got her feelings ruffled when I refused tell her what the picket was about. I told her to read the signs, and I let her know in no uncertain terms that I wasn't one bit worried about The Upson Beacon, her little two-bit newspaper. I told her that our sites were more important than her newspaper. She had already struck me as a very biased newspaper woman who was acting as a "homer." Perhaps this hurt her feelings. When we were leaving and loading up the back of the Jeep with the picket signs and our coats, she hurriedly got a few steps behind our Jeep and began to take one or more photos of the Jeep's tag. Then she proceeded to get into her vehicle which was parked a few feet away in the same public parking lot. Weird, but apparently the way small-minded people who obviously don't appreciate free speech perhaps act. We proceeded to go to the Fried Tomato Buffet in Newnan.



MACE: Principal Brett Ward Must Go!





MACE Pickets at Kimberly Elementary.
Principal Joseph Salley Must Go!




MACE knows that the Superintendents are Rotten Long Before the School Boards Find Out!

     MACE has been right about dozens of school superintendents here in Georgia. MACE sees immediately that they're no good but it takes school boards three to five years to finally get rid of them. One whom MACE kept calling a "Candy Ass" on the picket line was indicted; another whom MACE kept picketing for her bullying style was also indicted for the largest school cheating scandal in American history (MACE also hit on the "cheating" on test scores on the picket line way before the Governor or the media tuned into it); and this particularly photo is the night that the Clayton Board of Education was about the stupidly hire Edmund Heatley as superintendent -- and the local television happily interviewed Dr. Trotter about MACE's opposition to the Heatley hire. Heatley spent two or three misersble years in Clayton County before finally shamefully exiting Georgia. This is what an aggressive teachers union does. Being the Toughest Teachers Union in the South is not about TALK; it is about AGGRESSIVE ACTION that makes things happen. MACE. Don't Teach Without It.




When We Had Discipline!


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


          Fall of 1981. I was a 27 year old assistant principal of a large public high school and in charge of all student discipline. You could hear a pin drop in the halls. The teachers told me that all they had to do was to threaten a student with sending him or her to my office and the student would straighten up immediately. I learned from the best, Daniel D. Trotter, Sr., that discipline did not have to be severe but it had to be sure. And, it had to be fair and consistent. The bozos who run our public schools these days simply don't get it. I call them EDAs (educational dumb asses). They think that they should indulge the students, coddle them, and listen to their "side" as to what happened in the classroom. They even take the student's word over the teacher's. This is unconscionable, unfathomable, and outright stupid and idiotic. The students who were sent to my office knew that they were going to get something for being sent there -- a paddling, detention after school, suspension, etc. There was never a free trip to my office. Never. The teachers knew this but more importantly the students knew this. When the school year first started, students would say, "Let me tell you what really happened." I would stop them in mid-track, stating: "You don't have to tell me what happened. Mrs. Smith already wrote it down." [At the beginning of the school year, I asked the teachers to do two things: (1) when they sent a student to see me for a disciplinary infraction, to please write me on paper at least one complete sentence telling me about the infraction and (2) close their classroom door when the bell rung and not let any student into the classroom without a note signed by me.] I would ask the student, "Do I have on a black robe?" The student would respond, "No, sir." I then stated: "I'm not here to judge. I'm here to execute." [These days, the nitwit administrators conduct a mini trial on each incident, ignore the write-up entirely, or just blame the teacher.] They occasionally would respond in a bewildered fashion, "You always believe the teacher." I would casually respond: "You are exactly right. Now put that on the streets." The word spread very quickly: "Don't get sent to the office. You gonna get something!" Did any teacher ever get it wrong? Of course. Very occasionally. But, I met quietly with the teacher and behind closed doors. I NEVER chewed out a teacher. [Again, I learned this from my father. Always generously and publicly praise the the teachers but gently and softly criticize them in private.] The teachers diligently work their tails off when they are treated professionally. When, as an administrator, you respect the knowledge, discretion, judgment, and wisdom of the teacher, the teacher wants to work untiringly because the teacher does not want to disappoint you. If the teacher screws up, let the teacher save face by personally admitting to his or her class or privately to an individual student that he or she made an honest mistake. The students respect this honesty.

     Today, the teacher's dignity is assaulted. In disciplinary actions, the teachers are abandoned by administrators or even blamed by the administrators for the malevolent actions by the students. It is truly unconscionable the way these petty, ignorant, insecure, angry, and abusive administrators treat teachers. This is why our public schools are out of control. This is why they are war zones. The students and their parents are essentially in control. The teachers have been disemboweled. They have no authority. They have no power over the students in the classroom. The administrators will not support them. In fact, if the teacher writes up a student and sends the student to the administrator, the administrator takes umbrage at what the teacher just did and starts writing up the teacher. The administrator will put the teacher on some kind of numbskull self-improvement plan. Finally, the administration will begin the corporate execution of the teacher. This is pure evil. This kind of outrageous assault on teachers resulted in the foundation of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE) in 1995. MACE doesn't play, and administrators know this. Quite frankly, MACE scares the hell out of administrators. MACE's mantra has always been this: "You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions." MACE protects and empowers classroom member at a time. MACE is the most aggressive and most effective teachers union in the South. MACE is for teachers teaching in tough situations. MACE. Don't Teach Without It! Don't wait too late to join. MACE. Mad Advocates Creating Empowerment (MACE).




The MACE Teachers Union - The Real McCoy of Aggressive Representation When you need It!

     At MACE, we have richly earned our reputation as the most kick-ass and effective teachers union in the South. Hundreds of successful and effective defenses of teachers in hearings, about 500 grievance hearings, perhaps thousands of aggressive articles (and letters sent forth by snail mail, email, and on the MACE website and other internet sites), 355 school pickets in 23 years, countless school board meeting protests and speeches, dozens upon dozens of television interviews with local and national media, and The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of what is Wrong with American Public Education (a 615 page -- 167,000 words -- treatise published in 2014). You may try to imitate MACE, but you cannot ape MACE. MACE is the real McCoy...the Hope Diamond (not a zarconian stone) of aggressive teacher advocacy, defense, and empowerment. Literally, when you mention the name "MACE," administrators pause and listen. MACE. Don't Teach Without It!

MACE Pickets at Rainbow Elementary.
Principal Carolyn Benson Must Go!






You Must Establish Discipline First!

     "Are you telling me that you are going to focus on academic achievement and presume that the discipline will fall in place? This may offend you...but you are a complete nitwit. An educational dumbass. If you focus first on academic achievement, you will have neither academic achievement nor discipline and order in your school. But if you first establish discipline and order in your school, then you might also get academic achievement, depending on the motivation and capabilities of your students. I can assure you that order is the first law of the universe. In order to have any chance of establishing academic achievement at your school, you must first establish discipline and order" – Dr. John Trotter.


MACE Knows the Issues!


     "MACE knows the issues in public education. There are essentially four issues: (1) Defiant & Disruption Students; (2) Irate & Irresponsible Parents; (3) Angry & Abusive Administrators; and (4) Systematic Cheating -- not just on standardized tests but also when administrators force teachers to give students grades that they did not earn. Educrats try to treat a lack of learning as mechanical/technical breakdowns when they are really motivational breakdowns. The students just refuse to learn. They lack motivation, and the motivation to learn is a cultural phenomenon" -- Dr. John Trotter.



Teacher Blame Syndrome (TBS)

     The Teacher Blame Syndrome (TBS) is a degenerative and degrading disease. It is epidemic. The Students-Administators-Parents (SAP) Axis attacks teachers on a non-stop basis. Teachers have just one friend and advocate. That friend is MACE, the most feared and effective teachers union in the South. When you say, "MACE," administrators listen. Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents and defends only teachers, not administrators. The choice is clear. MACE. Don't Teach Without It! Note: MACE membership is completely confidential.


MACE Is Fired Up Against Teacher Abuse!


     MACE. Fired up against Teacher Abuse. This condition is widespread and out-of-control. Little small-minded, insecure, petty, and vindictive administrators are provided lethal weapons -- dumb-ass, circle-the-bubbles "evaluation" forms which are used in a manipulative, retributive, and punitive manner against any teacher who displays gumption, integrity, backbone, and character. These angry and abusive administrators become more dangerous than monkeys dancing on powder kegs with a handful of Bic lighters. But, there is one union that gives them much pause. When you say "MACE," they listen. MACE. Don't teach without it.



Aggressive Attorneys Defend MACE Teachers!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     For years, MACE Teachers have benefitted greatly from aggressive legal representation from superb attorneys. I attended law school with two of these gentlemen at Mercer University (Preston Haliburton in the fedora hat and Judge Andy Ramay on the right with Norreese Lamar Haynes in front of the MACE Office a few years back). In the photo with me is Steven Frey. He has represented me from time to time when school systems try to take me on. They are helpless! LOL! Finally, Thomas Florio is MACE's General Counsel. He is very aggressive and effective! Attorney Florio's mother is a retired Georgia school teacher. Judge Ramay and Counselor Haliburton both serve as Of Counsel with MACE.



Meet with MACE Leaders. 

Just Call the MACE Office (770.716.2727).


     Dr. John Trotter (L), Chairman of MACE Board of Directors, and Ben Barnes (R), CEO of MACE, were meeting with Smyrna Elementary School teachers in Cobb County on the occasion of this photo.  Dr.  Trotter and Mr. Barnes have had two meetings with Smyrna teachers this school year.  MACE leaders and associates are ready to meet with teachers whenever they are asked.  Just call the MACE Office (770.716.2727) and make an appointment.  MACE meets Georgia teachers literally all over the State.  Unlike GAE and PACE, MACE only represents and defends classroom educators, not administrators and supervisors.  And when you say “MACE,” the administrators listen.  MACE has richly earned its reputation in 23 years.  MACE empowers classroom educators…one member at a time.  The Choice is Clear!  Don’t wait too long to join MACE.  MACE membership is strictly confidential.  



Dr. Trotter Explaining the Law…


     Explaining the federal and state laws as they relate to Georgia teachers...and also explaining how school boards and school administrators break these laws. Dr. John Trotter: "I cannot think of bigger offenders of laws than school boards and school systems. They regularly and systematically violate the law. They are extreme law-breakers...and yet they take on some high-and-mighty and holier-than-thou disposition toward a teacher who may stub his or her toe. They are quintessential hypocrites."


MACE Makes It Happen in Rome!



You Cannot Ape MACE!


John R. Alston Trotter, BA, MA, EdD, JD


     Recently I was talking to a friend who manages a Marriott Hotel in North Carolina.  He told me that a teacher was checking out of his hotel and he struck up a conversation with the lady.  The lady told my friend that she was heading back to Georgia, and she also mentioned that she was a school teacher.  My friend asked this teacher if she had heard of MACE.  The woman got excited and told my friend, “MACE saved my job!”  My friend was excited to tell me this.  This story could be repeated countless of times because in MACE’s 22 years, MACE has saved many teachers’ jobs, and MACE has empowered teachers throughout Georgia to do their jobs without a snoopervising and petty and vindictive administrator breathing down their necks.  This is what MACE does.  MACE does not purport to do anything other than to protect and to empower classroom educators…one MACE Member at a time. 


 Dr. Trotter relaxing after a Clayton County picket.


     MACE doesn’t do spelling bee contests for students.  MACE doesn’t give apples to school board members during American Education Week.  MACE doesn’t give teachers cute little tote bags or raffle smart TVs during new teacher orientations.  Quite frankly, MACE is flatly not a tea and crumpet group flitting around and giving out Peanut M&Ms during pre-planning week.  These cute and fluffy activities are not our thing.  MACE doesn’t do this.  Pure and simple…MACE kicks ass, and this is why you came to MACE!  You want MACE to fight for you when an administrator comes attacking you.  Or, when an unruly student and his or her unreasonable parents blame you for all of the student’s shortcoming and actions, and your administrator just sits blithely by and allows them to attack you…and then proceeds to start giving you negative evaluations for the whole damn mess.  This is why you join MACE!  MACE protects and empowers Classroom Educators…one MACE Member at a time, and MACE does this better than any teachers’ union in the South!


     In recent years, people have looked at MACE’s phenomenal success and have tried to mimic MACE’s success.  They apparently think that they can go to the MACE website and use a MACE brochure, steal MACE’s terminology and classic phrases, and simply ape MACE.  They cannot do it.  They do not have the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, chutzpah, insight, or courage to do what MACE has been doing since 1995.  They do not have that magical portfolio, so to speak, to be able to ape MACE.  The depth of MACE’s understanding of educational issues coupled with the ability to break down what is happening in the public schooling process and to identify the motivation for certain crazy actions by superintendents is unmatched and simply cannot not be duplicated.  Phrases like “snoopervision,” “educrats,” “educational sluts” (for superintendents), and “Leadership by inspiration, not intimidation” are MACE originals.  MACE’s original mantra since MACE’s inception in 1995 is this unalterable, inexorable, and unchallenged principle of action:  “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”  This is the MACE Law of Learning.  You will not find this law anywhere except in the literature of MACE.  As the MACE Founder and Chairman of the Board, I have been interviewed and discussed in newspapers, journals, and blogs throughout this country (from Savannah to San Francisco, literally), in Bermuda, public television, and even in the White House Rose Garden (by a reporter from Education Week asking President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about my stated opinion about removing the staff from a “failing school” but not addressing the real problem, viz., lazy and unmotivated students who refuse to do any work).  MACE has real opinions about public education, and, as Chairman, I am not afraid to state MACE’s positions, and I am called upon for MACE’s position on educational matters by local news media and by far-flung media like The Christian Science Monitor.  In fact, this past week, a production assistant for CBS called me, wanting me to be on an upcoming program about a changing America, including a changing public education.  I told the young lady that if we can work out the logistics, that I would be willing to be on the program.  Why do they call MACE?  Because MACE has a distinct voice and a clarion vision about public education, not because MACE serves the best coffee rolls at a teacher orientation.



Darryl Plenty picketing Principal Horton at North Cobb High School. 



     Other organizations and would-be organizations do not have a philosophy of learning.  None.  They do not have a clarion vision of what is being done in the public schooling process and what should be done.  For example, they do not grasp how administrators use the evaluative process manipulatively, retributively, and punitively.  The angry and abusive administrators impose a crazy-ass, stupid, and completely ineffective Five-Step disciplinary process on teachers simply because they are too afraid to deal with the defiant and disruptive students and their irate and irresponsible parents and/or they are too lazy and incompetent to support the teachers in disciplinary matters.  MACE understands what is happening and why it is happening.  MACE clearly understands that order is the first law of the Universe and that teachers have to have order in the classroom.  Order in the classroom cannot be established if the students and their parents perceive (and they do) that the teachers do not have the backing from the school’s administration.



 At Morris Brandon Elementary School in Atlanta.


     MACE has richly earned its reputation as the most aggressive and most effective teachers’ union in the entire South.  MACE invented and promulgated the D-QuadA System.  The D-QuadA System stands for Direct Action Against Abusive Administrators.  When MACE perceives that an administrator is abusing a teacher, MACE jumps into action.  MACE pickets the administrator; writes a scorching and enlightening letter to the superintendent or against the superintendent and copies this letter to the elected school board members’ home addresses; writes or assists the teacher in rebuttals against skewed and biased evaluations; writes articles about the situation; files grievances and represents the teachers during the grievance hearings; and/or evaluates the administrator(s) on MACE’s now-famous Administrative NI List on  MACE guarantees its members in good standing representation in any job action against the teacher.  (Of course, if a teacher comes to join MACE with a train wreck, so the speak, MACE has to evaluate each such case separately.)  I guess you could say that MACE has its own multi-step process.  Administrators seem to get the point.  Therefore, when you say “MACE,” administrators listen.

     MACE’s keen understanding of the educational issues is beyond question (see The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education, 2014, 615 pages) and MACE’s rock solid commitment to its MACE Members have been established from the very beginning, as noted by a school board attorney who told a school board very early on in MACE’s existence, “MACE terrorizes the principals.”




     MACE is the real thing.  MACE is the Hope Diamond of “aggressive representation when you need it” (another original MACE phrase which was brazenly stolen by one of these dubious groups).  MACE is not an aluminum ring with mounted glass that you get out of a bubblegum machine when you leave the Piccadilly Restaurant.  MACE is the true diamond, and we know that diamonds can cut steel.  MACE has brought low many administrators who thought that they had reputations of steel, but the MACE Diamond cuts through that false façade like a hot knife cutting through soft butter.  This kind of effectiveness and reputation cannot be copied, mimicked, or imitated.  You cannot ape MACE…no more than a person can drop a teaspoon of brown sugar into faucet water and then call it bourbon or brandy…or drop a slab of baloney in a skillet and call it a Porterhouse Steak. 

     MACE has a sterling reputation for fighting for its members, making things happen, and securing positive results.  MACE.  Don’t teach without it!  MACE is truly the teachers’ union for teachers teaching in tough situations, and MACE is undoubtedly the most aggressive and effective teachers’ union in the entire South!



MACE Pickets at North Cobb High School.
Principal Bucky Horton Must Go!







What Say Ye?


MACE Smart Bombs! MACE has never missred a target! LOL! Morris Brandon Elementary School in Atlanta's Buckhead Community. Principal Kara Stimpson.






What has MACE Done for Me Lately?


Note:  Recently one of MACE’s longtime Members posed this question to me, and I took the time to provide her, I think, a thoughtful answer.  We essentially learn by space repetition and sudden impact.  So, I certainly do not mind repeating what MACE stands for and how MACE provides an invaluable service for each MACE Member.  I would certainly not want to see a longtime MACE Member give up his or her membership, and then suddenly need MACE’s services because of a frightful and unexpected and undeserved accusation from a petty and abusive administrator, an irate and irresponsible parent, or a lying, defiant, and disruptive student.  Here is what I wrote back to the teacher, with names (including schools) redacted and changed).  MACE certainly hopes that this Member and all of its Members steadfastly remain MACE Members.  MACE values all of its Members.


Ms. Smith,

I am sorry to hear that you apparently feel so disgruntled about MACE.  I am sure that no one made you join MACE, but perhaps you were feeling a bit more vulnerable in your first three years of teaching at Jameson High School.  I am sure that the student discipline is a bit more challenging at Jameson than Willow Junction High School, but each school has its own personality, quirks, idiosyncrasies, etc.  Although the student discipline may be more challenging at one school (especially with little or no support from the school’s administration) whereas at a school with higher socio-economic status, the parents can be more demanding, capricious, and unreasonable.  





MACE speaks before the Atlanta School Board on issues that affect teachers.

MACE is a no frills union.  MACE makes no bones about this.  None whatsoever.  MACE does not put on spelling bee contests each year for students…like the other unions do.  MACE never has.  MACE has its occasional Holiday BASH and Spring Fling to help teachers release the tensions of teaching in terrible situations.  MACE has its Teacher Rights Seminars.  But, putting on the conventions, giving out tote bags and coffee cups, doing the spelling bees, etc., is not the MACE shtick.  You can get this at the other unions/associations…but you won’t get the same kind of protection that MACE provides.  The administrators join and are members of GAE and PAGE.  So, who is going to be defended when there is a conflict?  There is a built-in conflict of interest.  MACE aggressively defends the teachers…from verbal (and physical) and evaluative assaults from petty, small-minded, insecure, vindictive, abusive, and anal-retentive administrators; from irate and irresponsible parents; and from defiant and disruptive students.  And when an administrator starts giving you skewed and biased evaluations because you simply will not give a grade (whether on an assignment or a test) to a student or because the administrator believes that “you give too many bad grades,” you will be wanting MACE to represent you, not GAE or PAGE.  Schools are fraught with this kind of systematic cheating.  Systematic cheating is not just the purview of standardized tests.  And it is this type of cheating that puts much undue pressure on teachers.   It was MACE which first exposed the cheating scandal in both the Atlanta City and DeKalb County school systems.  The media and the Governor’s Office came in a slow second and third.  MACE had been on the streets for years and writing for years about the “miracle growth” on standardized test scores.  In fact, I think that MACE coined the phrase “systematic cheating” on picket signs in Atlanta and DeKalb.




The media contacts MACE on a regular basis.

Now if you want protection and empowerment to do your job, you stay with MACE.  If you want to go to a convention in Savannah or Macon and try to be a big shot in that organization, you got to GAE or PAGE.  But, if you have an issue with a student, a parent, or an administrator, you stick with MACE.  When you let the administration know that you are represented by MACE, you will get a different kind of respect.  I have witnessed administrators “get religion” very quickly when they find out that the teacher on whom they were picking was a MACE Member.  A complete turn-about takes place.  The MACE Membership is strictly confidential.  But, there might very well come a time when you want your administration to know that you are a MACE Member and not the one to be messed with.



Click Here To Read Entire Article/Letter!

The MACE Four Horsemen Picket the Clayton County New Principal at Sequoyah Middle School, Melanie Conner!





MACE Pickets DeKalb School of the Arts Principal Susan McCauley Again! This Holiday Picket on December 15, 2016 Drew Less Than a Handful of Counter Protestors Who Are Apparently Close to the Embattled Principal. Their Signs Were a Bit Pitiful...Like the Leadership at the School! How Long, How Long, Superintendent Green?








2016-2017 is MACE’s 22nd Year…Protecting & Empowering 

Classroom Educators…One Member at a Time! 

 The South’s Toughest Teachers Union!


By, John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD, Chairman


     MACE was founded in 1995 with a prophetic voice about how teachers were being mistreated, with the declaration in the very first magazine (The Teacher’s Advocate!) that you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  Yes, the MACE mantra was in the first very magazine.  MACE has not changed its message one scintilla.  MACE also decried the State’s already-held obsession for standardized tests, and MACE loudly condemned the feckless and cowardly administrator’s refusal to support teachers, especially in the area of defiant and disruptive students and their irate and irresponsible parents.  MACE has been right on target from the very beginning with the issues plaguing public education.


     Almost from the very beginning (especially after the internet became quite ubiquitous), teachers from all over the country have called, emailed, or written letters to MACE, asking (even begging!) for MACE to come to their states (California, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, New York, Ohio, just to name a few).  One husband, whose wife taught in Columbia, South Carolina, owned a restaurant and promised that the MACE Associates would never have to pay for a meal!  We have heard some sad stories…where teachers just poured their hearts out to MACE, saying, “If we only had MACE here…”  


     There is no doubt that MACE is the toughest union for teachers in Georgia and in the South.  The absolute toughest.  That’s why teachers from throughout the nation keep calling MACE.  Yes, they might be from collective bargaining states, but once the collective bargaining contract is signed with the school board, their picket signs go back into the closet!  But, MACE keeps its picket signs ready to roll…and MACE targets administrators who MACE feels are abusing – one way or another – the teachers.  MACE’s express purpose is to expose the administrators and to get them to back off the MACE Member.  In well over 90% of the time, this is what happens – and when the administrators learn dumber, MACE pours it on them.  MACE also writes scorching and well-written letters which go to the superintendents and also to the school board members at their home addresses.  MACE files grievances on the teacher’s behalf and represents the teacher in the grievance hearings.  MACE addresses teacher issues at the school board meetings, as well as intervenes for the teachers at the central office, and when MACE speaks, they listen.  MACE, as you well know, has its own Administrative Needs Improvement (NI) List on TheTeachersAdvocate.Com.  MACE warns its members, and the administrators hate having their names on MACE’s Needs Improvement List on the internet!


     From MACE’s very beginning, MACE has been accused of “terrorizing” principals.  I remember a school board member telling me back in MACE’s first or second year that the school board attorney told the school board members that MACE “terrorized the principals.”  Well, maybe that is good if these principals have been terrorizing the teachers.  Another teacher told me a few years back that he had a good friend who was a principal in North DeKalb and the superintendent asked his friend if he would mind being transferred to Southwest DeKalb High School.  The principal quipped, “I don’t want to go down to Southwest DeKalb because MACE is down there, and once MACE gets after you, they don’t ever let up.”  That’s funny but it has an element of truth in it.  In 2014, MACE picketed a middle school principal in Clayton County.  In the 2015-2016 school year, this principal transferred to an elementary school in Atlanta.  The teachers in Atlanta began complaining about him almost immediately.  MACE picketed this principal in Atlanta.  Before the school year was over, we heard that the Atlanta school officials walked this principal out of the school building!


     MACE has saved scores and scores of jobs for teachers, and MACE has protected and empowered thousands of classroom educators through the years.  Clayton County tried this past year to terminate the job of a classroom educator in the middle of the school year.  MACE.  Don’t Teach Without It!  © MACE, 2016.



Hey Superintendent Richard Autry,

What in the Hell is Going on Out in Rockdale County?


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     Most public schools are going to hell in a hand basket.  The students are not made to behave.  In fact, they think that they run the show...and they do!  MACE has been railing against this from MACE's inception 21 years ago.  We have written extensively about such non-sense (hundreds and hundreds of articles...and one 600 plus page book about it, The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education).  But I never cease to be amazed at the weakness and stupidity of many school administrators.  

Autry 2 - Rockdale County 

 Richard Autry, Supterintendent

     We have a situation in Rockdale County where a student engages in assault and battery against the teacher, and the superintendent apparently wants the teacher to agree to a five day suspension on the matter.  Yes.  You heard it right.  The student assaults and batters the teacher, and Superintendent Richard Autry apparently wants the teacher to take a five-day suspension on the matter.  (The school system apparently did suspend the student for five days.)  Incredible and unconscionable.  I say "apparently" because we plan on getting it straight from the horse's mouth in short.  Rockdale County.  I remember the days when Dr. Sam King was the superintendent out there, and none of this kind of non-sense would have taken place.  (Dr. King is now the superintendent, I think, in Norfolk, Virginia, but I have known him since his first day as Assistant Principal of Oliver Elementary School in Clayton County nearly 25 years ago.)

     For the record:  The school system has sent the teacher on an undetermined "administrative leave," wanting him to accept this "deal," under threat of termination.   Of course, OCGA 20-2-940(g) allows for the superintendent of schools to suspend a teacher, if the teacher's actions are so egregious that they threaten the mission of the schools, but only for 10 days.  Meantime, by the seventh day, the teacher has to be provided his or her complete due processes rights.  He or she has to be presented a charge letter, outlining the school system's charges against the teacher and also the time and place of the evidentiary hearing as well as giving the teacher notice of his or her right to counsel and right to subpoena powers (relative to documents and witnesses).  None of this has been done in Rockdale County.  The 10 day limit has long since expired.  The teacher still languishes at home.  Things are about to change.  I feel sure.  MACE is now involved.  LOL!  Hey, Mr. Richard Autry, wake up and smell the stink in Rockdale County.  And while you are at it, try abiding by the Georgia Statutory Code. © GTSO, 2016.


The Choice is Clear!


     Dr. John Trotter with his nephew, Bo Trotter Oates. Mr. Oates was a long-time MACE Member as a teacher. When he became an administrator, MACE had to terminate his membership, even though he is a true teacher advocate and the teachers love him! MACE has many ex-members who are now administrators, and most are supportive of teachers and are doing a great job. But, MACE has no built-in conflict of interest like GAE and PAGE. Unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents only classroom educators, not administrators. The choice is clear!

Governor Nathan Deal’s Opportunity School Districts Plan is just a Small Part of a Large Overall Conspiracy to Privatize America’s Public Schools.  An Unholy Alliance of Big Business, Big Government, and Big Education is Destroying Local Schools and Local Control of Public Education.  

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD 

     What are the Opportunity School Districts all about?  Money.  Pure and simple.  This raw effort to privatize the public schools of Georgia is a small part of a behemoth hostile takeover of the public schools of America by private multinational companies, mainly Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, Pearson Education and the Pearson Foundation, and the Broad Foundation.  Bill Gates and Eli Broad are American billionaires, and Pearson Education is the largest producer of educational materials (textbooks, teacher and student preparation materials, standardized tests, software, etc.) in the world and has been around for nearly 250 years.  The latter is a British company which dominates the educational supplies to American schools and universities, from kindergartens to universities.   

Book - JT and NH Mexican Restaurant
Norreese Haynes, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of MACE,
and Dr. John Trotter, Chairman of MACE.


     American Public Education is a nearly one trillion dollar industry, and Pearson a few years back realized quickly how profitable this market was.  In 2008, Bill Gates decided to jump in on the push for Common Core, a nationwide and standardized curriculum of our public schools.  He jumped into this cause full force and became the leader for pushing for the adoption of Common Core by state legislatures and state school boards throughout the country.  He too saw how enormously profitable this could be for Microsoft.  So, he first set out to “buy off” the National Governors’ Conference, pumping millions upon millions of dollars into the Conference’s trough.  He even used Jeb Bush to lobby them hard when the governors initially resisted the notion of a national curriculum because they felt that it infringed upon the local control of education.  Gates spread his billions around profusely among the public education community, “buying off” any potential voices of opposition, whether it was in the colleges of education in universities or from the teacher unions.  He gave millions to NEA and AFT.    

      Bill Gates and Eli Broad had strong connections (because of their donations) with Arne Duncan when he was a political appointee to the superintendency in Chicago, and their connections followed him to Washington, D. C. when President Obama named him the U. S. Secretary of Education.  So, when the U. S. Congress appropriated several billion dollars for public education, leaving the details up to Secretary Duncan about the spreading of the monies to the states in the Race to the Top program, naturally Duncan including in the measures the mandated adoption of Common Core, with the additional mandates for merit pay for teachers (with a strong element of the students evaluating the teachers) and unlimited charter schools in the states.    

     The Opportunity School Districts that the Nathan Deal Administration came up with for so-called “failing schools” is all part of the overall effort to privatize the schools which billionaires Gates and Broad want as well as does Pearson Education.  Governor Deal didn’t just come up with this idea on his own.  He is a bit player in this raw and shameless hostile takeover of our public schools.  If Gates, Pearson, and Broad are the priests in this takeover conspiracy (and it is indeed a conspiracy), Deal is just one of their small acolytes, much smaller than other acolytes like Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee.    

     There are gross and unconscionable profits in this takeover game.  In 2013, the Los Angeles School System paid more than one billion (yes, billion!) dollars to purchase iPads from Pearson for its students.  The State of Illinois recently paid Pearson $138 million to develop their standardized tests.  In 2014, Pearson commenced to take over the certification and evaluation of the teachers in the State of New York, at a handsome sum of money.  Now Bill Gates has his eyes focused on taking over teacher education.  Again, there are billions of dollars to be made in the preparation of teachers and their subsequent certification and even more money in the standardized evaluation of these teachers.  All of these monies made by these voracious and greedy philanthropic vultures is being made at the expense of turning our children into unimaginative machines and turning our teachers into mindless and robotic serfs.      

     Before the hostile takeover could began, there first had to be a way of narrowly defining successful or failing schools.  This has been done via the standardized tests.  These tests are very, very narrow in focus, only testing the students in the areas of verbal-linguistics and math-analytical.  They test only these two areas of intelligence.  But, we know from the research of Dr. Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that there are eight or nine or more areas of intelligence, including musical, artistic, vocational-technical, athletic-kinesthetic, dance, drama, social-political, speech, science, humanities, history-civics, etc.  Why not test the children in these areas of intelligence?       

     It is so much easier to just administer to students a quick and dirty, narrowly-focused verbal-linguistics and math-analytical exam, get the result in, and then label the school as a “failing” school no matter how well the community and students love the teachers and principal and no matter how much progress is being made.  Boom!  It’s a “failing” school because it is located in a very impoverished environment and the kids come to school with virtually no readiness skills, but the teachers are performing miracles.  But, if their almighty test scores on these very narrowly-focused exams are not as high as those children in affluent neighborhoods, then Governor Deal wants to turn over these schools to businessmen who do not have a stake in the communities of these schools except to make a quick buck.  They will be complete and utter failures, despite the extra resources that the State will allot to these schools because they are now Governor Deal’s grand project.    

     We were reading a blog the other day that came out in 2014.  Look at this quote:  “Counting on widespread failure of the Common Core State Standards, school districts and parents will be pushed to purchase even more training technology, teachers in low-ranked schools will be fired, and school[s] will be turned over to private management.”  Does this sound familiar?  This is exactly what is happening now.  Collectively, we have allowed these billionaires to define what a “successful” public school is.  Bill and Melinda Gates, the billionaire couple who has been unconscionably and shamelessly allowed to set the entire agenda for public education in the United States probably never even darkened a public school door until way into their adult years.  They precious children also attend[ed[ the wealthy and tony private school, the Lakeside School in Seattle.  Yet, Bill Gates has anointed himself as the Messiah of American Public Education (MAPE).  At least the Pope is appointed by the College of Cardinals, but the MAPE anoints himself.  The MAPE orchestrates this hostile takeover of local public schools by the unholy alliance of Big Business, Big Government, and Big Education.      

For more details about these issues, consult with The MACE Manifesto:  The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education, a more than 600 page tome that we published in the fall of 2014. © MACE, 2016.


What’s Really Wrong with Public Education?

The MACE Mantra is Rock-solid Law, and All So-called “Educational Reformers” (whether they are Billionaires Bill Gates and Eli Broad or their Acololytes like Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee or Governors like Nathan Deal or Superintendents like Atlanta’s Meria Carstarphen or Politicians like Jeb Bush) are Total Frauds and Charlatans about Public Education or Simply Don’t Know Shit from Shinola when it Comes to Public Education.

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


     You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  The MACE Mantra.  This is the law (principle of action) of teaching and learning.  The reason that all (yes, ALL) so-called "school reform" efforts fail (and they ALL fail miserably) is because politicians and educrats are pitifully ignorant of this law...or for political expediency choose to ignore this law.  But, it is a law like the law of gravity or the second law of thermodynamics.  Laws are inexorable, and if you ignore laws, you do so at your own peril.

     This has been the MACE Mantra since MACE was founded in 1995.  In fact, this statement, with a little more embellishment, was bluntly stated in the first issue of The Teacher's Advocate! magazine in 1995. We also railed against the worshipping of the false gods of public education, the standardized tests.  All so-called "school reform" efforts have failed…for over 100 years.  ALL.  Over 100 years of abject failure. And they are ALL doomed to fail until the politicians and educrats understand and respect this law (principle of action) of teaching and learning.    

     Teachers are not the blame for the woes in public education.  The rank lack of support and respect for the teachers is the problem.  The fact that teachers are no longer allowed to control their own classroom is the problem.  Teachers are told what to teach, when to teach, and how to teach.  We have a culture of snoopervision.  Angry, abusive, petty, myopic, and petulant administrators engage in a sickening minutia of snoopervision of the teachers when the truth of the matter is that the administrator needs to get the hell of the teacher’s classroom and simply get out of the way.  Day after day, we have calls and visits from teachers whose students, by all measurements, are doing very well and much higher than the state average on the statewide exams.  But, the insecure and, quite frankly, the crazy-ass administrators continue to breathe down the teachers’ necks, driving the creative and self-motivated teachers to simply leave this noble profession.     

     I received a call just the other day from a first-rate, top-tier teacher (in fact, Teacher of the Year last year) in a small school system in middle Georgia.  This school system should be grateful for this teacher teaching in this rural county, but the first year principal seems determined to find anything wrong with the teacher – maybe his daily goals written on the board were not in sufficient detail or he didn’t outline in enough detail in his daily lesson plans which activities the students would be working on.  This is an experienced teacher with years of successful performance.  The students love him and so do the parents.  Ahhhh.  This must be the problem.  This young, first-year whippersnapper principal has to bring this popular teacher down a notch or two.  This popular teacher just by his presence apparently makes this insecure principal nervous.  He wants to shine more but this popular teacher is apparently taking some of his shine, so thinks the principal.  So, he evidently thinks, “Let me get his ass on the evaluation process.”  So, the principal proceeds to attempt to torment the teacher.  We see it all the time.  The Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) is the evaluation tool that so many small-minded and ignorant administrators use in a manipulative, retributive, and punitive manner to wreak havoc and stress on any teacher whom they do not like or whom they are nervous around.  This is what I see going on in this instant case of which I speak.  Right in the heart of Georgia.  More bullshit from ignorant-ass administrators who need to simply shut up and get the hell out the teachers’ way.  Let the teachers teach!    

     So, what really are the true problems in public education?  First, the angry and abusive administrators are huge problems.  They simply need to support the teachers when it comes to classroom discipline.  They need to follow through on sure and significant disciplinary measures against the students whose unruly behavior in the classrooms causes material and substantive disruption of the learning processes for those children who want to learn.  Second, these defiant and disruptive students are ruining our public schools.  They have to be dealt with by the administrators post haste.  If they refuse to straighten up, then they have to be shipped out.  They cannot remain in the regular school environment.  The thugs have to be removed from the regular school environment.  And, if they refuse to behave in an alternative school setting, the school boards simply have to expel these so-called students.  Let the courts deal with them.  Thirdly, the irate and irresponsible parents have to be dealt with firmly.  Administrators cannot cower to crazy parents.  They come to the schools raising hell and trying to blame anybody and everybody for their children’s academic failures and lack of proper decorum.  But, when we see their railings and rankle, we see where their children get their behavior.  Lastly, the systematic cheating on grades has to stop.  We obviously know about systematic cheating on standardized tests (thanks to the Atlanta, DeKalb, and Dougherty school systems), but we are talking about forcing teachers to give students grades which they did not earn.  We are talking about telling teachers that no students can receive less than a 60 or 70 on a semester grade.  We are talking about forcing teachers to allow students to re-take exams or to turn in papers late.  We are talking about using the dreaded TKES evaluation process to mark down a teacher because “the teacher fails too many students.”  No, the students fail themselves.  The teacher just records the grades.  Systematic cheating on grades has become epidemic in Georgia and in America in the public schools.    

     So, in summary, if we really want to improve public education, we need to forget all of the shit that Bill Gates and his take-over (and this is what it is…a hostile take-over of the public schools) comrades and comlites (like Nathan Deal) are trying to force on the public.  Their goal?  It’s pretty obvious.  Make as many schools to be labeled as “failures” so that this schools can be privatized.  Bill Gates and Eli Broad are philanthropic vultures.  Gates has shown that he will spend millions buying off opposition to his Common Core.  These guys have played complete hardball to take over the public schools.  It is their agenda that is driving everything in public schools now…whether it is making the students’ test scores account for 50% of teachers’ evaluation scores in Georgia or whether it is the U. S. State Department’s mandate that a state not only has to have this “merit pay” element in place but also has to have a provision of unlimited charter schools in the state, if that state wants to receive their share of the “bribe” of millions of dollars from the U. S. State Department.    
     Don’t let all of this “school reform” shit fool you.  It’s not about “reform”; it’s about the money.  If we really want to improve public schools in Georgia and in other states, then we need to deal with deal with (1) Angry & Abusive Administrators; (2) Defiant & Disruptive Students; (3) Irate & Irresponsible Parents; and (4) Systematic Cheating on Standardized Tests and Daily Grades. © MACE, 2016.

More Mush and Mentally Deficient Bullshit
about Merit Pay from Governor Nathan Deal (aka Governor ISIS)!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD
     Georgia’s unenlightened governor, Nathan Deal, is pushing Merit Pay on Georgia’s teachers like Moonies were pushing roses at the big intersections.  He apparently thinks that it will do some good…or better yet, perhaps he thinks that it will cause such a storm and so much chaos that it will be easier for his corporatist friends to denigrate public education even more and make room for their money-making schemes.  After all, Deal is a low-level acolyte for the High Priests of Privatizing Public Education, billionaires Bill Gates and Eli Broad. 
     Merit Pay has never worked in public education for several reasons.  In fact, it is very counterproductive to real learning taking place.  In this chapter, which has been adopted from The MACE Manifesto:  The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education (Trotter and Haynes, 2014, Big Daddy Publishers), we will outline in detail why Merit Pay is a boondoggle and a myth and why it will never work in public education.     
     [Since originally writing much of the information below, Arne Duncan has stepped down from being U. S. Secretary of Education.]    
     I realized when I began thinking about writing this rant against merit pay for teachers that I had already written a number of articles on this in the past, articles which have different slants but sometimes overlap in a good way.  So, instead of writing an entirely new rant, I’ll just give you some of the rants of the recent past.    
     This concept of merit pay or value-added evaluation or pay-for-performance or tying a teacher’s pay to how well a child does on a standardized test has been around for years.  It is a sacred cow of leading educational interlopers, educational denizens, and philanthropic vultures (this seems like an oxymoronic description, doesn’t it?) like Bill Gates and Eli Broad and their lap dog at the U. S. Department of Education, Arne Duncan.  We understand both of these billionaires pumped some large sums of money into the Chicago Public School when Arne Duncan was the superintendent there.  (How he ever became a superintendent is beyond me since he has never been an educator.  But, maybe I can become the head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University or perhaps the head of Peat Marwick, even though I am not a medical doctor or an accountant.  LOL!)  I presume that Arne is smart enough to know that he more than likely will not continue to be the U. S. Secretary of Education under another President and perhaps his inordinate loyalty to these billionaire interlopers will secure him future employment.  Ah, but I am being too jaded in my outlook.    
      I know that Bill Gates seems to be getting a bit squeamish about tying teachers’ pay to just test scores, a position that he apparently previously held.   He wrote an op-ed in the spring of 2013 in The Washington Post, stating that perhaps other factors besides the test scores of the students ought to be calculated into how a teacher is paid.  Perhaps Bill’s been getting too much negative feedback from teachers for his own comfort zone.  Now he needs to convince his wife Melinda about his apparent new epiphany.  But, ole Arne is still operating under “The Charge of the Light Brigade” mentality because he just recently got into a pissing contest with Dr. John Barge, the State Superintendent of Georgia, over whether Georgia is moving fast enough in tying the Georgia teachers’ evaluations to student test scores.  He threatened to withhold $10,000,000.00 Race to the Top funds from Georgia for this perceived desultory action – or lack of action.  Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has gotten real pissy with Dr. Barge over this threat of losing ten million bucks for the State.  Deal had already cut back lots of funding in the States’ budget to the Georgia Department of Education.  This latest pissing contest has apparently caused Dr. Barge to start thinking, Why not just run for Governor?  [Since writing this chapter, Dr. Barge announced that he was running for governor of Georgia.]  He would certainly get the teachers’ votes, and the last time the teachers of Georgia got very pissed off at an incumbent governor was in 2000 when Governor Roy Barnes led the charge to do away with teachers’ due process rights in Georgia.  Two years later when Barnes ran for re-election, the teachers were waiting with baited breath.  They voted overwhelmingly for the greatly underfunded Republican challenger, Sonny Perdue, and Perdue won.    
     This whole push for merit pay and for Common Core Curriculum is having great political reverberations.  Again, this week, Governor Deal in Georgia announced a slow-down on implementing this curriculum in Georgia.  His already-announced opponent, the Mayor of Dalton, Georgia, recently stated that it would have taken him only three seconds to reject Common Core Curriculum.  Well, if you think that CCC is unpopular with teachers, just wait and see how they react to a fallacious concept like merit pay for teachers in a public school setting.    
     Now for some of my rants about merit pay….

Merit Pay for Teachers Does Not Work

Click Here to Read Full Article!


When MACE Discontinues a Teacher’s Membership…

NOTE:  MACE does not like to discontinue a teacher’s membership in MACE but it happens every year or two for various reasons, but mainly for the teacher’s refusal to listen to the advice that MACE is offering.  No teacher has an “inalienable” right to be a MACE Member.  Membership has its privileges but one of the privileges is not to simply be bull-headed and refuse to listen.  At that point, MACE and the teacher have to part ways.  This does not happen often at all (probably ten times or less in 21 years).  The following is a letter that I felt compelled to send to a MACE Member recently.  The name is not the real name.

January 28, 2016

Mr. Buddy Lee Jackson (Made up name)

Dear Mr. Jackson:

MACE will not be deducting the membership fee from your checking account on the 8th of next month, effectively terminating your membership in MACE at midnight on February 7, 2016.

It is the intention of MACE to protect and empower classroom educators…one member at a time. When MACE feels that the goal of the organization and the goal of the member are not in sync with each other, then a discontinuance of membership is the best path for both parties. You have personally told me on a number of occasions that you do not care if you are terminated. You have continued to ignore my advice for about two or three years about your constant railing against your school administration on Facebook. You have written, among other things, the following on your Facebook page: “Teachers unions officials are our employees.” If you are referring to MACE, then you are categorically wrong. Neither I nor any associate of MACE is your employee. In fact, MACE is terminating your membership.

Through the years, you appeared to harbor resentment toward the leadership of MACE. The irony of this is that MACE has bailed you out of many problematic situations. A lack of gratitude and constant whining does not go over well with MACE.

You may continue your crusade to reform the entire school system with membership in another union. GAE and PAGE may even let you take over and run the show. MACE will not. The goal at MACE is to protect and empower MACE Members and to keep them gainfully employed, not to chase windmills. MACE is not the Metro Association of Students (MAS) nor the Metro Association of Parents (MAP). MACE is the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE). Those teachers who may entertain the fanciful notion that they are lonely martyrs in the educational desert would do well to join GAE or PAGE, go to their conventions, raise heck at these conventions, try to take over, and eventually become president of such an organization. I have watched this process up close. Guess what? It is the classroom educators who are forgotten as these self-perceived martyrs rub shoulders with the Governor and other politicians and profess how much they love the children.

Meantime, the beleaguered and bedraggled and disemboweled classroom educators suffer at the hands of conniving, angry, petty, and abusive administrators. This is where MACE comes in…for the MACE Members. MACE does a heckuva job protecting and empowering its Members, just as it has done in your case time and time again. But, MACE emphatically will not jump through any hoops at the temperamental beckon call of any teacher. MACE will not be dictated to. Teachers cannot demand a picket. MACE is highly independent, and the leaders of MACE, unlike the leaders at other organizations, do not sit around navel-gazing and wondering which MACE Member the leadership may have offended. MACE is powerful. MACE does not play, and, quite frankly, MACE is not even one iota afraid of any of its Members. MACE knows for a fact that it is the most-feared teachers union in the South, bar none. MACE knows that it is loyal to its Members. MACE has lots of patience, like in your case. But, it comes a time when the leadership at MACE just sees that your goals and the goals of MACE are not the same. Therefore, MACE will be terminating your membership forthwith on the date certain.


John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Chairman of the Board


P. S. You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.

 John Trotter with two glasses


Atlanta Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, in Apparent Panic Mode, Does What all Educational Sluts do…She Blames the Teachers for the Students’ Refusal to Learn!

     The motivation to learn is a social process.  Atlanta’s superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, so typical of all ot these educational sluts who traipse all over the country jumping in and out of school board beds for more money, is blaming the Atlanta teachers for the students’ lack of home preparation to learn and the culturally-induced abject lack of motivation to learn.  This sophomoric notion that if the students aren’t learning (sufficiently, according to a norm-referenced test where, by definition, 50% of the students are “below average” and thus “failures”) is indicative of a complete ignorance to the dominant social factors which have a tremendous influence on a student’s motivation to learn.  The lack of learning in Atlanta is not a technical breakdown (ala “We need better teachers!”); rather, it is a motivational breakdown. 



     Quite frankly and bluntly, we need a better (and more motivated) class of students with more responsible parents.  The intractable problems with which the beleaguered and disemboweled teachers of Atlanta have to contend are unimaginable.  The last thing that they need is another educational slut playing to the peanut gallery, trying to save her own incompetent and clueless hide.  The Atlanta teachers need support and respect from this shallow superintendent.  The MACE Mantra which has never been successfully contradicted (because it is an inexorable principle of action or law):  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.


About the Georgia Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES): It is a Matter of Control. Now the Students are in Complete Control, and Now the Teachers Have to Adjust to Their Wishes and Accommodate Their Styles. Metaphorically Speaking, Yes, the Prisoners are Really Running the Prison!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     I imagine back to the late 1960s and the early 1970s when I was in high school and taking classes from the likes of Ms. Gibson, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Crie, Col. Jenkins, and others. I did not have Mrs. Bland for Senior English, but she was legendary. It was almost impossible to make an A in her class. She was very tough. You had to work very hard to get out of that class with a decent grade, but her former students rave about how good of an English teacher she was. I don’t know if a single one of these great teachers would last in today’s teacher environment. I don’t think that they would want to survive. They, I think, would lay aside public school teaching before suffering the indignities that teachers have to endure today. Teachers today are snoopervised by insultants (not consultants), told what they can teach, when they can teach, and how many mediocre or poor grades they they can issue, and then they are told that the State will hold them responsible if a student (and I use this word loosely) simply refuses to do any school work which today is very prevalent among these so-called students.

     In the old days, the student had to accommodate himself to the teacher. He had to adjust his way of learning to the teacher’s style of teaching. All of today’s mandates placed upon the teacher to differentiate his or her instruction is bullsh-t and counterproductive. The ludicrous mandates for teachers to be more student-centered are also bullsh-t. These crazy-a$$ mandates undermine the authority of the teacher and makes the teacher a solicitous fool at the mercy of mendacious children and miscreant teenage thugs who have no intention of learning.

     Let’s face the hard facts: All of the disingenuous angst and wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth have nothing to do with motivated students. The motivated students will learn in any type of teaching environment, whether is is 100% teacher lectures, teacher-directed research, games, role-playing, etc., or any combination of teaching methods. But, the lazy and completely unmotivated and determined-not-to-learn-but-simply-disrupt-the-classrom-environment-students and their parents will look for any excuse to blame the teachers for the abysmal lack of effort of these students so-called students. The stupid and scared and spineless politicians and will hasten to blame the teachers for the failure of the parents and their children. The onus and responsibility of the so-called students’ abject failure to learn should be placed squarely in the laps of their indulgent and irresponsible parents. The teachers can only teach the children; they can’t learn the students, despite any perverse and foolish TKES evaluation system in place. An attorney can only defend a client; he cannot acquit the client. A medical doctor can only treat a patient; she cannot heal the patient.


     Giving the students who are determined not to learn the power to evaluate the teacher and counting this evaluation-retaliation score and the students’ scores on a standardized test as 50% of the teacher’s total evaluation score is a perverted and evil notion that is the result of the muddled and mindless thinking (or, rather, the lack thereof) of moronic educational dumba$$e$ (EDAs). This empty-headed thinking will decapitate the teaching profession in Georgia…just like Governor Nathan Deal’s Opportunity School Districts (OSDs) will decapitate public schools in Georgia and only grease the palms of this political supporters. This is why MACE was on the streets in March of this past year in front of the Georgia Capitol, calling Deal “Governor ISIS.” He is by far the worst public education governor in the history of Georgia. The worst. He is a step-and-fetch-it child for Bill Gates’s and Eli Broad’s not-too-subtle attempt to to dismantle and destroy public education. He is the billionaires’ willing an excited acolyte. Maybe he too will be rewarded with a “consultancy” within the billionaires’ entangling largess and labyrinth when he exits the Governor’s Mansion.. Always follow the money. The teachers are pitiable pawns in this power game and this money grab. © JRAT, January 18, 2016.



MACE picketed Mr. Rasheen Booker last year when he was at Morrow Middle School in Clayton County. When he moved to Fain Elementary in Atlanta, teachers there were clamoring for a picket. MACE obliged.

Again, Booker Must Go!


MACE recently picketed the embattled principal of the DeKalb School of the Arts, Susan McCauley. This picket drew great interests from the students, teachers, and parents.

 McCauley Must Go!




On Saturday, November 8, 2015, MACE had another terrific Teachers' Right Seminar! These seminars are very informative and popular. The food and fellowship are aleays great! Don't miss the next seminar this coming spring.


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MACE Strikes at Clayton County's Kendrick Middle School! Principal Kimberly Dugger Draws MACE's First Picket for 2015-2016. Bad Teaching Conditions = Bad Learning Conditions!




Dr. Trotter: "Same ole Atlanta Public Schools (APS)!"



If You Go Straight To YouTube, Or Use Google, You Need To Type In MACELIVETV Without Any Spaces.

What Say Ye?

Norreese Haynes and MACE Staff Fight for Teacher Falsely Accused!

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The MACE Thesis

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter 

     You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions. Assuming that you can is rank stupidity and results in environmental chaos in the schools. The reason that so many of our public schools are chaotic and full of shit today is because legislators, policymakers, school board members, superintendents, educrats, and administrators actually and absurdly think that they can usher in “achievement” (if we deign to call increases on standardized test scores “achievement”) without respecting teachers and empowering them to do their jobs. They threaten, intimidate, and generally treat teachers like dog shit in their quests to increase “achievement.” This results in nothing more than a massive and wholesale systematic cheating on all grades – not just on the standardized tests – and the lowering of academic standards and rigor throughout the corpus of American Public Education. Demigods are put in positions of power, and they terrorize teachers on a daily basis, resulting in a large segment of the best and brightest leaving the teaching field. When the teaching field once again becomes a profession, then these creative and energetic souls who refuse to be treated like dog shit may return.

     When you treat teachers like dog shit, public education will carry the stench of dog shit. Right now, sadly, public education is full of dog shit. Everywhere you step, you step in this mess. Those educational demigods who arrogantly traipse around public education seem to be immune from the smell. They are oblivious to this cankering shit that is all over their metaphorical shoes – the same shoes that trample upon the dignity and humanity of the classroom educators, creating this massive mess. By catering to the irate and irresponsible parents and by coddling their rude, defiant, and disruptive children, they have created horrid and unimaginative teaching conditions. They have ignored MACE’s Law of Learning: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.” This is how they have wittingly or unwittingly created chaos in our public schools and most especially in our urban public schools. © Big Daddy Publishers, May 23, 2014.



Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES), Georgia Teacher Evaluation System (GTEP), etc., are Useless if the Student Discipline is Totally out of Control!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     I am been around public education in Georgia my entire life, and I am approaching 62 years old.  In the old days, teachers were the kings and queens of their classroom.  What they said went, and the administrators upheld their decisions and supported them in disciplinary matters.  You always had some “weak sister”-type administrators.  But, they were usually the exceptions to the rule.  Today, if is very rare to find an administrator who supports teachers and makes the students behave.  The moronic administrators refuse to address the out-of-control disciplinary problems in our public schools.  A couple of days ago, a teacher called me and said, “Dr. Trotter, Pointe South Middle School is out of control! The students are cursing out teachers and everything!”  MACE showed up at Pointe South Middle School.  The response from teachers was very favorable.  They are under attack, as are teachers nearly everywhere these days.

MACE - JT meaning business

Dr. John Trotter has been the Chairman of MACE since its inception in 1995.


A hot July picket in Atlanta when Beverly Hall was still in power.  She was later indicted.


A rainy picket in DeKalb when Crawford Lewis was still in power.  He was later indicted.


     These pitiful administrators these days try to “solve” problems by emphasizing more adherence to details lesson plans — but  meantime the students are bouncing off the walls.  The administrators are afraid of the students.  They don’t want to deal with the discipline.  They bury their heads in the proverbial sand.  They hide in their offices, and if a teacher complains about the lack of support in discipline, they start writing up the teachers.  What is sad is that one bad Annual Evaluation can lead to the termination of a career of a bright and dedicated teacher.  All because the administrator — the groveling and ass-kissing administrator — is too incompetent and scared to make the students behave and prefers to use the TKES program (GTEP in yesteryear) to get rid of a teacher who is willing to stand up and speak out (professionally, mind you) about the deplorable teaching conditions.

     At MACE, the mantra has always been this:  MACE is entering its 21st year protecting and empowering classroom educators…one member at a time.  MACE is entering its 21st year protecting and empowering classroom educators…one member at a time!

Lesson plans


MACE Pickets Atlanta’s Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, Stating, “Send Carstarphen Back to Texas!”

Last week, MACE picketed Meria Carstarphen, the superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools.  We have often said that she arrived in town with metaphorical rope burns around her neck from Austin, Texas.  She apparently was not too popular there also.  We don’t see any substative improvement in in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS).  Principals are continuing to put pressure on teachers to give students grade that they have not earned.  Isn’t this too “systematic cheating”?  The student discipline is out of control.  The customer service is so low that you have to scrape it up like silly putty.  What has changed?  More of the same.  SSDS.  Same Shit.  Different Superintendent.


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Pickle Deal’s “Education Plan”

By John Rhodes Alston Trotter, EdD, JD 

    It is painfully obvious that Governor Nathan Deal doesn’t know his ass from deep centerfield when it comes to public education. His so-called “education plan” should be pickled but never used. It is also painfully obvious that a junior staffer must have banged together his so-called “education plan” that is outlined on the Governor’s website. Three of the first five points are the same worn-out global dribble that was spouted by Presidents George H. W. Bush and William Clinton in Goals 2000 before the hellish and ineffective No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top programs were mistakenly ushered in under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. None of the former global goals were realized, and the latter two programs just wreaked havoc among a profession that formerly was collegial and nurturing within its nature and in its scope.

    These punitive so-called “education reform” programs which punish the so-call “failing schools” rather than analyzing what is causing this systematic failure of low performance have been dismal flops, and yet Governor Deal is jumping on the band wagon of threatening to engage in educational deconstructionism, not because there is any clear evidence that charter schools drawing from the same student population significantly increases achievement (they don’t) nor because there is any history of such (there is not, not even in Milwaukee or Baltimore which were the early adopters of such). Quite frankly, the so-called “plan” that Governor Deal has on his official website was obviously handed over to a junior staffer to put together, and this junior staffer apparently doesn’t know the difference between pronouns “that” and “who” (“Increase the percentage of teachers and administrators that are considered effective[.]” Emphasis added). The half-baked call for more students to take a “STEM” curriculum is simply another educational fad which will short-change our students in the humanities, history, civics, arts, music, and physical education.

Georgia Schools - Deal

We know that we coined the term “snoopervision” and we are 99% sure that we coined “educrats.” (We never saw it used before we started using it over 20 years ago.) Now we offer you a new one…Governor Nathan ISIS. Governor ISIS is determined to decapitate Georgia’s public schools.

    There is not a scintilla of seminal thought in the Governor’s so-called “education plan.” Just a quick perusal of The MACE Manifesto: The Politically Incorrect, Irreverent, and Scatological Examination of What is Wrong with American Public Education (Trotter & Haynes, Big Daddy Publishers, 2014, 615 pages) will show just how silly and shallow and wrong the Governor’s so-called “education plan” is. The above book points out that “you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions,” and yet Governor Deal is using his so-called education plan to issue a not-so-veiled threat to Georgia’s teachers. He starts out with the wrong premise, viz., that students are not learning because teachers are not teaching. As The MACE Manifesto points out, teachers can teach students but teachers cannot “learn” the students just like physician can treat their patients but they cannot “heal” their patients, and the attorneys can defend their clients but their cannot “acquit” them.

    The Governor falls into the same trap of trying to treat today’s educational problems as technical breakdowns (the teacher is not effectively teaching mentality) rather than motivational breakdowns. The MACE Manifesto explodes this notion in a rather long and informative chapter, “On Learning and MACE’s DAM Theory of Learning.” This chapter goes into great detail about how three essential elements are required to be in place before effective learning can take place and virtually every so-called “reform” effort ignores these essential elements, including Governor Deal’s: (1) Discipline, (2) Aptitude, and (3) Motivation. Not all students will learn the same amount of information at the same pace because there are varying degrees of discipline, aptitude, and motivation within each student at each school. It is obvious that these concepts are foreign to the junior staffer(s) who apparently pulled together the Governor’s so-called “education plan.” To actually implement any form of pay plan that is tied to the performance of a teacher’s students to a standardized test is educationally stupid and unconscionable. A system of “merit pay” or ‘value-added evaluations” do not work simply because students are not inanimate chunks of cookie dough floating innocently and harmlessly down a conveyor belt. The MACE Manifesto has another an explosive and lengthy chapter on “merit pay” (“Merit Pay for Teachers: More Bullshit from Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and Arne Duncan,” Chapter 35).

Georgia Schools - Privatization

We were way ahead of the curve in The MACE Manifesto in understanding the motivation of mandating the implementation of norm-referenced tests all over the country. By definition, on normed tests, one-half the students score “below the national average.” The motivation of the proponents of Common Core is the privatization of public schools. These folks don’t give a rat’s ass about the kids. It’s all about the money, and we have been boldly saying this for years at MACE. Governor Nathan ISIS is determined to decapitate public education in Georgia…starting with private businesses taking over the so-called “failing schools.”

The Governor’s stated plan to turn over “failing schools” to outside groups which will come in with their hyped-up charter school “opportunities” looks more like a plan to give financial “opportunities” to his supporters to feed on the public trough. This stated desire to turn over our schools to these businesses reminds me much of another chapter in The MACE Manifesto: “The Gates of Hell have Prevailed against the Local Control of Public Education! Rants and Fulminations against Bill Gates, an Anti-christ of American Public Education!” This unfettered rush to undermine and destroy the local control of public education is unconscionable and reprehensible. Doesn’t it seem likely that if nearly all so-called “failing schools” come from schools with students from the same socio-economic-cultural milieu that the problem does not reside with ineffective teaching but with endemic problems beyond a sophomoric attempt to blame the problem on teachers? Why not, as The MACE Manifesto calls for, free up the teachers from ridiculous and rigid mandates so that they can be creative with these unmotivated students, hopefully inspiring these unmotivated students to become learners? After all, if the Governor turns over these schools to private businesses, he is not going to strap these new “educators” in straightjackets of the likes of the draconian and counter-productive TKES. If these new schools of “choice” or “charter” or whatever you want to call them are so wonderful without the rigid, inflexible, and suffocating mandates and rules, then why not free up all of the public schools in Georgia with a fresh wind of freedom and creativity? What is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.

Governor Nathan Deal is not a friend of public education in Georgia. He wants to privatize education in Georgia. Nathan Deal is dangerous. Governor ISIS wants to decapitate public education in Georgia. © JRAT, 2015.

Praise for

The MACE Manifesto

“Dr. Trotter and Mr. Haynes are true friends of public school teachers, and I know that when they write or speak on public education, everyone needs to take note. Every educator, young and old, and all politicians – legislators, school board members, and even superintendents – need to read The MACE Manifesto!” – The Honorable Darryl W. Jordan, Georgia State Representative

“A gripping, riveting read.” – Attorney Preston Haliburton

“John and Norreese are politically incorrect but are absolutely correct on public education!” – The Honorable Sandra G. Scott, Georgia State Representative

Book photo - JT and NH

“As a former PTA President at a public elementary school, a public middle school, and a public high school, I appreciate the fact that The MACE Manifesto addresses the need for discipline in our public schools.” – Michael Robinson

“Dr. Trotter and Mr. Haynes are dealing with the unpleasant realities of today’s public schools – and, as a teacher, I can vouch for this!” – Dr. Jose Helena

“As a classroom educator, my life was changed by Dr. Trotter and MACE – and now we have The MACE Manifesto, the tour-de-force on public education!” – James (Gunny) Yawn

John and Norreese

“Dr. Trotter and Mr. Haynes have been fighting for teachers for years, and as a son of two Georgia school teachers and as a Vice Chairman of a Georgia public school board, I know the importance of the message of The MACE Manifesto!” – Attorney J. Anderson Ramay

“The MACE Manifesto is the inconvenient truth about what goes on in our public schools – and especially in our urban schools. I know. I spent my whole career as a teacher in the Birmingham and Atlanta schools.” – Charles Melton

“From my educator’s perspective, The MACE Manifesto is the Bible on public education!” – Bo T. Oates

“As a former teacher and a former school board member, I am excited that a book finally tells it like it is on public education.” – Linda Crummy

“This ain’t chicken soup!” – J. B. Stanley

“Each page is RADIOACTIVE!” – Benjamin Barnes

“The unvarnished and sad truth about public education today.” – R. L. Moore

“I spent my career as a teacher and an administrator in two urban schools systems, and Dr. Trotter and Mr. Haynes are right on target in The MACE Manifesto.” – Mark Harris

“As a former teacher and a current administrator, I know the importance of good teaching conditions, and this is what The MACE Manifesto is all about.” – Lee Carter

“Yes, we are going to endorse our own book. It is an impressive manifesto. We’re not falsely modest. In this educational treatise, you will gain many insights about how American Public Education operates. You will learn about how newly appointed superintendents come to town with ropes around their necks, barely escaping the last school system alive but the search firm pimps put cheap perfume on them, recycle them, and sell these educational sluts to other unsuspecting school boards.

“You will learn how the publishing and software industries (most notably Pearson out of London, England and Bill Gates of Microsoft) are driving the American Public Education agenda with an indoctrinating, watered-down, dim-witted, drivel-type, homogenized, and nationalized curriculum called Common Core which is aligned with the values of UNESCO and not necessarily with the values of the local community.

“We show you how the standardized tests have become the false gods of American Public Education and how three essential elements for learning are completely ignored by the ‘school deformers’ – discipline, aptitude, and motivation.

“We deal with subjects that others either don’t know shit about or have parakeet balls and are afraid to broach.

“You will understand that trying to find a school administrator who supports teachers to the hilt and demands that students behave in the classroom is like trying to capture dinosaur farts and bottling them for the Smithsonian. They are just that rare!

“You get it all here…with panache and street cred. Forget hollow platitudes. We give it to you straight…right in the gut!” – Dr. John Trotter and Norreese Haynes

What in the Hell is The MACE Manifesto?

     The MACE Manifesto is a gonzoistic explanation of what is really wrong with the institution known as American Public Education (APE) – with no holds barred. In the parlance of professional wrestling, it may resemble a Texas Cage Match. A gonzo style of writing is written in the first person, uses the vernacular, is loaded with details, and makes no high-minded and hypocritical claims of objectivity – and, quite frankly, doesn’t give a rat’s ass whom it might offend. In fact, Trotter and Haynes state clearly that they intend to offend.

Book photo - Front cover

Trotter and Haynes bewail the teaching conditions in America’s public schools, especially in the urban schools. Unlike the common and trite analyses of the so-called school reformers, Trotter and Haynes do not lay the blame of the ills of public education at the feet of the classroom educators but at the feet of the “numbskull” and “dumbass” politicians, policymakers, superintendents, and administrators. They go a bit light on the elected school board members, describing them as too naïve to the games of the school system’s “sluts,” “pimps,” and “bitches” who, according to Trotter and Haynes, have razed any common sense in the school systems, causing the systems to become mental and moral wastelands.

Trotter and Haynes are not calling for more school “reformation” but for a complete return to the ways of the days which produced literate citizens who, upon graduating from high school, could write cogent paragraphs, deftly multiply and divide numbers in their heads at cash registers when buying something, know the difference between George Washington and the Revolutionary War and Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, and generally were culturally literate. The Cromwellian Revolution of School Reform of the last 30 years has resulted in the teachers being denuded and dethroned in their own classrooms. The teachers need to be returned to power. They need to be the kings and queens of their classrooms once again. Order needs to be restored, and when order is returned to the classrooms, learning will take place.

Readily acknowledging that public education is on life-support, Trotter and Haynes assert that it is tragically sick largely because of the asinine rules and regulations that the State and Federal governments have intravenously administered to the collective school corpus. The most recent invasive viruses injected into the collective school corpus in America have come about by the ideas pushed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and vulture philanthropists and denizens like Bill Gates and Eli Broad and their devoted acolytes, U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his sidekick and educational charlatan, Michelle Rhee.

Trotter and Haynes make a strong case for detoxifying public education in the United States with a series of metaphorical enemas. “The real problem with public education is that the teachers have been stripped of their power and authority in the classroom – over both curriculum and classroom discipline,” they contend. They often quote the MACE Mantra: “You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”

Purchase Now The MACE Manifesto!

     If you want to purchase The MACE Manifesto, you can write to Big Daddy Publishers, Post Office Box 71911, Newnan, GA 30271. This manifesto is over 600 pages and has nearly 200 photos. It should cost $60.00 but Big Daddy Publishers has agreed to sell this manifesto for only $30.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. If you are a MACE Member, the book is just $15.00!  (All checks need to be made out to Big Daddy Publishers, LLC.)

Book photo - Back cover

Big Daddy Publishers did what other publishers were probably too nervous to do…publish this manifesto with all of its edginess. This manifesto will prove to be a “timeless classic” on public education and is indeed “a gripping, riveting read,” as Attorney Preston Haliburton describes it. Trotter and Haynes take on the richest person in the world, Bill Gates, who, along with his wife Melinda, is more responsible for pushing the Common Core Standards (as well as unlimited Charter Schools and Merit Pay Evaluations for teachers with their students’ test scores largely factoring into the teachers’ final evaluation) on the public schools nationwide, thus nationalizing and homogenizing this mushy and feckless curriculum and enabling his company, Microsoft, and other companies to reap financial dividends thereof. Trotter and Haynes tear into Bill Gates and his Common Crap Curriculum perhaps like no one else in the country. Literally, Gates has given millions upon millions to other unions and colleges of education throughout the country, effectively shutting down criticism from these organizations.

Trotter and Haynes took on other public figures and public officials, squarely calling a spade a spade. They did not boringly and placidly measure their words. “We told the truth about certain public officials and public figures and let the chips fall where they fell,” quipped Dr. Trotter. “I had so many lies told on me when I was an elected official,” laughed Mr. Haynes, “that we thought that it was time that the truth be told, and truth is the absolute defense against libel.”

Trotter and Haynes outline eight plagues of American Public Education which pretty much sum up all the problems. These plagues are: (1) Irate & Irresponsible Parents; (2) Defiant & Disruptive Students; (3) Angry & Abusive Administrators; (4) Deification of Standardized Tests; (5) School-Directed Systematic Cheating; (6) Common Crap Curriculum & Mushy Thinking; (7) Centralization & Homogenization of the Schools; and (8) Inordinate, Onerous, & Inane Paperwork.

About MACE…  

      MACE was founded in 1995. The MACE Mantra has been from the beginning: You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions. And, yes, MACE does devour administrators who abuse teachers. MACE does not allow administrators or supervisors to join, and if a teacher becomes an administrator or supervisor, this person can no longer remain a MACE Member. MACE is not mad at them. MACE just has to make sure that there is no conflict-of-interests. This is a major reason that the other unions are so ineffective. They have built-in-conflicts and don’t really know who they are representing. MACE protects and empowers Classroom Educators…one member at a time.

Big Daddy Publishers, Post Office Box 71911, Newnan, GA 30271 ∙ 770/895-6627 ∙ BigDaddyPublishers.Com ∙ Printed in the U. S. A.

This video was made in August of 2014.  The book ended up being over 600 pages with nearly 200 photos.  What publisher besides Big Daddy Publishers would have done such a terrific job on The MACE Manifeseto?

The MACE Manifesto!
The MACE Manifesto is a gonzoistic explanation of what is really wrong with the institution known as American Public Education (APE) – with no holds barred.  Over 600 pages and only $15.00 for active MACE members!

Item #00004

Price $30.00 

MACE Attacks Governor Nathan Deal and His Scatological "Opportunity" Educational Plan!









Another Satisfied DeKalb Teacher Praises Norreese Haynes and MACE Staff!




Dr. Trotter, I wanted to take this time out to express my heart-felt gratitude for the sincere and focused dedication exemplified by the Teacher's Advocate Union (MACE).  Your team is truly an inspiration and fight wholeheartedly for all teachers who are a part of the organization.  With all that teachers encounter during this 21st century, your team is not only highly recommended, but also commended.


I have had a recent issue where a large metro district repeatedly reported me as being "non-renewed" when this was far from the truth.  When administrators usurp their authority superstitious things like this happen.  I have undergone unemployment for nearly three years as a result of this district making such a vicious report.  Thanks to the aid of Mr. Norreese Haynes and the entire MACE team, this issue was resolved, thus allowing stability in my career once again.  Mr. Haynes has proven himself to be competent in his approach and uses good strategies in that he has cleared my name, and he now moves for me to attain my Clear Renewable Certificate.  Representatives from GAE (ODE) simply explained to me that the school district refused to move on my behalf because I was "non-renewed."  The representative, whose name I will not disclose, advised me to simply return to my current district and resign.  I was appalled.  To think that I was paying an organization $48.00 on a monthly basis only to find that they are not willing to fight for my cause.  Thank for MACE’s Mr. Haynes who displayed a great deal of empathy and immediately began to get things in motion.


My name is cleared and I am confident that Mr. Haynes will continue until our final desired result is attained. 


Thank you so much for all that you have done.  If there is any educator who needs help in putting up a fight, MACE is your team.  Don't leave home without them.  There is no need to be swindled by other organizations that do not have your best interest at heart.  The truth of the matter is…MACE, "they got your back.” 


D. Towns


DeKalb Educator


 Another Retiring Atlanta Teacher, Jill Beracki, Thanks MACE!

Good afternoon Dr. [John]Trotter, Mr. [Jeff] Cox, Mr. [Darryl] Plenty, and Mr. [Norreese] Haynes:

I want to thank you so much for representing me for these past few years. I could not have made it through the Atlanta Public Schools without you. No teacher should continue to teach without having MACE to represent them.   

DeKalb MACE Member, Dr. Collette Keeton, Praises MACE!

    Dr. Collette Keeton, a member of MACE since 2006, praises MACE for standing in the gap for her. She thanked Dr. Trotter and Jeff Cox, writing: "Thank you, MACE, for filing my first grievance in April of 2008 and anohter one in October of 2010. Without your assistance and blessings from the Most High, I do not know where I would be right now. You are truly a Teacher's Best Advocate!"

Men in Black Have Nothing on MACE, Says Grateful Member!

Retiring Douglas County Teacher Praises the MACE Teachers’ Union

    “To my dearest MACE:  After 30 years in the classroom, I am retiring from teaching and beginning a new life.  I have taught over 6000 children in the Douglas County School System, many of whom have been the children of the children I taught. Knowing three generations within some families has created very powerful relationships and feelings of trust that few other jobs allow.  Several former students are now close friends who will last a lifetime. Parting will truly be difficult.... briefly.

     “I have been a MACE member since very near the beginning.  If Dr. Trotter was going to leave GAE to develop a better organization, I was going to follow. Over the many years since, I have been involved in only one grievance (as a witness) and was astounded at the brilliance of Dr. Trotter and his team to reduce opponents to whimpering, stuttering, dumbfounded fools.  ZAP! ZING! WHAMMO!  It would come hard, fast, and with unquestionable clarity.  I have never had to bring one of the MACE team into a meeting with an administrator or parent because the mere mention of that as my next step has solved problems.  I have played that card only three times over the years (seeking advice from MACE beforehand) because someone in authority wanted a grade changed to make an outrageously annoying parent go away.  Each time the 'veiled threat' from a weak principal instantly vaporized.

     “MACE has a reputation for not just having a teacher's back, but their front and flanks as well.  It's like having a kind of Justice League for the classroom educator - or as one colleague phrased it, "Psycho lawyers from hell."  Either way, thank you for being there.  I am 'officially' requesting a cancellation of my membership, including the automatic monthly draft of dues from my bank account.  I will continue to read your website news and encourage good teachers to join your ranks. Best of luck, my superheroes!   Men in Black have nothing on you guys! Truly, Kathryn P. Johnston”

 Note from Dr. Trotter:  “Thanks you, Kathryn!  It is the unsolicited thank you notes and letters from members like you which make us feel so good about what we are doing for the dedicated teachers of Georgia.  Please enjoy your well-earned retirement!  You have the highest respect from your children and colleagues – and from the MACE Staff as well!  I remember when several of us guys on the MACE Staff first met with you and several other teachers in your classroom many years ago!  Please stay in touch with us!

Click Here To Read What Other Teachers Say About MACE!

Retiring Atlanta Teacher
Thanks MACE!

   "On May 26, 2011, I retired from the Atlanta Public Schools. MACE was one of the most 'peace of mind' supports for me and well worth the price of admission. It is said that 'Gratitude is the best attitude and Silent Gratitude isn't much use to anyone.' I would like to say 'Thank You' to the three 'We Got Your Back' gentelmen:  Mr. Norreese Haynes, Mr. Jeff Cox, and Mr. Benjamin Barnes.  Always Grateful, Dr. Martha J. Reid." -- Dr. Martha J. Reid (Atlanta Teacher).

DeKalb Teacher/Coach Praises Attorney Brown And MACE!

   "David Brown, one of MACE's Network Attorneys, did a tremendous job representing me in a hearing when I was falsely accused recently.  Mr. Brown represented me like he was representing someone in a murder case.  He was all over them, dotting all of the "I's" and crossing all of the "T's."  He turned their witnesses into my witnesses.  Attorney Brown is personable and thorough.  I appreciate what all MACE has done for me!" -- Earl White (DeKalb Teacher/Coach).

DeKalb Teacher Praises Norreese Haynes and MACE!

“Dear Dr. Trotter,

“I am short of words to thank Mr. Norreese Haynes and MACE for the overwhelming support that turned a weak case to success. Prior to visiting MACE, I consulted a few volunteer attorneys and they advised that my chance of winning the appeal was at most 25%. In fact, one advised that I really had no case unless I wanted to waste my time. At this time, I had lost hope of any positive outcome on this appeal, but I just wanted to fight anyway.

“I did not think that I needed to involve MACE because I considered that my issues with DOL was outside the classroom and consequently outside the scope of my relationship with MACE. However, as my last resort, I called and discussed my appeal with MACE and I was immediately invited to the office and was supported all through the preparation for the appeal. Contrary to my expectation, it was an unbelievable appeal victory. With the assistance of Mr. Haynes of MACE, I achieved victory and the DOL appeal decision was in my favor. Go To Testimonial Page to See Glad Obiago's Complete Letter...

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     "We appreciate the kind notes of thanks that we receive on a regular basis from our members.  We have a back-log of new testimonials that we will try to get up on the website soon!  Thank you for being members of MACE, the union for "teachers teaching in tough situations."  We don't apologize for agitating for you.  MACE provides the members "aggressive representation when you need it."  Believe me:  When you need representation, you want it to be aggressive.  Who wants some half-hearted, half-butted attorney or representative?  Teachers, if you teach without being a member of MACE, you are teaching in the danger zone!" -- Norreese Haynes, MACE Chief Operating Officer   

Why You Came To MACE!

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter 

You didn’t come to MACE because we give you a tote bag or do spelling bees for the children or sell you auto insurance at an alleged discount. We don’t give out tote bags. We have never put on a spelling bee contest for kids. We don’t sell auto insurance. Heck, we don’t even endorse any political candidates. You vote like you want to vote. We don’t care. We don’t even agree in the MACE Office about political candidates or parties! But, we do agree about this: Teachers should be respected, esteemed, and supported by the administrators to do their jobs in the classroom. We know that you cannot have good learning conditions until your first have good teaching conditions. This is an inexorable law. It can no more be set aside or ignored than the Law of Gravity.

You came to MACE because you are frustrated with how public school teachers are now blamed for all the ills in public education. Students aren’t motivated to learn. You are blamed. Students are defiant and disruptive in the classroom. You are blamed. Parents are irate and irresponsible and frustrated with their own children’s lack of effort. You are blamed. In fact, you came to MACE because you are tired of being blamed by the angry and abusive administrators for the failure of the students who refuse to learn and who refuse to behave. You are tired of being badgered and harassed by these angry, insecure, petty, ignorant, and abusive administrators. We don’t blame you. You came to the right organization. You came to MACE.

MACE simply exists to protect and empower classroom educators…one member at a time. You came to MACE because you have heard of the reputation of MACE. You have heard that MACE doesn’t play, that MACE kicks metaphorical ass, and that MACE tightens up the mean-ass and petty administrators. You have heard correctly. You came to MACE because you know that better than any other organization in the State of Georgia, MACE is able to tighten up your angry and abusive administrator. You know that there is not another union, organization, or association (or whatever you want to call it) for teachers in Georgia which is as effective as MACE in legally scaring the heck out of administrators who are already terrorizing you. This is why you came to MACE. You came to MACE because you are tired of being tired and tired of being afraid and tired of being frustrated. You came to MACE because you want MACE to protect you, to empower you, and to scare the dog shit out of your abusive administrators. Welcome to MACE! © Big Daddy Publishers, 2014.


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MACE Starts Off Year Picketing Muscogee's David Lewis!



MACE is Different than Other Teacher Unions!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

       Sometimes people ask me what is the difference in MACE and the other teacher unions in Georgia.  They ask:  “What can MACE do for a teacher that the other teacher unions don’t do?”  There are fair questions, and I have been answering them for the last 18 years.  So, let me offer the following thoughts for those teachers who may be new to Georgia.

John Trotter with full beard

Dr. John Trotter, circa 2003.

The mantra at MACE is simple and direct:  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  We have found that not a single politician, policy-maker, educrat, school board member, or snoopervising administrator can dispute this mantra, but like mindless boobs they continue to try to improve public education by attacking classroom educators.  This is indeed mindless and unconscionable.  At MACE, we don’t play.  We devour petty, insecure, myopic, and angry administrators who abuse teachers.

I remember when we founded MACE in 1995 that the administrators were immediately afraid of MACE.  There was an attorney for the DeKalb County Board of Education who stated:  “MACE terrorizes the principals!”  We are now completing our 18th year, and our message has not changed one scintilla.  We continue to legally terrorize those administrators who seem to gleefully terrorize teachers.  Once these abusive administrators find out that the teacher is a MACE Member, they suddenly change their direction.  We say:  “They suddenly get religion.”  Although our membership is strictly confidential, there comes a time when you want your administrator to know that you are a Member of MACE and are protected by MACE!

The other organizations (AFT, GAE, PAGE) talk a good game, but their walk is different from their talk.  In Georgia, everyone knows that the most aggressive and feared teachers union is MACE, by far.  One of our aggressive attorneys just defended a MACE Member in Hart County and kicked ass for her.  In fact, Vivian Morgan, the reporter for the Hartwell Sun newspaper, called me and stated:  “Lowell Chatham [the MACE attorney] was phenomenal!”  The teacher still has her job.  MACE Attorney Chatham also recently defended a Clayton County teacher in a four-day hearing.  The teacher won his case and is still teaching in Clayton County!  MACE protects and empowers classroom educators…one MACE Member at a time.


Atlanta’s Beverly Hall, Among Others, Indicted on Good Friday! What is Atlanta’s Current Superintendent, Erroll Davis, Doing to Change the Operational Conditions for the APS Teachers? Not Much! He and His Minions Still Refuse to Comply with the State’s Complaints Law!

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

The first thing that Erroll Davis needs to do is re-vamp the APS Complaints Policy which, as I have pointed out over and over, egregiously and flagrantly violates the Georgia Code (OCGA 20-2-989.5 et seq.). Destiny Washington, the attorney who was acting as Davis´s designee, shut down a grievance hearing on Wednesday  when I just would not let her talk over me when I was cross-examining a principal (Tyronne Smith of Mays High School). APS´s actions relative to grievances/complaints are still unconscionable under the Erroll Davis Administration.

Now about Beverly Hall and the indictments: All one has to do is go to the MACE website or look on my personal blog and see that it was the people at MACE who were warning about “systematic cheating” on the streets of Atlanta and DeKalb, calling both systems “gangsta systems” in writing and on the streets with picket signs well before there was any talk about investigating the Beverly Hall and Crawford Lewis administrations. So much for a prophetic voice, heh?

Naturally, MACE has its detractors among the administrators who can “bravely” blog anonymously about MACE being a “tiny and third rate union.”  But, it was ole Johnny Trotter and “his tiny and third union” which openly pointed out the complete disregard that the Beverly Hall and Crawford Lewis administrations had for the law, despite the fact that many, including the major media in the State, were either singing their praises or looking rather impassively at the goings-on in these systems.

So many of the administrators indicted have been the target of MACE (articles, our Needs Improvement List, pickets, letters, grievances, etc.) in the past. We never called them “criminals.” But, it looks like Paul Howard has stepped up to the plate and is calling them precisely this. I too believe that their actions were criminal, but we always leave the criminal stuff up to the prosecutors. I am impressed with Paul Howard´s mettle in prosecuting from the very top on down.

In particular, I remember the extremely hot picket on Trinity Avenue in the boiling summer heat in July of 2009 or 2010 when we were calling APS a “gangsta school system” and the three pickets three days in row in front of the DeKalb Central Office on North Decatur Road in 2009.  The first day or two was in torrential downpour of rain, and Keith Whitney of 11 Alive News called to tell me that the company’s van had to return to the station because of the ominous weather.  In these pickets, we were talking about “systematic cheating” and about DeKalb being a “gangsta school system.”  In fact, we also called Crawford Lewis a “Candy Ass” (because his administration also shut down a grievance when a teacher whom we were representing was about to testify about systematic cheating at Clarkston High School).  Yes, our tactics may be rather ruthless and politically incorrect and irreverent, but we just don’t care.  When as many egregious and unconscionable things are occurring as were occurring in these two systems, sometimes it takes “a tiny and third rate union” (ha!) to point the finger at the injustices.  I know one thing, anyone who works at MACE has more guts in their pinkie finger than these hollow and feckless administrators who blog under the cloak of darkness and who would never deign to use their real names.


Men of MACE photographed in a line at Piccadilly after taking care of business for some teachers. From left to right, Dr. John Trotter, Leroy Walker. Norreese Haynes, and David Cochran.


Another happy MACE member after a grievance hearing... this one in Bibb County (Macon, Georgia).

Bill Gates and His Common Core Curriculum and His Profitable Common Apps Need Merit Pay to Shut the Mouths of Outspoken Teachers!

John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Just about everyone starts from a false premise, viz., the students aren’t learning because the teachers aren’t teaching. A teacher can teach a student but a teacher can’t “learn” a student. First of all, there has to be three things in place for any learning to take place: (1) Discipline; (2) Aptitude; and (3) Motivation. So-called experts from educational think tanks (who almost always come from some Ivy League schools with no educational background), educrats, and business moguls like Bill Gates and Eli Broad start from the aforementioned premise that the problem in public education is a lack of good, effective teaching. Therefore, their solutions always start with “improving” teaching. More training is needed, they think. Also, let’s improve the evaluation process! Yes, this will work, they conclude. Make it more and more onerous to be a teacher! Put more stressors on teachers! Make all teachers teach from the same cookie-cutter formula teaching the same “common” curriculum (using Bill’s apps, of course). Yes, these things will improve public education (and make us a lot of money in the meantime).

Ah…the real ultimate solution is to pay the “best” teachers the most money. This ought to really contribute a lot to the collegiality of the workplace. Not. Teachers will be hording lesson plans, teaching materials, and techniques and strategies that really work. Oh, wait! I forgot. Different, creative, and workable techniques and strategies won’t really matter anymore because the educrats will tell the teachers what to teach, how to teach, and what materials are permitted to use. Yes, that’s it! Just turn the teachers into mindless robots. Well, maybe we can call them “technicians.” This sounds better.

Now if we can get the new evaluation systems passed in all 50 states with the teachers pay tied to the performance of the students and to the fickle dispositions of the administrator-evaluators, then the teachers will know that their survival in public education is dependent on two things: (1) Test Scores and (2) Becoming Groveling Sycophants to Petty and Power-hungry and Sometimes Sex-driven Administrators. But, at least these professional educators won’t be bucking us about this “Common Core” curriculum that we have essentially forced down the throats of 45 states thus far. Don’t worry…we will dangling enough money under the noses of Alaska, Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, and Minnesota to get these states to finally succumb. Hey, our buddy Arne Duncan has already thrown down the gauntlet that if a state wants to participate in Race to the Top and receive the millions of dollars in Federal grants, then they also have to participate in Bill Gates’s Common Core Curriculum.

Yes, Bill Gates has become the Educational Savior in this country today. He has given millions upon millions of dollars to the National Governors’ Conference and has lassoed nearly all of them into going along with the “common core” crap. Now he wants the “value added” evaluations in place all over the country. This sounds like a half-brother or first cousin to “merit pay.” Merit pay never has worked in the past, and it never will work in the future. I was an administrator in the only Georgia school system (and only one of two, I think, in the nation, according to Reader’s Digest back in the mid 1980s) which had merit pay. I saw who received the most “merit pay” in the school system. It essentially correlated to two things: (1) To whom the teacher was related or connected and (2) If the teacher was a kiss-up. Outspoken teachers who have integrity don’t receive merit pay. It is just that simple. Booger-eaters and kiss-ups who may be awful teachers will reap the benefits of “merit pay.” But, when all mouths are shut and all people in public education are clicking their boots in good goose-stepping fashion, then Bill and Melinda can keep their children at the Lakeside School in Seattle and enjoy the financial rewards of the nation’s public schools using Bill’s apps in their curriculum. Mission accomplished.

In recent days, Bill Gates has expressed concerned about some of the most idiotic ways that different states are coming up with to tie the students performance to the evaluation of the teachers. (The more onerous, ridiculous, comical ones are in the area of Physical Education.) Bill suddenly is acting like he is hurt and shocked at such scandalous evaluative mandates.

I am sorry, but I am not buying Bill Gates’s sudden concern for teachers. Perhaps a bit of a blow-back from teachers being disgusted with his kibitzing in public education has him concerned. He needs to stick to software. I like Microsoft Word.

Bill Gates has done more than anyone else out there in getting this Common Core crap pushed down the throats of school systems in 45 states so far. (Nebraska, Alaska, Virginia, Texas, and Minnesota have still not bowed down to the educational gods of Nebuchadnezzar.) He’s pumped millions and millions of dollars in the National Governors’ Conference, effectively lassoing the governors into his Common Core Corral. Make no mistake…Bill Gates undoubtedly hopes to (and stands to) make billions of dollars when the states with this “common” curriculum finally need the software apps that his company is already developing and will no doubt sell to Pearson, the world’s largest educational company out of London, which will sell them to the school systems nationwide. These apps will be tailored to fit in all the school systems with this “common” curriculum.

No, I am not buying Bill Gates’s sudden concern and crocodile tears shed over the fact that these new damnable evaluation systems have become veritable monsters. He above any person is responsible for creating these monsters. He and his wife Melinda have not called for less testing but very significantly more testing of the students. They have called for more in-depth teacher evaluations…which have unleashed these ridiculous examples that he himself cites. Despite his sometimes protestations to the contrary, Arne Duncan essentially ties any Race to the Top monies to the states bowing at the altar of the Common Core god. Yes, just like Microsoft is Bill Gates’s baby, so is Common Core. Microsoft is his good child and quite “abel” to assist many people, including yours truly, but Common Core has been his “Cain” from the very beginning, intent on killing creativity and ingenuity among the teachers.

It’s all about the cheddar, isn’t it? All of this “reform” stuff never has really been about the children. It’s about business. R-E-F-O-R-M? Ruining Education For Our Resources & Money. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what school “reform” has always been about. © JRAT, April 4, 2013.

Here are a couple of informative links about Common Core [“State”] Standards.

MACE Pickets Clayton's Interim Superintendent, Luvenia Jackson!
She Needs To Process Grievances!
Luvenia Jackson, the interim superintendent of Clayton County Schools in Georgia was brought out of retirement.  She has been demonstrating lately that her administration does not understand the importance to go by the Georgia Law for Certified Employee Complaints (O. C. G. A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.).  Former superintendent Edmond Heatley wanted to routinely violate this law as well.  The MACE teachers union effectively took on Heatley for this and many other issues.  Both superintendents were perhaps looking for “advice” from education attorney, Glenn Brock.  One of MACE‘s picket signs yesterday stated, “Luvenia, Quit Listening to ‘Legal Pimps’ and Obey the Law!”  Apparently, Ms. Jackson had the top security personnel in the school system to come and try to remove the MACE picketers from the public forum.  We have a feeling that she (and others superintendents in Georgia) will be receiving a lesson on the First Amendment and Free Speech from MACE‘s Chairman of the Board, Dr. John Trotter.




 MACE Benefactor and Teacher Advocate, Daniel D. Trotter, Sr. Passes!

Daniel D. Trotter, Sr.    
        Daniel Dennie (“Dink”) Trotter, Sr., was born on April 21, 1925 in Madison, Georgia and passed away on February 25, 2013.  He was born to Robert Alston (“Doc”) Trotter, Sr., and Nellie Jane Clemons Trotter (both interred in Columbus).  Mr. Trotter was the youngest child in his family, and he is the grandson of Dr. Robert Walter Trotter and Elizabeth Howard Alston Trotter (both interred in Madison) and the great grandson of Col. Robert Augustus Alston, Esq., and Mary Charlotte MaGill Alston (both interred in Decatur).   



       Mr. Trotter joined the U. S. Navy during the height of World War II and saw horrific action as a teenager.  He married the love of his life, Jo Ann Frazier, toward the end of World War II when he returned Stateside on a mandatory leave because his ship was blown up by a Japanese Kamikaze plane.  After the war, Mr. Trotter matriculated at Auburn University, graduating in 1948.  Daughter Patti had been born in 1947.   In 1948, the young Trotter family moved to Nashville where Dink entered Peabody College/Vanderbilt University.  Upon earning his Master’s degree at Peabody, the young Trotter family moved to Dasher, Georgia, a little community outside of Valdosta where Mr. Trotter taught and coached at Dasher Bible School (now Georgia Christian School), making many long-life friends at Dasher.  In 1950, the young Trotter family returned to Dink’s hometown of Columbus, Georgia where Dr. William Henry Shaw, Superintendent of Muscogee County School District, immediately offered Mr. Trotter a principal job.  Mr. Trotter (or Coach Trotter) wisely turned it down to accept a teaching/coaching job at Columbus Jr. High School/Jordan Vocational High School.  Son Dan was born in 1950 and youngest child Johnny was born on New Year’s Eve, 1953.  (Mr. Trotter named “Johnny” after his best friend, Johnny Rhodes, who was killed in January of 1945 while fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.)  Mr. Trotter later became Assistant Principal at Jordan and Principal at Daniel Jr. High School.   He retired from the school system in 1981, after having been blessed with thousands of cherished friendships and associations of colleagues and former students throughout his career as an educator.  After retiring from the school system, Mr. Trotter accepted a job as the Executive Director of the Columbus Area YMCAs.  (He had earlier turned down a highly publicized offer from Columbus Mayor Jack Mickle to be the Director of Public Safety for Columbus, Georgia.)     

       Not only was Mr. Trotter a great “School Man,” he most essentially was a Christian, a Man of Faith.  Many a person, especially in a time of need, turned to “Dink” for help, and their needs were met and without fanfare.  He was the essence of the benevolent man.  He served his church for about 50 years as both a Deacon and an Elder.  If Dennie Trotter was your friend, you had a friend indeed!      

       In 2011, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp awarded Mr. Trotter “Georgia Citizen of the Year” and Mr. Trotter was similarly honored by Resolution in the Georgia Houses of Representatives the same year.  Mr. Trotter was respected by all and adored by many.     

        Since the inception of MACE in 1995, Daniel D. Trotter, Sr., (aka “D. D. T.”) was one of MACE’s most reliable supporters.  Through the years, he financially supported the young teacher’s union (now a veritable force to be reckoned with) in a quiet and steady manner, knowing that he too had always been a “teacher advocate.”  For over a dozen years, Mr. Trotter served on the MACE Board of Directors, and the existence of MACE today is attributed greatly to the support and wisdom provided by Mr. Trotter and by the example that he set in empowering teachers through the years to do their jobs.  This MACE Conference Room was named the Daniel D. Trotter Conference Room in a ceremony in 2011. Mr. Trotter is survived by his wife, Jo Trotter, his three children, Patti Trotter, Daniel D. Trotter, Jr., and Dr. John R. Alston Trotter, and by many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a large extended family. 

LeroyRafie.JPG  RepJordanDDT.JPG


Bill Gates and His Penchant for Measurements and His Insistence that Teacher Evaluations be Tied to Student Test Scores are Beyond the Pale!

By John R. Alston Trotter and Norreese L. Haynes

     Bill Gates seems to want for the public schools what he would never tolerate for his own children’s private school.  Gates has pumped probably over $500,000,000 into public school systems like Hillsborough County, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, and Memphis, Tennessee as well as into the National Governors Association and other entities tied to public education, all with strings attached.  I don’t call this money “donations” but “investments.”  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with other billionaire foundations like the Walton Foundation, the Pearson Foundation, and the Eli and Edyth Broad Foundation, have used its money to try to get its way in educational policies and practices throughout the country, and we are now seeing – with the Common Core Standards now being implemented and the concrete movement toward evaluating teachers according to their students’ performance on standardized tests – the results of the investments.  Gates may know how to peddle computer software, the Walton may know how to peddle soap powders, the Pearson Foundation may know how to publish textbooks and standardized tests, and Eli Broad may know how to peddle insurance, but none of them know jack-shit when it comes to public education and what really works.

     Not all teachers are the same. Granted. Some are better than others. Some are more skilled than others. Some have better personalities than others. Some have more life experiences and teaching experiences than others. Some are more educated than others. Some are more motivated than others.

     With all this taken for granted, the number one influence in whether or not a student becomes well-educated is his or her parents (or, in many cases, single parent) and their concomitant socio-economic status.  We hate to say this, but it sometimes boils down to "the Lucky Sperm Club.”  But, if teachers were freed up to teach and to be creative, then perhaps they could tap into these “at risk” students’ motivations and inspire them to learn.  We are talking about real learning of knowledge, not some warmed-over, feel-good group work which waters down their responsibility to actually learn information.   The more we learn about the much ballyhooed Common Core curriculum, the more we find that it seems to have as its goal the affectation of the students’ feelings, values, and attitudes more than their acquisition of knowledge.  It is the acquisition of knowledge with the ability and willingness to comport one’s self in a civil manner in a civil society which will propel these children out of poverty and into the productive mainstream of American society.  For this to happen, teachers need to be respected, esteemed, and empowered to do their jobs, not disrespected and insulted by a billionaire software salesman.

     Perhaps the elite, effete, and Gnostic Bill Gates should pay closer attention to a few facts before he assumes that the students are not learning because the teachers are not teaching.  Wouldn’t it be funny on this February 6, 2013, the national signing day for potential college football players, if we just assigned players to each university? Nick Saban didn’t really sign Five-Star rated linebacker Reuben Foster out of Troup County, Georgia.  No, he was assigned to Akron University out of Ohio.  He’ll not be part of the Crimson Tide football program, but he will be a Zip playing for Akron.  Let’s see how good of a coach Nick Saban would be if all of his players were randomly assigned to him.  The same goes for Mark Richt of Georgia, Les Miles of L. S. U., and Urban Meyer of The Ohio State University.  We seem to understand the absurdity of this concept in sports but our nutty educrats and policymakers and billionaire kibitzers like Bill Gates don’t have a clue about what makes a good teacher and how some great teachers simply don’t have the best talent.  Someone close to us always says, “You can’t win the Kentucky Derby with a bunch of Jackasses.”  (We are not calling students “jackeasses,” but talent does make a difference.)  Bill Gates, pay attention to these three simple facts.


1. The teacher's authority is paramount in the classroom.  When the educrats undermine this authority, they only hurt the children, not help them.  The great success of the Ron Clark Academy is first establishing the unquestioned authority of the teacher.  The emphasis should be teacher-focused, not this cockamamie student-focused crap.  How can ignorant kids teach each other anything?  Yet, our teachers are written up today because their classrooms are not student-focused enough.  Oh, so we are to divide up into "centers" or groups and allow the children to teach each other Latin, heh?  Is this how they do it at private schools in Atlanta like Westminster, Marist, Lovett, Woodward – or at the Lakeside School where Bill and Melinda Gates’s children attend or at the Sidwell Friends School where the President and First Lady send their daughters?  No.  The teacher is the authority figure and the repository of knowledge.

2. The motivation to learn is a cultural process or phenomenon.  Without the proper motivation to learn, no student will learn, regardless of who is teaching.  Bill Gates could begin to teach computer programming each day at Atlanta's Price Middle School (where a student was shot the other day), but if the students fail to show up for class (but are loitering up and down the drug-infested Henry Aaron Drive) or when they do show up, they are pushing and kicking each other during class or actually playing digital games on their ubiquitous cell phones, I don't think even the good ole Harvard drop-out will make a dent in "teaching" these students. Oh, Gates can teach them, but he can't "learn" them.  Only the students can learn, but the students have to be motivated to learn.  This motivation is a social or cultural phenomenon.  The motivation that the students bring to school is determined by the more than 85% of the time that a child spends AWAY from school until the child turns eighteen.  The school only has the child for a small percentage of his or her life.  What happens in the child's overwhelmingly majority life that is spent away from the school building?  Whatever happens is what largely determines whether or not the child brings motivation to learn to the school building.  Yes, the influence of their parents – or lack of parents -- is substantial.

3. You cannot have good learning conditions without first having good teaching conditions.  Educrats and administrators are so mistaken when they assume that coddling and pampering students and constantly berating their teachers is what the students need.  They assume that this is student-nurturing and teacher-accountabilty.  No, this is spoiling the students and turning them into spoiled and rotten brats.  They become even more hellions than their previous potential.  (All children can learn, but all children also have the potential to be hellions.)  The students become defiant and disruptive, knowing that the teachers do not have the support from their administrators.   Effective leaning cannot take place.  Yes, a teacher can teach his or her heart out, but if the teaching conditions in which a teacher teaches are so horrific, the student will not learn.  A great lawyer can do a masterful job in the courtroom.  He or she can defend his or her client, but cannot acquit the client.  A great physician can treat a patient, but cannot heal a patient.  A great teacher can teach a student, but cannot learn a student.

     These three concepts are essential to effective learning. But, wrong-headed billionaire investors like Bill Gates and the educrats who will go along with any half-ass program just to keep their warm jobs are blind and don't know their rears ends from deep centerfield. They are great stumbling blocks to learning. They ought to just step aside and let the teachers teach!



Glenn Brock…the Money Man of Georgia School Systems, Heh?

Who died and made Glenn Brock of the Brock, Clay, Calhoun & Rogers (aka Brock and Clay) Law Firm the legal expect (or as he refers to himself as “education attorney”) in the State of Georgia? Come on, folks! This is laughable! Hell, just read in the above link of his antics and practices on the Cobb County Board of Education before he stepped down apparently in a modicum of shame…only to hand the job off to his legal teammate, Clem Doyle. Yes, let’s keep this $2,000,000.00 per year (probably more now) in the family, so to speak.

Yes, not only has Glenn Brock taken responsibility for “advising” the Cobb County Board of Education in its 57 illegal school board meetings – yes, taking votes in Executive Session – but former superintendent Fred Sanderson apparently refused to bid out the legal work…after several Cobb County School Board members kept calling for this. By the way, the Cobb County Board of Education admitted its 57 illegal meetings. Another by the way, this is the same Glenn Brock who seems to have a special relationship with SACS chieftain Mark Elglart. Where one shows up, the other seems closely behind. In 2008, Mark Elgart, Glenn Brock, Bradley Bryant, and James Bostic (the last two were State School Board members at the time) illegally met behind closed doors with the Clayton County Board of Education to “help” this school board. Help?! Are you kidding me?! This kind of “help” did nothing but to destroy Clayton County…just like it is in the process of destroying DeKalb County.




I have to admit…ole Glenn Brock is quite a businessman. His firm doubles not only as a law firm, bringing in millions and millions of dollars in revenue from the public troughs of the school systems, but it is, according to the firm, “a top rated” political lobbying firm in Georgia. Hey, that’s not all. Ole Glenn has his own “search firm.” What a joke…this “search” usually means, I suspect, a call to the Broad Foundation to see if Eli Broad’s group has identified a promising superintendent…you know…like Edmond Heatley whom Glenn recommended for Clayton County. What a disaster. And MACE warned the Clayton County Board of Education beforehand with pickets, etc., about hiring this “reject” from Chino Valley, California. But, no, they listened to ole Glenn and got themselves a real character for a superintendent…one whom I believe was perhaps the most despised of all time by the employees – or at least in the modern era.

I think that it was Glenn Brock who brought in Michael Hinojosa to Cobb County from Dallas Independent School System in Texas. Hinojosa wasn’t exactly loved in Dallas, and there was not a little cheering when he left. I don’t think that his “achievements” in Dallas were without majors detractors. After Hinojosa, Glenn brought Robert Avossa from little Wingate College to the Fulton County School System. Yes, Mr. Avossa, under whose leadership in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina it appears that a significant number of the student statistics were inflated and were recently adjusted by the new superintendent, came to Fulton County with his new doctorate from Wingate College almost freshly-minted to go along with his degree from NOVA out of Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, where does Glenn Brock find these chaps? Ah, you ask, heh? Well, ole Bobby Avossa is also one of Eli and Edith Broad’s boys. But, I admit that Bobby Avossa has done well in this American Experience. It is for him a dream come true. Born in Italy. Raised in Italy for his first few years…and eventually growing up in Florida, he, like other appointed superintendents, wormed his way up the corporate ladder to bring in a healthy pay and benefits package of around $300,000.00. Not quite as good as Mark Elgart, but a good healthy chunk of public cheddar.

Talking about backgrounds… Sergeant Edmond Heatley had only been a school teacher for just two years. Yes, just two years. What a Dream Merchant ole Glennie Boy Brock is! Not wonder this not-so-highly-qualified appointees seem to always recommend to their respective school boards that Glenn Brock become the school board attorney! Ha! He helps these cats achieve the American Dream! Of course ole Glenn doesn’t do this for free. He too gets a good chunk of the public cheddar when he lands someone like Michael Hinojosa to the Cobb County Board of Education. Little Mikie was born in Mexico. He, like Italian-American Robert Avossa, is just living the American Dream! It is easy to achieve. Get a few degrees. Go along to get along. Kiss a lot of corporate ass. Eat a little corporate do-do on the way (sometimes they even allow you to take it capsule-style, but you do have to take it!). Sell off your integrity. Lose your soul. Ooh-haa! The American Way! By the way, do you think that old Glenn Brock would have recommended Sergeant Edmond Heatley to the Clayton County Board of Education unless he had been African-American? Just a thought…

Yes, ole Glenn Brock has done quite well for himself. He graduated from the University of Georgia in the early 1970s. Worked a little. Decided to go to law school. Attended the unaccredited and now-defunct Atlanta Law School. A law school a lawyer does not make. I have known some of the best lawyers in Georgia who attended Woodrow Wilson Law School, Atlanta Law School, and John Marshall Law School, the latter of which is in the process of trying to secure full Bar accreditation. I actually tip my hat to Glenn Brock for seeing such a good gig…or two…or three and jumping on board. Yes, there are millions and millions in the public schools. I read the other day that Georgia spends over a billion dollars testing its children, grading the tests, etc. Could this really be true?

Yes, folks, it’s all about the money. I have been telling you for years that it’s about the cheddar. It’s about the cheddar for SACS. It’s about the cheddar with these law firms. It’s about the cheddar with these laughable appointed superintendent and their damn “search” firms.

Wake up, people. The Educational Industrial Complex has taken over our schools. Local control is a myth. The corporacrats have been salivating over this school money for years. Yes, even the seeming altruistic but educationally-misguided Bill Gates had his conversation with Steve Jobs in Jobs’s house when Jobs was terminally ill about getting the tablets and apps into the public schools. The public school systems are gold mines…as our friend Glenn Brock discovered years ago. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Glenn seems to have a fourth gig…helping bail out school systems which get in trouble with his apparent buddy, Mark Elgart of SACS? Now this man knows how to make money off the school systems! Ha! © JRAT, January 28, 2013.


 At MACE, We Don't Play!

                                                                         September 24, 2012

Dear Classroom Educator:    

     The mantra at MACE is simple and direct:  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  We have found that not a single politician, policy-maker, educrat, school board member, or snoopervising administrator can dispute this mantra, but like mindless boobs they continue to try to improve public education by attacking classroom educators.  This is indeed mindless and unconscionable.  At MACE, we don’t play.  We devour petty, insecure, myopic, and angry administrators who abuse teachers.  

     I remember when we founded MACE in 1995 that the administrators were immediately afraid of MACE.  There was an attorney for the DeKalb County Board of Education who stated:  “MACE terrorizes the principals!”  We are now into our 18th year, and our message has not changed one scintilla.  We continue to legally terrorize those administrators who seem to gleefully terrorize teachers.  Once these abusive administrators find out that the teacher is a MACE Member, they suddenly changed their direction.  We say:  “They suddenly get religion.”  Although our membership is strictly confidential, there comes a time when you want your administrator to know that you are a Member of MACE and are protected by MACE! 

     The other organizations (AFT, GAE, PAGE) talk a good game, but their walk is different from their talk.  In Georgia, everyone knows that the most aggressive and feared teachers union is MACE, by far.  One of our aggressive attorneys just defended a MACE Member in Hart County and kicked ass for her.  In fact, Vivian Morgan, the reporter for the Hartwell Sun newspaper, called me and stated:  Lowell Chatham [the MACE attorney] was phenomenal!”  The teacher still has her job.  MACE Attorney Chatham also recently defended a Clayton County teacher in a four-day hearing.  The teacher won his case and is still teaching in Clayton County!  MACE protects and empowers classroom educators…one MACE Member at a time.

                                                                     John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD 
                                                                                                                  Chairman & CEO


Are Our Educrats Nuts or What?


Editor’s Note:  This article is a re-print of what Dr. John Trotter wrote on May 12, 2008.  Look what Dr. Trotter wrote nearly four and one-half years ago about the Atlanta Public Schools and its obsession to raise standardized test scores.  Look what he wrote about the real problems in public education.

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD    

       Are our educrats nuts or what? Why do we put up with the crazy notion that all children are bound to be scholars? A recent study (conducted by Colin Powell and others) showed that in the urban areas of America only about 28% of the students who enter the ninth grade actually graduate. (Detroit led the drop-out rate with only 24.9% of those entering the ninth grade actually graduating.) Are our educrats (defined as those people, be they legislators of educational bureaucrats, who never see students each day) blind to this most obvious fact? Do they not see that so many of our students are totally disengaged from the schooling process? How long has it been since they have actually taught school (especially in the urban settings) on a daily basis? They are clueless. Are they not aware that students these days actually curse out our teachers carte blanche and say the most vile and vicious things to them (as well as physically attack them)? No one wants to state the obvious: Our students are not engaged in the learning process. Remember: Motivation to learn is a social phenomenon. If the students are not motivated, then they will not learn. A teacher can teach a student, but a teacher cannot “learn” a student. Note: I want to credit the quirky and brilliant Dr. Eugene Boyce of the University of Georgia for first putting this concept in writing. He was an educational expert who engaged in studies throughout the world. I always want to credit others for their research. Dr. Boyce was a member of my dissertation committee in 1982-84 (as well as other UGA scholars like Dr. Carvin Brown whom I served as a graduate assistant).      

     Educrats can blame teachers for the mess in public education but this does not make it so. Teachers today are the more educated, better trained, and more dedicated than all the teachers whom we have seen come down the pike. But, teachers today face the most unimaginable of obstacles to overcome, viz., (1) Defiant & Disruptive Students; (2) Irate & IrresponsibleParents; and (3) Angry & Abusive Administrators. These are the three main problems in public education. If we solve these problems, then nearly everything else falls in place.        

     If you poll all teachers in America, at least 90% will privately concur with our analysis, albeit this conclusion is politically incorrect. It is politically correct to say that we need more money and resources put into public education. Our teachers need more training, so the reasoning concludes. Hardly anyone has the guts to state the obvious: The students are out of control. Discipline is no longer in the public schools (especially in the urban areas). We at MACE know that you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions. This is our mantra at MACE. We passionately believe this. We also passionately believe that order is the first law of the Universe. Without order, a school is just floundering.    

    Finally, let me say a word about Vocational Education. The notion that schools should rid themselves of the very useful vocational courses is sick. Yes, it is sick. One of the reasons that our students are tuning out all education and can hardly wait until they turn 16 years of age (to be able to legally drop out of school) is because they do not see the educational process as being relevant to them. I remember visiting Mr. James Whitehead’s body shop (for automobiles) classes in the late 1980s. His classes were taught in the middle of one of Atlanta’s worst hoods at the old Archer High School. Mr. Whitehead’s students were so engaged and were so proud of their work. Mr. Whitehead’s students won many state competitions. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Whitehead was informed that his (and others’) vocational programs were going to be jettisoned in the Atlanta Public Schools. What happened to “Whitehead’s boys”? Now, so many of them just dropped out of school whereas before they were gainfully employed at Beaudry Ford and at other establishments. Why did this happen? You asked me, so I am going to tell you. The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (which got heavily involved in political races for school board around this time) apparently wanted to raise the test scores of the Atlanta students on the nationally-normed tests. You know why? When large corporations are trying to decide where to locate their headquarters, they look at the national tests scores for school systems located in places like Dallas, Birmingham, Charlotte, and Atlanta. If the test scores of the Atlanta students are below those of the students in Charlotte, then perhaps Charlotte becomes the location of the Fortune Five Hundred companies. Then, these large companies deposit their monies in Charlotte banks instead of an Atlanta banks. So, damn the students from the hood who were joyfully learning a trade at the old Archer High School! The standardized tests do not ask any questions about bondo!       

     So, the students now languish until they reach the age of 16. They are totally disengaged in the schooling process. They resent being taught algebraic equations which they will never use in a million lifetimes (at least this is their thinking) and thus they disrupt the activities of the classroom just for fun. Our schools are out of control, and our educrats are willingly ignorant of this fact. Until discipline (and relevant vocational programs) is re-established in our public schools, all school reform is a joke with no hope of being successful. © May 13, 2008

Dr. John Trotter of MACE Blasts Superintendent Edmond Heatley For Employing All Of His Family Members In The Clayton County Public Schools!


FOX 5′s Story on Edmond Heatly’s Family On County Payroll Is Linked Below:

      The Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE), the South’s toughest teachers’ union which is located in Georgia, came out blasting Edmond Heatley, the beleagured superintendent of the Clayton County Public Schools, for having his daughter and teenage children on payroll in the Clayton County School System when the teachers are losing more and more money due to cut backs. Dr. John Trotter, who has been a fierce critic of Edmond Heatley even before the Clayton School Board even officially voted for him to be the superintendent, said today that Heatley apparently thinks that the Clayton County School System is “his private hacienda.” Trotter also said that Heatley has shown the sensitivity of a Marie Antoinette, who supposedly said when the French peasants complained that they had no bread to eat, “Then let them eat cake!”

       Dr. Trotter today told the media that he has known and interacted with 11 superintendents in the last thirty years in Clayton County and that from his observations, “Heatley is the most despised of all of the Clayton County superintendents.” He stated that MACE picketed the Clayton County Board of Education meeting the evening that the Edmond Heatley vote was pending. Trotter recalled that his sign said: “Alieka, Are You Stupid?” Alieka Anderson was the Chairperson of the Clayton County Board of Education at the time. Trotter commented that he “knew before the Clayton board voted on him that he had been a disaster in Chino Valley, California.”


A Happy Teacher After a Grievance Hearing Before the Atlanta School Board!


Are There Teacher Unions in Georgia?

Yes, MACE is a Teacher’s Union! 

Editor’s Note:  A couple of folks on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Get Schooled blog keep talking about there being “no teacher unions in Georgia.”  MACE’s Dr. John Trotter responded to this banter, setting the record straight.


     Teacher unions do exist in Georgia...and Alabama...and South Carolina...and Mississippi...and North Carolina.  What does not exist is collective bargaining.  This is what is against the law in Georgia.  Read the grievance law (OCGA 20-2-989.5 et seq.), and in the preamble, you will see that the legislators hastened to state that this new law (1992) did not in any way constitute "collective bargaining."  Collective bargaining contracts and teacher strikes may not be permissible by law, but this does not in fact mean that there are no teacher unions in Georgia.  I am not talking about mere semantics either.

     If one’s view that the only thing that a teacher’s union can do for teachers is to negotiate a collective bargaining contract (which in many, many cases the administration violates; what then happens?) or call for a teacher strike (for better conditions in this collective bargaining contract which will again be violated by the administration on many occasions), then I suppose in your mind that there is no teacher’s union in Georgia.  But, unions do much more than call for teacher strikes and negotiate collective bargaining contracts. 

     I know that at MACE we (1) file grievances for teachers and represent them in the grievance hearings; (2) defend teachers in termination, non-renewal, demotion, and reprimand hearings; (3) write letters on behalf of teachers (I just sent a 14 page letter to Atlanta Superintendent Erroll Davis this week); (4) write rebuttals for teachers when they receive skewed and biased evaluations; (5) assist teachers in getting rid of incorrigible and defiant students from their classrooms, according to the Georgia Code Section, as well as guide them through the Student Tribunal process; (6) counsel teachers each night for hours on end; (6) keep teachers informed about the going-on in public education in Georgia with informative newsletters and our website ( and through our evaluation of school  administrators in the various school systems in Georgia; (7) intervene on behalf of teachers, especially at the Central Office level; (8) speak at school board meetings; and (9) visit our teachers at their schools, and when we feel necessary, (10) we picket for these teachers (a) to relieve the pressure on the teachers by tightening up the administrators, (b) to inform the superintendent and the public of the issues at the school, and (c) to make the teachers’ day.  Yes, the picket is still the thing that the teachers love!  Ha!

     I don’t know what you’re calling “a teacher’s union.”  All I know is that MACE is united in advocating for the protection and empowerment of classroom educators, and MACE has been doing this night and day for the last 17 years.  We have been proven to be right on the issues and superintendents over and over.  I am amazed at how prescient MACE is as a teacher’s union.  Ha!  Oh yes, you might note that in the ten things that I mentioned above, I never mentioned “spelling bees” and “tote bags.”  When angry and abusive administrators become afraid of “spelling bees” and “tote bags,” then maybe MACE will engage in these silly things.  Until then, we just keep kicking proverbial ass on behalf of classroom educators.

 Others Are Now Parroting What MACE Has Been Advocating Since 1995!

 [Editor’s Note:  Dr. Trotter writes many posts on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Get School blog, one of which is located below.  In this particular post, Dr. Trotter is humored that now some professors in the State’s colleges of education are drawing the same conclusions about the need for teachers to be supported in the area of discipline and about the need to scale back the ridiculous standardized testing.  These are positions advocated by MACE since MACE was founded in 1995.  It appears that these educational pundits are now thinking MACE’s original thoughts. ]      

     Maureen, it certainly is cause for a good chuckle when I see more and more of your blogs discussing on point the very things for which MACE has been advocating for these past 17 years.  Ha!  I do indeed get a kick out of the latter day revelations that certain professors and others are receiving from the educational heavens about the inordinate time, money, and energy spent on standardized testing and the paucity of attention given to classroom discipline.  To hear these educational pundits now speaking out for less standardized testing and more classroom discipline certainly heartens me and reassures me that I am not crazy after all!  Ha!     

     Actually, I have never doubted my sanity on these matters, and I have always stuck “to my guns,” so to speak – even when all of the false prophets at the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Department of Education, and the colleges of education in the State may have thought that I was a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.     

     In the first issue of MACE’s publication, The Teacher’s Advocate!, published in 1995, we called for “quelling the mania over standardized testing.”  We called for teachers being supported in the classroom when it came to issues like discipline and creativity.  In fact, the very mantra that we still use at MACE today (“You can have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.”) was spelled out in the first article of this first publication.  For years, we felt like the lone wolf in the wilderness.  I am glad indeed to see you publishing articles about others interested in education enough to speak out on these very pertinent concerns.     

     This reminds me of children growing up and realizing that their parents all of a sudden got smarter!  Actually, it was the kids who got smarter.  The parents’ positions had not changed.  MACE has not changed one iota since our beginning in 1995.  I don’t think that anyone can point out a scintilla of evidence that demonstrates that the Metro Association of Classroom Educators had “evolved” over the years.  No, we are just as “crazy” as ever, but some educational pundits may have evolved closer to the positions that MACE has been espousing for these 17 years.  Hence, these pundits may think that we are not as “crazy” as we used to be.  I assure you that we are just as crazy now as before for teachers being supported in the classroom as they seek to establish and maintain discipline or when it comes to respecting the teachers’ creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and judgment in the areas of methodology, pedagogy, and curricula selection (with curriculum guidelines being followed, of course).  It’s not that MACE has suddenly gotten smart.  No, MACE’s position has never changed; it is the pundits who have suddenly wised up to the positions that we have espoused from the very beginning.     

     We have several articles written these past few years on the false gods of standardized tests. © MACE, March 13, 2012. 


 Again…MACE Found To Be Right & Prophetic! 

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

        Well, here we go again.  Ha!  "Researchers" thinking MACE's thoughts after MACE.  Recently in the national media, some educational researchers have concluded that a student’s family income has a significant impact on the student’s academic achievement.  Duh.  We have been saying since the inception of MACE (Est. 1995) that income is perhaps the most determinative factor in academic achievement because the students from well-off families have many more opportunities as well as the example of academic importance.  If a kid does not perceive that he or she comes from a reading culture, then reading and other academic pursuits will not be important to him or her.  These kids will not be motivated to learn, and the motivation to learn is the key factor in achieving in school, assuming that the academic capabilities are there.  Most of the academic material that is served up to kids in the public schools is of the scope and nature that 80% to 90% of the students could master 80% to 90% of the material if the student only tried, if they only had the motivation to learn.          
     But, as we have also stated a number of times here and elsewhere, our educrats want to treat all failure to learn as technical breakdowns (instead of motivational breakdowns) and teaching inadequacies.  The theory:  the teachers are not teaching "hard enough" or the teachers just need more training.  No, we need a better class of students -- pun intended.  Our students are not motivated to learn, and this often ties into the culture from which they come.  A poor, impoverished culture (especially one dominated by illicit drugs and the concomitant crimes that come with the drugs) usually does not produce students who come to school "all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed."  This is just a fact. 
    Until the teachers are freed up to use teaching strategies and tools of which they are confident will work in motivating these unmotivated students, then the achievement gap will remain.  The academic doldrums will remain inexorably static, regardless of what idiotic program or plan that numbskulled educrats try to foist upon an unreceptive teaching corps, a teaching corps which knows that these stupid plans never work because they are not rooted in reality.  They ignore crucial factors like income levels, cultural mores, peer pressure, and the cruciality (did I just make up a word?) of motivation to learn.   
      I am glad that the rest of the educational community is finally seeing the stupidity of the plethora of mandated standardized tests (which became the curricula as well as the fundamental cause for the culture of cheating in our public schools), No Child Left Behind, and a host of other mindless mandates.  School reform has never (yes, NEVER) worked on a nationwide basis, a statewide basis, or a system-wide basis.  The famous Goodlad study concluded this back in the early 1980s (John Goodlad, A Place Called School).  Diane Ravitch pointed this out in one of her tomes on school reform which came out nearly 15 years ago.  But, our politicians and educrats keep trying to force “school reform” (of various flavors) upon an unreceptive teaching corps.          

    Teachers know what works.  What works is this:  A secure, confident, and open leader at each school who respects, esteems, and encourages the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each teacher in his or her classroom.  This leader facilitates the needs of the teachers and does not operate in a threatening mode – does not hover over the teachers, does not engage in stupid and silly snoopervision.  A good leader praises the teachers and motivates the entire teaching staff with collegial and friendly collaboration.  An esprit de corps develops among the faculty and staff.  The esprit de corps spreads among the students.  The students become fired up.  This contagion and pride of learning becomes infectious, and all of this takes place without the Nazi-type threats from insecure and small-minded principals. © MACE, February 11, 2012.

Why Do Teachers Teach?
By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD 

     Many times you see me rail against what has happened to the teaching profession.  Sometimes I may seem like a broken record (ala "You can't have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions").  I am passionate about what has happened to the teaching profession...educrats treating teachers like they are hired hands and expecting them to mindlessly teach a prescriptive curriculum like they are robots.  It is a tragedy.  When I taught in the old days, we could be zany and creative in the classroom.  We could have our own style, a style that the students knew and to which they adjusted...and usually with a degree of delight.  That's the great part of growing up...learning to adjust to different people (teachers, in this case) with different styles.

      I have often told my colleagues and teachers that I would be fired every day  under the current culture of teachers being placed in straightjackets.  I even bowed up to the odious structure that was in place in the old days (especially those horrid TPAIs and the accompanying written lesson plans and behavioral objectives in the old DeKalb County -- when DeKalb was King of the Rock and thought that their mess didn't stink).  I turned down my second contract (didn't even sign it -- which was stupid of me) and left.  Moved back to Athens and the next year car-pooled each day to Greene County High School.  I had a great principal, Dr. Donald Garrett.  He was so supportive of me and just let me do my thing.  When MACE picketed the superintendent in Greene County on three occasions about three years ago (yes, this superintendent moved on not too long after these downtown pickets which were joined in by local towns people!), I had one of my former students, Vincent, to happily meet me on the picket line.  We laughed, talked about where my old students were today, and just reminisced.  I had a blast teaching at Greene County High School, but I was offered a good assistantship in the Department of Administration at the University of Georgia for the next year, and Dr. Garrett (who was finishing up his doctorate there at the time) encouraged me to take it.  He said, "You can always come back here anytime you want."  But, after my assistantship, I took a job as Assistant Principal at Washington County High School down the 27 years of age.     

     This morning I looked at my Blackberry to see my emails and my Facebook comments.  I saw the nicest comment from one of my former Jonesboro Jr. High School students.  It was from Eric Jensen, a First Team All State football player from Jonesboro High School and a student and player whom I taught and coached at Jonesboro Jr. High School in the early 1980s.  Forgive me for my vanity but he wrote the following:  "Well I hope my boys have a teacher as dedicated and passionate about education.  A legend is a person whose fame or notoriety makes him a source of romanticized tales and exploits.  That's you coach."  This is why teachers teach.  We teachers (and I am still a teacher at heart) teach to have an influence (not to artificially raise the standardized test scores to fatten up the superintendent's wallet or pocketbook).  We love interacting with the children and watching them grow -- even to adulthood.  I get a kick out of watching Norreese Haynes run the day-to-day operations at MACE...especially since he was the classroom "bishop" in my 7th Grade History class.        

     I have witnessed hundreds of people through the years come up to my father at restaurants or elsewhere and be delighted to see "Coach Trotter" or "Mr. Trotter" (my father was a teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal).  They love to regale in the old stories.  The men love to recount the times that my father had to paddle them.  I remember some over 70 year old retiree recalling at the Burger King Breakfast confab (a morning ritual at Airport Thruway in Columbus) this to my father (who will be  86, Lord willing, on April 21):  "Mr. Trotter, do you remember paddling me when I showed up for school with no socks?"  This man was laughing big time about this disciplinary incident.  I bet he didn't show up anymore to Jordan Vocational High School with no socks!  My father didn't put up with any foolishness, and the students loved him and respected him for this.  This is what is missing in our public schools today.  Today's students hold the teachers in contempt because there is NO discipline (especially in the large school systems).  Kids really crave discipline.  That's how they know that they are loved.  Pampering and coddling won't do the trick.  It's like what is said in the Bible:  "The Lord disciplines whom he loves."
     Why do teachers teach?  Teachers love the interaction with children.  Teachers love watching the light turn on when a kid finally understands a concept or skill.  They love watching them grown and mature.  They love the "relational learning" (I will coin this phrase) that takes place.  That's why teachers are so frustrated today...because all of this has been hijacked for the sake of infinitesimal gains on a standardized test which does not amount to a hill of beans, with the exception to the gypsy superintendent receiving financial bonuses and  maintaining his or her job for another year or two.  (c) MACE, April 9, 2011.

Which Principals or Superintendents Want The MACE Strike Force To Show Up At Their Schools or Offices?


About The Cheating...

MACE Told You So!

By John R. Alston Trotter, Chairman & CEO


     My kudos to the reporters who have uncovered so much of this cheating mess.  With continued reporting like this, the AJC's subscription base will surely increase.  I actually opened up the newspaper at lunch today and saw the headlines and was pleasantly surprised at how the AJC is actually beginning to uncover what so many of us have known about for years.  We at MACE have been howling about the systematic cheating going on in the schools, especially the urban school systems where they feel so much pressure about the standardized test scores.  Every time that I would hear some "success" story (like the "success" story about Parks Middle School in Atlanta), I just roll my eyes, knowing that SYSTEMATIC interventions (i.e., cheating) was taking place.  The Law of the Large Numbers does not change.  This is a fact, Jack.  Standardized test scores have a one-to-one correlation with free and reduced lunch counts (or any other measurement of socio-economic status).  You can take a high school athlete who runs a 6.25 forty yard dash and give this athlete the best coaching possible for three months, but when you time his forty speed again, he will not be running a 4.35 forty. 

     Am I saying that poor students cannot learn?  Absolutely not.  But, the Law of the Large Numbers has demonstrated time and time again, that the students from very poor economic backgrounds, as a group, continue to score lower on standardized tests than students who are from wealthier families and who have, all of their lives, had the fortune to have been academically nurtured (from Hooked on Phonics, et al., their whole lives).  For children who come to school with virtually no reading and verbal readiness skills, it is like running the 100 yard dash and starting 20 yards behind the other runners.

        There are, of course, exceptions to  any rule, but the exceptions themselves are what establish the rule.  About Atlanta:  Beverly Hall and her minions are educational thugs.  I have no doubt that the AJC has just unearthed the very tip (just the tip) of the Cheating Iceberg.  I have dealt anecdotally with many teachers of Atlanta who have told me war stories about how they raise questions about dubious practices and had their contracts non-renewed but those teachers who went along to get along were rewarded for their submission.  I have always told people that Atlanta is the worst of all the school systems in Georgia.  It is the hub of corruption.  It is an academic cesspool.  But, quite frankly, the powers that be through the years have been reluctant to deal with Atlanta because they are squeamish about the race issue.  They are afraid of being called racists.  So, I supposed it is O. K. to mess over thousands of children of color because you are afraid of being called a racist, eh?  Balderdash! 

      Atlanta's schools are rife with miscreant "students" who refuse to obey their teachers; in fact, they actually intimidate their teachers, and the Beverly Hall Administration allows this to occur.  We always say at MACE:  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  When children are not expected and are not required to behave in school, this is what is racism.  You don't have to systematically cheat on tests if good learning conditions were first established in the schools.  Even though the composite test scores may never be as high as the scores in Alpharetta and Crabapple, at least the group test scores will be accurate, and some of the students will score very high (and their scores will be real scores and won't be cheapened by the fact that they are students in Atlanta City or DeKalb County).

       I have detested the whole standardized testing mania.  I have compared the school systems obeisance to the standardized testing mania to bowing down to the Idol of Baal.  Standardized Tests have become false gods which have made caricatures our of educators.  I understand the pressure felt by the superintendents in large urban school systems.  Money, grants, embarrassment, reputations, ridicule, bonuses from naive and eager school boards, etc., are all tied to the tests which really mean nothing.  The school systems should be able to go back to the non-pressured and generalized achievement tests administered to students just once per year to help the educators to gage where a student is in reading or math.  The SAT and ACT will always be there.  But, since The Nation At Risk came out in 1983, our schools have actually gotten worse!  All of the gimmicks which the states and the federal governments have come up with (especially disasters like George Bush's and Ted Kennedy's No Child Left Behind) have been totally counter-productive when it comes to children actually learning how to learn.  Everything has been reduced the tests becoming the curricula.  Weighing a pig over and over will never fatten up the pig.  The pig has to be fed and fed a lot!  This whole testing mania is as stupid as trying to teach a Kobe Bryant how to play basketball by having him to fill out a basketball scorebook over and over, and when he makes a mistake, we go back and erase his mistake and make sure that a correct answer is put in its place.  Making Kobe Bryant correctly fill out a scorebook instead of tossing him a basketball and allowing him to PLAY is sheer stupidity.  The same thing goes for LEARNING.  Let the children LEARN.  We should quit making the children just regurgitate stuff on the standardized tests and allow teachers to engage the students in meaningful ways so that real LEARNING can take place.  In the current testing craze, students are bored, teachers feel like they are teaching in straight-jackets, and the students aren't really LEARNING.  For children's sake, we should allow teachers to teach!  (c) MACE, February 11, 2010.

There's An 800 Pound Gorilla In The Parlor!

By Dr. John Trotter 


        Discipline is the 800 pound gorilla in the parlor that is knocking over all of the marbled-top furniture and is stinking up the mansion big time, but no one is willing to broach the fact that the gorilla is in the parlor.  I mean to say that it is downright nasty in the parlor.  The gorilla is taking huge dumps, and no one will deign to even mention that the darn gorilla is stinking up the entire mansion.  Look at the gorilla!  He stinks to high heaven!  He's noisy.  He's completely unruly, and the house servants are blithely walking around as if nothing is wrong.  The house servants are concerned about buying name brand vacuum cleaners and the best Persian rugs but are totally ignoring the darn gorilla which is wreaking havoc in the parlor.  Now the gorilla is beginning to roam all over the mansion, even sleeping in the guest bedroom!  When is someone in the mansion going to acknowledge that there is an unruly and destructive gorilla in the mansion?

      For administrators and school board members and politicians, discipline is like Anthrax.  They not only do not want to touch it; they do not even want to approach it from a distance.  Try to solve the problems of public education without dealing with discipline.  It cannot be done.  Ignoring discipline (or, the lack thereof) is like ignoring an 800 pound gorilla in the parlor.  It is just that stupid.  Focus on discipline, however, and you will realize an improvement in academic achievement.  Focus on academic achievement with no regard given to discipline, and you will end up with a complete we have today.  (c) MACE, March 2, 2011.

We Suppose That MACE Was Right All These Years About The Total Corruption In The Atlanta Public Schools!  Hmm...

Corruption Of Atlanta Schools

The Motivation To Learn, The Lack of Discipline, The 800 Pound Gorilla In Parlor, & Willingly Naïve Legislators!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     If students perceive that they come from a non-reading culture, then these students will not value reading.  If there are not books in the house (just National Enquirer!) and the students do not see their parents reading, then the students will not value reading.  It is very simple.  The motivation to learn is a cultural phenomenon.  I always want to credit one of my old UGA professors, Dr. Eugene Boyce, with this concept.  Dr. Boyce studied on location how education worked in Nigeria, Kenya, China, and the Soviet Union, besides running the lab school at Florida State University.  I always thought that he was brilliant and never got the credit due to him.  If I "borrow" an idea, I always like to give credit to the source.  From his observations through the years in several parts of the world, he concluded that motivation was the key to learning that this motivation was culturally conditioned. 

     The motivation to learn is a social process or a cultural phenomenon.  And the legislature wants to give these non-reading, irresponsible, and, in  many cases, irate parents the control over the professional educators?  Good grief.  When desperation sets in, there's no telling what they will do.  It would be nice if they starting off by mentioning the unmentionable...a lack of discipline in the schools.   Discipline (or the lack thereof) is the 800 pound gorilla in the dainty parlor that no one (and I mean NO ONE) is willing to talk about.  All of the moving of furniture in the parlor will not remove the fact that an 800 pound gorilla is still moving around in the parlor, knocking over marble-top tables and French chairs.  This is how ridiculous Fran Millar and the other Georgia legislators look; they are re-arranging the French chairs in the parlor and ignoring the 800 pound, smelling, and growling gorilla in the parlor.  Ha! © MACE, February 11, 2011

  What Makes Good Schools? 

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD 

     We always laughingly asked...You know what makes good schools?  Answer:  Good students.  I remember telling the teachers at Slater Elementary School in Atlanta (located next to the old Carver Homes) in the late 1980s that I knew exactly how to raise the test scores at Slater Elementary.  They would ask, "How?"  I answered that the Slater Elementary School building needed to be moved to West Westley in the Buckhead area.  Keep the same building, the same teachers, the same custodial staff, the same secretaries, the same principal, the same media specialist, the same supplies, and the same balls and jump ropes.  Just move the school building to another location.  Oh, I forgot...the only thing that you change is the student enrollment.   We simply allow the students who live in the area to matriculate to the "new" Slater.

     I remember last year when Arne Duncan was talking about changing the principals and the teachers at the chronically low-performing schools.  Maureen Downey wrote an article on this and quoted me asking Mr. Duncan what he was going to do with the students.  He wanted to change everyone except the ones who really mattered...the students.  Many educrats and educators were incredulous that I would make such a statement. This story by Ms. Downey went viral on the internet.  As long as you keep the same students, not much is going to least the way that educrats try to "improve" the schools.

     What makes good schools are indeed good students.  And, if you are addressing a low-performing school, it is almost invariably because the school is fed by low-performing students, not low-performing teachers.  The best thing that you can do for these low-performing students is (1) establish discipline within the school environment and (2) free up these teachers to be creative so that they can figure out a way to motivate these "at risk" students.  Putting the teachers in straight-jackets, making them teach prescripted curricula in a specific manner under oppressive top-down, heavy-handed snoopervision will simply suffocate, frustrate, and eventually eliminate the teachers, and these "at risk" children will continue to be disengaged from the learning process.

     The truth hurts, doesn’t it?  I will borrow a question that St. Paul used with his Galatian brothers and sisters:  Am I therefore your enemy because I tell you the truth? © MACE, February 11, 2011.

Georgia Pushes For Stupid
"Valued-added" Evaluations
Of Teachers!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

       You know what makes good schools?  Good students.  When the students lack any (yes, in some cases, "any") motivation to learn and many (yes, in many cases, "many") just want to substantively and materially disrupt the learning processes of those students who actually want to learn, then neither Arne Duncan,  nor New City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, Georgia State Representative Lindsey, nor Atlanta Journal-Constitution educational pundit Maureen Downey or even Bill Gates can make them learn -- or should be held accountable for their non-learning.  These students should be removed from the regular classroom environment and sent to "The Non-learning Center."  (Note that I copyrighted this phrase a while back!   When the educational pundits start "stealing" this phrase like they "stole" my "snoopervision" and "educrat" words, just think about me.  Ha!).

         All of this poppycock about "value-added" evaluations all begin with the premise that the woes of today's public education is largely attributable to the lack of teacher performance.  Balderdash, if I might editorialize.  When you see any so-called educational reforms coming down the pike which do not address the lack of classroom discipline and the lack of student motivation right square in the face, then this so-called reform too will fall flat on its face like ALL (yes, all!) others have fallen.  Until student discipline and motivation are addressed, then all of the so-called school reform efforts will amount to farting in a hurricane.  I hate to be so graphic, but perhaps this metaphor will bring it on home.  The teachers are not the problems; the students and their lack of motivation and self-discipline are the problems, but one even wants to touch that sacred cow.  Or, are the educrats, legislators, governors, policy-makers, et al., just that stupid when trying to figure out what is really wrong with public education.  If they are, then they need to stay tune for a book that I am writing, along with Mr. Norreese Haynes, called:  School Daze:  The Politically Incorrect and Irreverent Explanation Of What Is Wrong With Our Public Schools! (c). 

          You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  This insulting, inane, ineffective, and stupid "value-added" evaluation of teachers only adds to worsening teaching conditions.  Like merit pay, it will be flawed beyond measure.  Among many downside happenings will be the lack of collegiality among teachers and teachers refusing to share ideas and materials.  The general public cannot begin to comprehend how this evaluation process will be heinously abused by angry and abusive and sex-driven and power-hungry administrators.   (For the record, there will be more people sleeping their way up the educational corporate ladder.)   These booger-eating, weasel administrators will use this process in a manipulative, retributive, and punitive manner.  This "value-added" evaluation of teachers will do NOTHING to improve public education.  Nothing.  Like the No Child Left Behind Act, it will hasten the demise of public education, not the improvement of public education.  It will be the poster child of The Law of Unintended Consequences.  (c) MACE, December 29. 2010.

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The Students' Refusal To Learn! 


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


      The biggest problem in public (note that I said "public") education today is the abject lack of motivation to learn on the part of a very large portion of our students.  It's not a problem with teachers, although some teachers are naturally more effective than other teachers...just like some physicians, lawyers, and engineers are more effective than others.


     The motivation to learn is a cultural phenomenon, and until the educrats and policy-makers understand this and put this in any equation, their new-fangled educational fads may indeed make money for some publishing companies and other educational-curricula companies but they will not have any positive impact on learning.


     Neither Arne Duncan, Mahatma Gandhi, Eugene V. Debs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Julian Bond, Ronald Reagan, Roy Barnes, Nathan Deal, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Harvey, Steve Jobs, Ted Kennedy, Georgia O'Keefe, George W. Bush, William Faulkner, John Grisham, Bill Gates, Martin Luther, Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Barth, Hillary Clinton, nor Huey Pierce Long could make these unmotivated students learn unless these students first decide to learn.  Julian, Eleanor, and Soren could jump all around the room tooting whistles (of course, the stilted scripted curriculum would not allow them this kind of creativity!) and blowing bagpipes, but if these unmotivated students still refuse to learn, they are not going to learn, despite what any adult does.  This is what needs to be in any equation...the students' REFUSAL TO LEARN. 


     If a public defender's client is found guilty by the jury (and the evidence is overwhelming that the client is indeed guilty), we are not going to tie the public defender's salary to "his" guilt rate, are we?  What about a physician who is assigned Medicaid patients who have very unhealthy lifestyles?  Are we going to tie his or her pay to the incidence of the patients' high blood pressure?  The lawyer can defend a client but he or she cannot acquit the client.  The physician can treat a patient but he or she cannot heal the patient.  The teacher can teach a student but he or she cannot "learn" the student.


     It is easier to just blame the teachers for the shortcomings of the students and their parents.  To heck with it!  Let's just blame the teachers, so think these educrats and politicians.  (c) MACE, November 1, 2010.

Four Horsemen of Real School "Reform."

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD and Norreese L. Haynes, BSBM 

Reform # 1:  Restore classroom discipline.  Make sure that teachers are supported when it comes to classroom discipline.   Order is the first law of the Universe. 

Reform # 2:  Realize that you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  All of the top-down, heavy-handed snoopervision is counter-productive to establishing good teaching conditions.  

Reform # 3:  Put the onus for learning on the students and their parents.  This is the modus operandus of the private schools, and it works.  Pampering and coddling the students do not work. 

Reform # 4:  Realize that the motivation to learn is a social/cultural phenomenon.  Teachers teach the students, not learn the students.  If a student refuses to learn, then Arne Duncan himself cannot make this student learn and therefore should not be held accountable for the student's refusal to learn.  (c) MACE, September 9, 2010.

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When Did The Snoopervision Begin In Georgia Public Schools?


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


      In Georgia, this snoopervision thing has been strangling public education for the last 25 years.  It began to rear its head in the late 1970s here in Georgia with the now-infamous Teacher Performance Assessment Instrument (TPAI) which the courts in Georgia kicked out because of its inequitable results, abuse, etc.  At the time, the new teachers were sentenced to suffer through this TPAI hell.  I remember one gentleman who is now teaching (perhaps close to retirement now) in Glynn County who kept failing the "observation" of TPAI at a school in Morrow, Georgia back in the early 1980s.  He had a wonderful principal, but a horrible, myopic assistant principal lady who apparently had it in for Jim.  She was either totally incompetent herself or simply was going to refuse to allow Jim to pass his "evaluation."  She kept getting him on "enthusiasm."  Jim told me that he was so "enthusiastic" that he was almost jumping over chairs!  This "evaluator" succeeded in ruining this man's career.  He ended up working at a restaurant in St. Simons Island.  True story.


     When the courts finally kicked out this hellish TPAI, Jim was allowed to teach again, which he did at Glynn Middle School (and I think that he is still there to this day and getting along swimmingly).  I knew Jim and his mother who had retired from the Clayton County School System back in the 1970s.  Good folks.  Jim is a good educator, but he is only one example of many teachers whose lives were destroyed by petty, myopic, and mean-spirited (and often totally incompetent) administrators.


     Now we have Race To The Top (RTTI).  It's just more educational gobbledeegook.   Pure gobbledeegook.  It won't do anything but ruin public education even more.  I have seen it all...APEG, Minimum Foundation, QBE, NCLB, TCT, TPAI, CRCT (Creating Results Cheating on Tests?), PRAXIS, GTOI, GTDRI, ad infinitum.  All of these programs are lame attempts to improve public education.  They are complete failures.  They are really Simply Hatin' & Insultin' Teachers (SHIT).  You know what really works?  Just letting teachers teach!  Supporting, esteeming, respecting the professional knowledge, judgment, and wisdom of the teachers is what works.  Making sure the students know that if they try to cause disruption in any classroom that the teachers have full backing from the administration in dealing with these disruptive students, including removing them from the regular classrooms.  How refreshing it would be to see some of these educational numbskulls actually learn and implement what school administrators forty years ago instinctively knew worked.  Again, you cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  (c) MACE, August 30, 2010.

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Teachers "Teach" The Students, Not "Learn" Them.
RTTT.  Race To The Trough!


By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


     CRCT, TPAI, NCLB, QBE, GTOI, GTDRI, APEG, Minimum Foundation, A+ Program, RTTT, and on and on.  None have or will significantly improve education here in Georgia.  What we need is Discipline In The Classrooms (DITC), Motivation From The Students (MFTS), and Decent Parents At Home (DPAH).  But, how do you fund these essential components?  Harping on these essential components will not secure politicians any votes, so they think.  But, I think that they will secure votes!  Nonetheless, President Obama and Arne Duncan, like most politicians (George W. Bush and the late Ted Kennedy included), continue to adhere to Blame The Teachers First (BTTF).  Added to this is the destructive program called Let Administrators Run Roughshod Over Teachers (LARROT).   Educational Rot.  This educational stench is so strong to every fair-minded and intelligent nostril.  But, the masses will continue to eat the slop until someone points out that this slop is really for educational swine.  RTTT?  Race To The Top?  No, Race To The Trough.  Teachers "teach" the students, not "learn" the students.  Physicians "treat" the patients, not "heal" the patients.  Lawyers "defend" the accused, not "acquit" the accused.  Until our politicians and policymakers start holding the students and their parents responsible for the learning facet of the educational equation, then improving education is like spitting into a tsunami.  Other countries and cultures understand this simple concept, but in our "wisdom," we have become educational "fools."  (c) MACE, August 27, 2010.

Characteristics Of An Effective Principal.

by Daniel D. Trotter, Sr.


      Editor’s Note:  This article originally appeared in The Teacher’s Advocate! magazine.  The author is the father of Dr. John Trotter, and he serves on the MACE Board of Directors.  Mr. Trotter is a retired Georgia school principal. 

The following is a list of characteristics that I would suggest to any principal who cares to be respected and admired by both students and teachers:  

  1. Always be completely open to teachers.  Be willing to discuss any policy that you have and give the background as to why you instilled the policy.              
  2.  It is important that you always speak pleasantly to your teachers and never put them down in the presence of others.  All constructive criticism should be done in private.  Never raise your voice when you have a need to correct a teacher.  Never strip your teachers of their dignity.           
  3. Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism.  Be quick to give credit to others when it is due to them.  Make it a policy to commend your teachers often.  Look for reasons to commend them and you will see that they will work harder for you.           
  4.  Always tell the truth – even when it hurts.  No one respects a person whom they can’t depend on to tell the truth.  As the saying goes, “Tell it like it is.”      
  5. Be easily approachable.  Encourage teachers to ask you for help, if needed.
  6. Be seen!  A principal should be in the school halls when students are in the halls.  You should be in and out of the cafeteria during lunch.  You should go into the classrooms often, if only for a few minutes.  You should be visible in order to be a leader. 
  7. Make discipline your number one concern.  Without discipline, little teaching or learning can take place.  You are the key to any school’s discipline.  You must have a firm policy and be sure that both teachers and students fully understand it.  Be willing to take a stand and then stand.            
  8. Never accept an accusation against a teacher until you first speak with that teacher.  Be a friend to your teachers and support them as much as possible.  When they make mistakes, let them down easily.    
  9. Be open to teachers’ suggestions and, if you disagree, be pleasant in your discussion.  You have no need to be threatened, if you are open and honest.          
  10. The last characteristic is a summary of the other nine.  When you deal with teachers, remember two things:  Tell the truth and treat others like you would want to be treated.

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 The Motivation To Learn Is A Cultural Phenomenon  
 Part II
By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD


     A student will not learn unless that student is MOTIVATED TO LEARN.  The motivation to learn is a cultural phenomenon or social process.  Peer pressure, family history and appreciation for academia, family income, culture, etc., are many of the factors which bear upon a student's MOTIVATION TO LEARN.  What is wrong with so many of our schools today is that students simply do not bring the proper motivation to the table of learning.  It is not that the student is incapable of learning; the problem is that the student does not want to learn.  I have always said that 90% of our students could master (not just have a grade given to them, as is often the case today) 90% of what we dish out to them in way of academics if they truly were motivated to do so.  After my youngest son attended a Lead America program at Georgetown University this Summer and studied about the Central Intelligence Agency (and perhaps the F. B. I. too) and met a friend from Missouri who makes straight As, he announced to his mother and to me that he intended to make all As this school year.  I hope that he does.  He is capable.  And, what if he falls a bit short of his goals?  What if he makes a few Bs?  At least he has cranked up his motivation-to-learn level.  (By the way, his high school has the third or fourth highest test scores of Georgia's public schools.  It's probably tougher than many private schools.)  The key to learning is the motivation to learn.


     This is nothing that I just stumbled upon.  I begin to observe this phenomenon in the 1970s when I was student teaching.  In fact, my thesis for my Master of Arts degree at UGA was conducted on peer pressure perceptions (which is a major determinant to a student's  motivation to learn) and later published the results of my study in a major referee journal.   As I began to work on my doctorate and was a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Educational Administration and Bureau of Field Studies at the University of Georgia in 1980-1981 (graduated in 1984 after working two years on a huge dissertation), I begin to learn from the keen observations of a professor named Dr. Eugene Boyce.  I had an office in the department, and I really appreciated Dr. Boyce's acumen.  He was a little eccentric, but highly intelligent folk often are.  Dr. Boyce served on my dissertation committee.  He had served as an educational expert in West Africa, East Africa, the old U. S. S. R., and in the People's Republic of China.  He would ask, "Do you know how they teach students English in the Soviet Union?"  He would hold up a glass and say, "This is a glass," and the response from the students in the Soviet Union would be, "This is a glass."  They did not get into any of the supercilious methods of teaching that are espoused today by our so-called Staff Development experts (my father always called these people "the Insultants").  They did not have to.  The students were already motivated to learn.  Perhaps this is why nearly every student who graduates from the high school level in Europe or China knows how to speak English.  Is it because these European or Chinese students are smarter than my children or your children in the United States?  No, it is because a student from China brings a higher level of motivation to learn to the equation.


     Dr. Boyce noticed that in Africa the students who attended those schools which were preparing the students to work in the diplomatic field (whether as interpreters or whatever) had much higher motivational levels to learn than students who attended what Dr. Boyce called the "Village-Tribal Schools."  The latter students did not appreciate the world of academia and did not see how this "book-learning" would be relevant to their lives as physical laborers.  These students had no hope for rising above physical laborers.  They had no hope for a working life different from hard, physical labor.  Therefore, their motivation to learn academic subjects was very low.


     I remember teaching one year in Greene County (about half the faculty car-pooled from Athens to Greensboro).  I had several young girls in my classes (I think two in my ninth grade homeroom) who were pregnant during the school year.  There was no stigma whatsoever.  In fact, either in this school system or another system (I just can't remember now), there was an unofficial "Baby Day" where the students would bring their babies to school.  People would ooh and aah over the cute little ones (as we all should praise and stand in wonderment of God's little creatures).  But, the point that I am making is that this was the time that our school systems (including Greene County at the time) were trying to prevent teenage pregnancy by teaching the teenagers to put condoms on cucumbers (literal cucumbers).  Our educrats had concluded that teenage pregnancy was happening because of a lack of information, not a lack of motivation.  The educrats were treating teenage pregnancy as a technical breakdown, not a motivational breakdown.  These young girls actually wanted to get pregnant.  In fact, I'll never forget one of the older gentlemen who car-pooled with us announcing when he got in the car that afternoon:  "Well, Carrie told the class today that she was going out to the Hill this afternoon to get pregnant."  Carrie was a student in his Special Education class.  Motivation is the key, baby!  No pun intended! (c) MACE, August 27, 2010.

MACE’s Eleven Simple Statements (MESS) 


By Dr. John Trotter and Norreese Haynes


     We often see such ludicrous actions or lack of actions taken by public school systems that we are dumbfounded at the school systems lack of ability to subscribe to simple precepts.  When a school system simply refuses to acknowledge simple realities relative to the public schooling processes, the results are disastrous.  From our combined experiences as a teacher, administrator, and/or representative of teachers over the years, we have compiled some simple realities that most superintendents, school boards, policy-makers, and politicians ignore when dealing with the public schooling processes.  Below are eleven simple statements which, in our opinion, are irrefutable and intractable.  To ignore these simple statements will imperil any school system.

  1. All children can learn but not all children want to learn but rather some children even refuse to learn.
  2. Unmotivated and disengaged students often disrupt the learning environments of those students who want to learn.
  3. You cannot have orderly learning taking place in the classroom without order first being established in the classroom, and the chronically-misbehaving and disorderly students must be removed from the regular classroom.
  4. You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.
  5. Creative teaching is effective teaching, and states and school systems need to free up teachers to be more creative and therefore more effective.
  6. A smothered, suffocating, beat-down, and beleaguered teacher is an ineffective teacher.
  7. A top-down, heavy-handed approach to teacher supervision kills a teacher’s spirit and creativity and works counter to effective teaching and student learning.
  8. A teacher can only teach the student, not learn the student, just like a physician can only treat the patient, not heal the patient, and a lawyer can only defend the accused, not acquit the accused.
  9. Ultimately, the student is responsible for appropriately engaging or not engaging in the learning processes, and the onus for learning must be put on the student, not the teacher.
  10. If the student refuses to appropriately engage in the learning processes and therefore refuses to learn, there is nothing that the teacher can do to make the student learn, and the teacher should not be held responsible for the student’s refusal to learn.
  11. The artificial and manipulative inflating of standardized test scores is no true indication that students are learning but that a superintendent is trying to financially bolster his or her professional resume at the students’expense.

Too Many Pimps, Sluts, & Bitches

Running Our Public Schools! 

 By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

 You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.


    I was reading a few weeks ago that Douglas Reeves was coming to Atlanta.  WoopieDo.   Douglas Reeves and educrats of his ilk start from the fallacious premise that students are not learning because teachers are not teaching.  No, Dougie Boy, most of the time, it is simply a lack of motivation.  Largely, students do not learn because students don't want to learn.  It is just this simple.  The Educational Commercial Complex starts with the assumption that teachers need more and/or different types of training (this is where big money lies) or that the students must be treated from a technical breakdown perspective (lots of  "chedda" here too) rather than from a motivational breakdown perspective.  Public Education has become a big business.   Superintendents are essentially Sluts who jump in and out of different beds (school boards) throughout the country, depending on how much money is offered to them; school board attorneys are the Pimps who are really telling everyone, including the superintendents, what to do; and, of course, we have far too many Bitches (males included) who are pretending to be principals in the schools.  Now I know that my language is graphic and makes some people uncomfortable, but sometimes graphic language is what is needed to communicate reality.  I like to speak in terms which cannot be misunderstood.  In nearly every county in Georgia (and probably nationwide), the local school board's budget is the largest budget in the county.  Attorneys, book publishers, consultants (or, "insultants," as my father calls them), and superintendents have long since realized just how "profitable" these "non-profit" budgets can be.  Oink, oink!  The pigs are at the public trough!


    There's just too much money on the table.  If we simply allowed teachers to teach, supported them in the areas of discipline, quit snoopervising them (and thereby eliminating thousands of useless, inane, and counter-productive bureaucratic jobs), and selected principals and superintendents of the basis of proven local leadership where they have been vetted through years, then our schools will be much better off.  But, the voracious publishers and superintendent search firms and law firms would not be making the big bucks.  It's all about the money.  That's right.  The school business is really a profitable, money-making business for the few.  But, the Educational Commercial Complex is smothering and choking the educational systems throughout the country.  Teachers know what is wrong with the public schooling process, but no one asks the teachers what is wrong.  No, the Educational Sluts, Pimps, and Bitches have the school systems on lockdown.  What are the real problems in public education?  First, we have too many defiant and disruptive (and unmotivated) students in the regular classrooms, and the administrators are either too lazy or too scared to support the teachers in the area of classroom discipline.  The teachers cannot do it without administrative support.  This is a fact, Jack.  Second, too many of today's parents are irate and irresponsible.  Instead of supporting the teachers, they are on the rampage against the teachers.  When I grew up, if I got in trouble with the teacher at school, I caught more heck at home when my parents found out.  Parents back then, as a whole, supported the teachers. Third, we have way too many angry and abusive administrators in our central offices and in our schools.  Teacher abuse is epidemic.  Teachers are abused by these myopic, incompetent, and cruel administrators.  This too is a fact, Jack.  Of course another problem that we at MACE have been hammering on for a while -- like we were lone wolves in the educational desert -- is the widespread, systematic cheating on the standardized tests.  This too is a fact, Jack.  We think that the widespread use of standardized tests should be jettisoned.  The curricula have been reduced to teaching the tests, but this entails a whole article (and I have already written other articles about this).


   There you have it:  Let teachers teach and get rid of the Educational Sluts, Pimps, and Bitches!  You read it here first...on TheTeachersAdvocate.Com!  (c) MACE, August 1, 2010.

MACE, Young & Old!


    Daniel D. Trotter, Sr., Friend of MACE.

     Dennie (“Dink”) Trotter was born on April 21, 1925 in Madison, Georgia to Robert Alston (“Doc”) Trotter, Sr., and Nellie Jane Clemons Trotter (both interred in Columbus).  Dink is the youngest child in his family, and he is the grandson of Dr. Robert Walter Trotter and Elizabeth Howard Alston Trotter (both interred in Madison) and the great grandson of Col. Robert Augustus Alston, Esq., and Mary Charlotte MaGill Alston (both interred in Decatur).

     Dink joined the U. S. Navy during the height of World War II and saw horrific action as a teenager.  He married the love of his life, Jo Ann Frazier, toward the end of World War II when he returned Stateside on a mandatory leave because his ship was blown up by a Japanese Kamikaze plane.  After the war, Dink matriculated at Auburn University, graduating in 1948.  Patti had been born in 1947.   In 1948, the young Trotter family moved to Nashville where Dink entered Peabody College (now a part of Vanderbilt University).   Upon earning his Master’s degree at Peabody, Dink and family moved to Dasher, Georgia, a little community outside of Valdosta where he taught and coached at Dasher Bible School (now Georgia Christian School), making many long-life friends at Dasher.  In 1950, the young Trotter family returned to Dink’s hometown of Columbus, Georgia where Dr. William Henry Shaw, Superintendent of Muscogee County School District, immediately offered Dink a principal job.  Dink wisely turned it down to accept a teaching/coaching job at Columbus Jr. High School/Jordan Vocational High School.  Dan was born in 1950 and youngest child Johnny was born on New Year’s Eve, 1953.  (Dink named “Johnny” after his best friend, Johnny Rhodes, who was killed in January of 1945 while fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.)  Dink later became Assistant Principal at Jordan and Principal at Daniel Jr. High School.   He retired from the school system in 1981, after having been blessed with thousands of cherished friendships and associations of colleagues and former students throughout his career as an educator.  After retiring from the school system, Dink accepted a job as the Executive Director of the Columbus Area YMCAs.  (He had earlier turned down a highly publicized offer from Columbus Mayor Jack Mickle to be the Director of Public Safety for Columbus, Georgia.)        

     Not only is Dink a great “School Man,” he most essentially is a Christian, a  Man of Faith.  Many a person, especially in a time of need, has turned to Dink for help, and their needs are met and without fanfare.  He is the essence of the benevolent man.  He served his church for about 50 years as both a Deacon and an Elder.  If Dennie Trotter is your friend, you have a friend indeed!  Since the inception of MACE in 1995, Daniel D. Trotter, Sr., (aka “D. D. T.”) has been one of MACE’s most reliable supporters.  Through the years, he financially supported the young teacher’s union (now a veritable force to be reckoned with) in a quiet and steady manner, knowing that he too has always been a “teacher advocate.”  For over a dozen years, D. D. T.  served on the MACE Board of Directors, and the existence of MACE today is attributed greatly to the support and wisdom provided by Mr. Trotter and by the example that he set in empowering teachers through the years to do their jobs.  This MACE Conference Room will be known  henceforward as the “Daniel D. Trotter Conference Room.”





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Again:  Beverly Hall & Cheating, Crawford Lewis & Corruption, and Mark Elgart & Hypocrisy.
    John DeCotis Will Be Missed…

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD  

   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) has finally shone a little light on the egregious and shameless culture of cheating that the Beverly Hall Administration established years ago (when she arrived in the Summer of 1999).  Hall has been atrocious but has had her Atlanta Chamber of Commerce folk and EduPac folk (more or less the same folk) to have her back, so to speak, all these years.  We have been speaking out for years now here on TheTeachersAdvocate.Com (as well as on the GetSchooled blog of the AJC and on Teachers.Net) about how completely corrupt the Hall Administration is.  This administration makes previous APS administrations look like they were hatched and nurtured in convents.  The effrontery of the Hall Administration is indeed shameless.  Many a good educator/person has had his or her rights trampled upon and many good people have lost their jobs unjustly because of their willingness to speak out or because of their unwillingness to "go along just to get along."

     In the 2008-2009 school year, we at MACE had occasion to visit at Atlanta’s White Elementary (one of the schools in Atlanta which had apparently engaged in unconscionable cheating).  When we walked in and signed in after school just to meet with a particular teacher, you would have thought that Darth Vader showed up.  When I asked to attend the restroom and was escorted as if I were a criminal, a lady from the Atlanta Central Office called my cell phone and asked what was going on "at White Elementary" (this is not unusual but this time the anxiety of the administration appeared to me to be more acute).  I explained that I simply had to go to the restroom.  Now, looking back on the situation, perhaps they were afraid that my colleagues and I were there to look for erasures!

     I have said many times and continue to say this:  The three most hypocritical people associated with public education in Georgia are Beverly Hall, Crawford Lewis, and Mark Elgart.  It appears that Lewis has turned in his cleats for good.  I hope that someone on the Atlanta Board of Education will have enough sense to tell Hall to turn in her cleats.  Then, we have only the self-righteous and hypocritical Mark Elgart of SACS remaining in the arena.  He, in my opinion, is an educational fake, and SACS is a money-grubbing outfit which uses its powers to carry out personal vendettas for its personnel or for its friends placed in high places.  Mark Elgart is the Elmer Gantry of Georgia Public Education.  I would love to debate Mark Elgart about the uneven-handedness of SACS.  Are you listening Mark?  Who can arrange for an open, public debate between Mark Elgart and me?  I think that he is not only an educational fake but also a moral chicken.  His unconscionable actions are also shameless.

     Dr. John DeCotis will be sorely missed in Fayette County and in the State of Georgia.  He is a kind, good, and caring person who shows that you do not have to be an ass to be an effective leader and superintendent.  A few months back, I wrote to him and wished him a happy, fruitful, and relaxing retirement.  Perhaps he could be used throughout the State to teach some of our superintendents how to treat people.  But, the real jerks (who need to practice his prescient ways) would not show up -- they are already jackanapes and think that they need no one to teach them!  (c) MACE, June 30, 2010.


MACE Fights Merit Pay!





Merit Pay Rears Its Head Again!
Vote The Suckers Out!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

     Sonny Perdue and some of his henchmen have totally disrespected teachers with this Merit Pay Mirage.  Do they really think that this will improve education in Georgia? (I have written several articles on Merit Pay on What our schools in Georgia need is a better class of students.  Do you think that anyone at GAE or PAGE will say this?  Ha!  It is true, and in your hearts, you guys know that I am speaking the truth.  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.  This is our constant mantra at MACE, and no one can logically dispute this.  No one.  Another statement prominently displayed on MACE literature (and even on our envelopes) is this:  "MACE Devours Administrators Who Abuse Teachers."  Administrative abuse?  Of course.  Every day.  It is rampant.  In the Spring of 1996, the headline for the lead article in The Teacher's Advocate! magazine was "Teacher Abuse Is Epidemic!"  It's been epidemic for years, but everyone wants bury his or her head in the proverbial sand.  Darn it!  When are governors, legislators, school board members, and other policy-makers (including Arne Duncan in Washington, D. C.) going to take their heads out of the sand and listen?  They are operating like they still believe that the Earth is flat.  They need to sail West (discipline in the classrooms) to reach the East Indies (academic achievement).  They apparently think that they will fall off the Earth if they insist on classroom discipline.  But, there will never be any significant changes in academic achievement without first establishing classroom discipline, and teachers cannot establish good classroom discipline when a handful (or a whole classroom full) of miscreants and thugs substantially disrupt the classes, knowing that the weasel, booger-eating, and kiss-up administrators are either too afraid or too lazy to do anything to the thugs who are running some of our schools.  Abject administrative cowardice, laziness, apathy and/or callousness!

    Any legislator who goes along with Sonny's maniacal Merit Pay plan should be voted out of office!  Vote all of the   suckers out of office!  (c) MACE, April 28, 2010.

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Teachers Teach.  Administrators Cheat.

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD,

     I wish that the Governor and the General Assembly would balance the budget by chopping away at the administrative bloat in public education in Georgia.  We could get rid of one-half of the useless administrators in the State, and the school systems would get along just fine because so many of these administrators are worthless and counter-productive.  They hinder learning, not facilitate it.  Hey, I like this slogan on a good picket sign:  "Teachers Teach.  Administrators Cheat."  Or, "Teachers Teacher.  Administrators Snoop."  Or, "Next Election: Teachers With Pitchforks!" Finally, "Let Teachers Evaluate Administrators."  Right now, bad and evil (yes, evil!) administrators can do a lot a damage in the educational process, including destroying and getting rid of good, dedicated, and effective teachers, but a good teacher has no recourse against an angry and abusive administrator.  The Georgia Code permits the teacher evaluation of administrators but school boards and superintendents don't want to know about the terrible administrators; they choose not to exercise this option.  This "option" ought to be mandated by the State.  You would see many administrators "get religion," and the teachers would at least appreciate this small effort to mollify their situation in these very tough economic times. 

     If I were running for Governor, I think that I would tap into this huge frustration and try to actually do some things for teachers that cost the State virtually no money...mandate that school systems allow the teachers to evaluate the administrators and that the compilation of the scores be presented to the school board.  Also, the State should just simply chop in half the administrative bloat so that teachers would not have to be furloughed.  We have way too many useless, ineffective, and abusive administrators in Georgia.  (c) MACE, February 17, 2010. 




“MACE Is Blowing Up!” 
  “MACE is blowing up!  MACE is a virus to abusive administrators, but MACE is a powerful antibiotic for teachers who are suffering under the abuse from administrators.  MACE is spreading like a California wildfire!  We constantly get calls and emails from teachers wanting MACE to come to other states.  We’ve had inquiries from Florida, Texas, California, New York, Alabama, Missouri and other states.  But, for now we are holding the line in Georgia.  We are not going to stretch our supply lines, so to speak.  At MACE, we believe in keeping the troops intact.  MACE provides aggressive representation when a teacher needs it.  At MACE, we protect teachers one member at a time.” – Norreese L. Haynes, MACE Executive Vice Chairman.


Meet The People of MACE!   

Meet The People of MACE!



Attracting Better Candidates In Public Education?  That’s The Question?  
  Stop Treating Them Like Dog Crap

   You don't attract better candidates into the field of education by consistently treating them like dog crap.  Is this simple enough?  Also, your problem today in public education is not the teachers; it's the defiant, unmotivated, and disruptive students and their irate and irresponsible parents.  A loose net will always catch any weak teacher; a tight net will only suffocate the entire profession, driving off those who refuse to be treated like dog crap by the angry, incompetent, and abusive administrators.  We try to make it plain. © MACE, November 4, 2009.


School Administrators' Public Enemy No.1? Dr. John Trotter: "Who? Me? You Mean The Administrators Aren't Afraid Of GAE And PAGE? Oh, I Forgot. The Administrators ARE Members Of GAE And PAGE."

MACE Mission.
Since 1995    
 MACE has a teacher's agenda, a focused mission, and a clear vision. MACE is about the empowerment and protection of classroom educators. MACE is forthright in its goals -- teachers securing control of their profession and teachers being treated as professionals (and not being micro-managed like "day laborers"). MACE is tired of seeing teachers treated like tall children. MACE is tired of teachers being mistreated. MACE is unapologetic in its mission. MACE will not vacillate, will not equivocate, and will not back off a single inch from its mission -- liberating teachers so that teachers can do what teachers were called to do, viz., teach the children.

     If you are tired of the I gotcha approach to supervision; if you are tired of being snoopervised by petty and myopic administrators who seem to enjoy any contrived opportunity to "write you up"; if you are tired of having your teaching micro-managed and having your professional knowledge, wisdom, and judgment ignored; if you are tired of being treated like a "day laborer" and dealt with in a heavy-handed fashion; if you are tired of having little or no input into your teaching environment; if you are tired of having to put up with an inept top-down management style that's been proven to be ineffective in business, industry, and education; and, if you are just plain tired of all this mess, then join the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE).

N. Haynes (L) and A. Ramay (R)

MACE Attorney Anderson (Andy) Ramay

Gets Another Decision 

Reversed At State Board Level!

MACE's Legal Department Continues To Flourish!


Join MACE...
Enjoy Peace Of Mind! 
     "Teachers, do yourselves a favor and join MACE! MACE provides aggressive representation when you need it. At no other union can you tap into the experience and effectiveness of Dr. John Trotter, Mr. Norresse Haynes, Mr. Jeff Cox, Mr. Darryl Plenty, Mrs. Renee Bishop, Mr. Michael Robinson, Mr.Tom (Thug) Berry, Mr. J.B. Stanley, Mr. David Cochran, Mr. Ben Barnes and other dedicated people committed to empowering classroom educators. Join MACE and enjoy peace of mind!"

Cheating In Atlanta Public Schools?

You Decide!

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Cheating In DeKalb County Schools?

You Decide!

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Bullying In DeKalb County Schools?

You Decide!

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Crawford Lewis: 

DeKalb County's

Superintendent Clown!

This Joke-of-a-Superintendent Must Go!

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"Candy Ass" Picket Three Days In A Row!

Channel 11 Comes To The Picket

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Ah...Surely Not "Premier" DeKalb!

Superintendent "Candy Ass " Crawford Lewis Must Go!

Bill Gates & Three Realities Of Teaching

By John R. Alston Trotter 

     Not all teachers are the same.  Granted.  Some are better than others.  Some are more skilled than others.  Some have better personalities than others.  Some have more life experiences and teaching experiences than others.  Some are more educated than others.  Some are more motivated than others.

     With all this granted, the number one influence in whether or not a student becomes well-educated is his or her set of parents (or, in many cases, single parent).  I hate to say this, but it sometimes boils down to "the Lucky Sperm Club," as one of my political friends so bluntly states it.


       1.  The teacher's authority is paramount in the classroom.  When the educrats undermine this authority, they only hurt the children, not help them.  As a previous poster noted, the great success of the Ron Clark experience is first establishing the unquestioned authority of the teacher.  The emphasis should be teacher-focused, not this cockamamie student-focused crap.  How can ignorant kids teach each other anything?  Yet, our teachers are written up today because their classrooms are not student-focused enough.  Oh, so we divide up into "centers" or groups and allow the children to teach each other Latin, heh?  Is this how they do it at Westminster, Marist, Lovett, Woodward?  No.

      2.  The motivation to learn is a cultural process or phenomenon.  Without the proper motivation to learn, no student will learn, regardless of who is teaching.  Bill Gates could begin to teach computer programming each day at Atlanta's Kennedy Middle School, but if the students fail to show up for class (but are loitering up and down the drug-infested James P. Brawley Drive) or when they do show up, they are pushing and kicking each other during class or actually playing digital game on their ubiquitous cell phones, I don't think even the good ole Harvard drop-out will make a dent in "teaching" these students.  Oh, Gates can teach them, but he can't "learn" them.  Only the student can learn, but the student has to be motivated to learn.  This motivation is a social or cultural phenomenon.  The motivation that he or she brings to school is determined by the more than 85% of the time that a child spends AWAY from school until the child turns eighteen.  The schools only have the children for a small percentage of their lives.  What happens in the child's overwhelmingly majority life that is spent away from the school building?  Whatever happens is what largely determines whether or not the child brings motivation to learn to the school building.  Yes, the influence of their parents is substantial. 
     3.  You cannot have good learning conditions without first having good teaching conditions.  Educrats are so mistaken when they assume that coddling and pampering students is what they need.  They assume that this is nurturing.  No, this is spoiling the students and turning them into spoiled and rotten brats.  They become even more hellions than their previous potential.  (All children can learn, but all children also have the potential to be hellions.)  The students become defiant and disruptive.  Effective leaning cannot take place.  Yes, a teacher can teach his or her heart out, but if the teaching conditions in which a teacher teaches are so horrific, the student will not learn.  A great lawyer can do a masterful job in the courtroom.  He or she can defend his or her client, but cannot acquit the client.  A great physician can treat a patient, but cannot heal a patient.  A great teacher can teach a student, but not learn a student.     
     These three concepts are essential to effective learning.  But, the educrats, like those insisting in the old days that the Earth was flat, are blind and don't know their rears ends from deep centerfield.  They are a great stumbling block to learning. They ought to step aside and let the teachers teach! © MACE, July 14, 2010.

Trotter. Doesn't Suffer Administrative Fools.

Haynes. MACE's Executive Director.


Making'em an offer they can't refuse...

...and if they refuse the offer...

Stop The Standardized Testing Mania!

War Zone Schools!

DeKalb's Crawford Lewis, Dummy Explanation, and Gasolinegate!

Confront The Real Problems In Public Education!

MACE Told You So!

A Double Standard In Georgia! Administrators At Fault, Not Teachers

Motivation To Learn Is A Cultural Process Part I

Cookie-Cutter Approaches To Curriculum And Pedagogy Do Not Work!

Hey Governor, Balance The Budget By Slashing The Administration!

Georgia Needs More Vocational Education

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Jeff Cox...A Man Of Patience & Integrity.

MACE Is Not For Everyone!

Meeting with a few MACE members at Douglas County High School.

Keith Murwin was MACE's first member in Douglas County in 1996.


MACE Membership.
Only for Teachers

        MACE started in the Fall of 1995, and within its first week of soliciting members, it had already enrolled two former presidents of GAE locals (Fulton and Cobb), a former president of the Atlanta Federation of Teachers (AFT), and other leaders of other educational organizations. These teachers joined MACE because they knew that MACE was totally committed to the protection and empowerment of classroom educators. The message of MACE resonates with Georgia’s teachers. The good news of MACE continues to spread throughout Georgia, and MACE now represents teachers in over forty school systems in Georgia.

      MACE does not allow administrators to join. Why should MACE? Administrators have their own organizations (like GAEL, GSSA, GAESP, etc.); however, administrators continue to flood the membership ranks of GAE and PAGE. This is one of the main reasons that GAE and PAGE cannot speak forthrightly for classroom educators. Sometimes, to advocate for teachers, you have to be critical of the misconduct of administrators. Sometimes, you even have to call names. But what happens at GAE and PAGE when there is a conflict between a teacher and a principal and both are members of the same organization?  You know! It’s a classic case of conflict-of-interest. Furthermore, the assistant superintendent and/or the superintendent may also be a member of that organization. What will GAE or PAGE do? Nothing, probably. And, that’s what often happens – nothing. The teacher’s interests do not get served. Frustration and a sense of impotence set in. Not so at MACE! MACE knows that the administrator is not a member of MACE. MACE knows that there’s no conflict. MACE knows whom we serve and for whom MACE advocates; therefore, keep spreading the good news that there is a union for teachers, a union which does not apologize in advocating for teachers. Keep encouraging other teachers to join the growing union that packs a powerful punch. When you say “MACE,” administrators listen.

MACE Protects Teachers,
One Member At A Time!

Dr. Trotter driving home a point before the Atlanta Board of Education.

Raising Heck
On Behalf

William L. Woods, Esq., Rest In Peace.

Georgia Teachers Speak Out!     

   "I teach special ed in a small system in South Georgia. A student pulled out his thing and pissed all over my desk. I wrote him up and sent the incident report to the office, and the principal wrote me back and said she needed more details. She also asked if I had contacted the parents first and if I had looked at his IEP to see if that pissing on my desk was part of his handicapping condition. Is this insane or what? Like MACE says, it’s a motivational breakdown, not a mental or technical breakdown. Any person knows that it is not O. K. to piss on the teacher’s desk, although I remember when I was in junior high and some of my friends pissed in the referee’s car after he tried to steal the football game from us." - Nemo

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